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I am Bella Potter. No one knows who me. I am the baby sister of the infamous Harry Potter, the one everyone knows. For I was born a scant month before Lily and James Potter were assassinated by the Dark Lord Voldemort. After that, everything was lost. At least for me. Things picked up for the rest of the wizarding world. Just my luck, really.

I had been told that my older brother Harry had been sent to live with Lily's muggle sister and her family. That the Boy who lived was being raised as a Muggle. I seriously doubted I was the only person to see the irony in this. I had been told that I looked like Lily Potter, but had James brown eyes, while for my brother, it was the other way around. I had never set eyes on him in my life. Him, the brother that had no idea I existed. One of the benefits of being a secret child, is that no one cares where you go. For I was sent to America, to live with some friends of my parents here. In Phoenix, where the glorious sun shines all the time, and my safety is pretty much a guarantee, but where I feel strangely isolated, cut off.

I know why we were kept apart, of course. The Death Eaters had still been at large, using every method available to them to bring back their beloved Dark Lord Voldemort. They had tortured some poor Auror and his wife into insanity, leaving their son practically an orphan. Murdering the child that brought about their masters demise was surely not beyond them.

So we were both hidden, kept apart from each other.

And the boy who lived grew up knowing nothing of his heritage, while his sister was exiled to another continent.

It had all been explained to me, when I was 8 or 9. I received a visit from Albus Dumbledore of all people. I had known I was a witch all along, it would have been cruel to deny me my identity as well as my true family. I knew how Lily and James Potter had been killed, and that I had a brother who still lived in the country of my birth. But I did not know why that was, why he stayed and I left. My adoptive parents thought that was best left for the man who made the decision, to tell me. He told me that only a handful of people even knew of my existence, so it was probably better if I disappeared altogether. It made sense. I had not been angry only relieved at finally knowing why. He told me I could meet my brother, when I started school at Hogwarts. Ever since that moment, I had been counting down the days until I turned 11. However, Dumbledore made one request of me. That I not tell Harry of our relation. He would not say why, only that it was important. Since it was, well, Dumbledore asking, I had reluctantly agreed.

So the next few years passed, without much incident, unless you count me hurting myself several times falling over broomsticks in my house on numerous occasions. Then that day had finally arrived. We flew to London, had a tearful goodbye at Kings Cross Station. As I walked to the barrier the first time, I tripped, and was caught by a dark haired boy, with glasses and the greenest eyes I had ever seen. He steadied me, nodded and walked in the direction of a large number of people with red hair.

I did not need to see the scar on his forehead, the mark of the dark Lord. I only saw Lily Potters eyes, and knew at once I was no longer alone.

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