"Hello. My name is Annabel Fritton and I am head girl here at St. Trinian's." smiled the tall girl with brown hair, supposedly Annabel Fritton.

"Great...so you're a boring stuck-up stiff?" glared Alex moodily, folding her arms as she sloped after Annabel, along with her family.

"Alex!" hissed Theresa "You can't say that!"

"I'm ever so sorry about my daughter." Theresa said and she smiled politely and sheepishly at Annabel. The head girl nodded her head and smiled.

"Of course. Alexandra is entitled to her opinion." she replied, with a beam. Alex glared – she hated fake enthusiasm, or enthusiasm entirely for that matter.

"Alex. Not Alexandra." snapped Alex, pulling up her ugg boot with one hand, in an attempt to cover up her wand better. Her parents had said that she couldn't take her wand, but she wasn't going to stay in this hell hole with no magic.

"Fine, Alex, I'm sure you will enjoy it here at St. Trinians." smiled Annabel. Alex looked disbelieving, whilst Justin continued to stare at Annabel.

"Justin. Close your mouth or you'll catch a bug in it." Alex whispered, a smirk suddenly appearing on her face. Her older brother glared at her.

"Psh, whatever Alex. You're just annoyed that you have to go here." he retorted, smiling smugly at Alex who was outwardly fuming.

"And You just think that she's hot." replied Alex, pulling a face at Justin who stuck his tongue out at her. Justin ignored her, even though her last comment had actually been true...

"Umm...Alex?" interrupted Annabel. Justin's face flushed bright red as he realised that Annabel had actually been listening in on their conversation.

"Would you like to come inside and meet your classmates?" she asked, as though she were trying not to laugh. Alex shot a death-stare at Justin and nodded sourly at the head girl.

"I'll be back in a bit Mr and Mrs Russo." Annabel added, smiling at Theresa and Jerry who nodded approvingly. Alex mimicked her from behind her back.

"See you in a bit." smiled Annabel quietly, as she passed Justin who blushed a bright red colour and nodded overenthusiastically. Alex rolled her eyes and followed Annabel sulkily. No matter how cool the other girls could be, Alex had made up her mind to hate everything and everyone at the school.

"Come on!" snapped Alex suddenly, grabbing the Head Girl's arm and dragging her up to the school doors, past the staring eyes of hundreds of gaping school girls.

Upstairs, hanging over the banister, Tania (one of the first-year twins) turned to her twin sister Tara and smiled approvingly.

"This new girl looks like good fun." Tania smiled, nodding her head. Tara nodded hers too.

"I think she seems pretty rebellious." added Tara with a grin.

"AWESOME!" the twins shouted unanimously, making the students close to them jump in surprise. They laughed and high-fived each other.

Downstairs, Alex was just getting signed in, unaware of the impression that the school was going to make on her, and also the impression that she was going to make on the school. Out of all of the rebellious schoolgirls there, Alexandra Margarita Russo was one of a kind...