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Chapter 14

I'd long since realised that my brothers welfare had an enormous impact on my life at Hogwarts. Id figures, that since we had no real relationship (well, no acknowledged relationship, that is) that my ongoing … interest in his life was a substitute of sorts. Or maybe I was just ridiculously nosy. Probably both.

So I used that excuse to justify my empathy with Harry in the weeks following Halloween. Treated as a messiah on week then as a outcast the next. These days, he mostly kept to himself, with only Hermione for company. I was livid enough for the both of us.

It was sort of good for me though. He and Ron were on the outs, prompting him to spend a lot more time with Hermione, and, after a fashion, myself. It was a nice feeling. I would often get jealous of Ginny, who had such a huge family. Hanging out with my sibling was... not terrible.

We were friends.

I didn't know if it was just me, but at times, it seemed as though I wasn't the only one on edge these days. Granted the stress of hosting the tournament seemed to be the most likely source of the unease, but it seemed as though some of the teachers appeared to be … I wasn't even sure, but every so often, I'd see Professor McGonagal sigh, or catch a glimpse of Dumbledore frowning. Even Snape seemed nastier than usual, though I'm sure that was mostly Harry's doing. I'd always found it odd, that the Potions Master had always gone out of his way to be nasty to him, though he'd never really been unduly hostile to me.

Still, as the days to the First Task dwindled, tensions rose, as did the number of little accidents.

Magic school.

But the Champions all survived, after putting on a rather spectacular show to entertain us all. My brother finished in joint first after an enviable aerial performance. And sure enough, the next day, he was king of the school again.

Things were going well after that, for a time. Hermione got chatted up by an international Quidditch star, and Ginny met a cute Ravenclaw Fourth year at the Yule Ball, and blushed at the mention of his name for two weeks afterwards. I perfected my 'Ginny's got a boyfriend' routine.

The Second task went as well as the First, in that nobody died or was horribly maimed or the like. Really all anyone could hope for. Harry came in joint first again.

I was doing rather well in classes, if I do say so my self. The end of year exams didn't seem as appallingly awful as the year before. Except Divination. Trelawney and I had a sort of unspoken agreement to ignore each other, as long as I stayed conscious in her classroom.

There was a world outside of Hogwarts, and had I been paying attention, I might have read of the disappearance of two Ministry officials.

The incident at the World Cup was forgotten. Until the day when it wasn't.

The day Cedric Diggory died.

I didn't like thinking about that day. The day, sitting in the Quidditch stands with my friends all around me, a familiar niggling worry in the back of my head that someone was bound to get eaten before one of the Champions got to the Cup. We'd seen red sparks about an hour earlier, and I selfishly hoped it wasn't Harry.

It seemed certain that it was going to be a Hogwarts victory. Both Diggory and Harry had had a head start in the maze, it was only a matter of time before one of them was victorious, seeing as it had been the Beauxbatons Champion who withdrew.

Another few minutes, and red sparks went up, signalling the end for Krum, who was unconscious when he was taken out. The excitement was palpable. Everyone knew it was a Hogwarts victory.

Then they appeared. Harry clutching the cup, and Cedric.

There was a scream, and they were blocked from view by the staff. Whispers flew up. There had been a death. The crowd was told to stay in their seats. I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw Mad Eye Moody limping away with Harry. We all did.

The next few hours were a blur. The students were sent back to the dormitories. Ron and Hermione insisted on seeing Harry. No one questioned it when I followed the Weasleys to the hospital wing. They'd gotten used to my presence. Maybe it was a brunette thing.

When we arrived he was awake, looking dazed. A huge black dog sat by his bedside, staring intently at him. Dumbledore told us not to ask him what happened. And then he gave me such a look, I wanted to lavert my gaze to something less intimidating, like say, Hagrids Blast Ended Skrewt , but the Gryffindor in me made me keep my head up. He nodded his head, and then left to deal with... whatever it was that was happening. Which was loud. And political.

The rest of the night passed in a blur, but a few images remained, such as Professor Dumbledores declaration to the Minister of Magic, and the big black dog suddenly turning into not so notorious mass murderer, Sirius Black. I was unsure of how I'd gotten back to the dormitories, but I slept for hours.

The rest of the week was a confused and jumbled mess. No one really knew what had happened after the Task, or to Cedric Diggory. Rumours and whispers ran rampant throughout the school, thoughts and theories exchanged so often, details confused and made up. The Headmasters speech at the Feast did little to quench peoples curiosity. But I was eager to get home.

I didn't get a chance to talk to Harry in the days before we left. I only caught a few glimpses of him with Ron and Hermione. Having been told not to question him, I left him in peace.

Finally the day arrived, and we were packed and ready to go. There was the usual rush to get an empty carriage, the patting down of pockets to make sure your wand was still there, and peering in respective cages to check the pet you came with was the one you were leaving with.

I caught a glimpse of Harry, standing not too far from me. I waved, and smiled, trying to convey sympathy and support, and the like. Maybe it worked too, because I'm sure he smiled a small smile back at me, before he turned and walked away.

My smile slid from my face.

One day. Eventually. Just not now.

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