Wild Emotions

Ever since I came to this academy, I have been happy. Even though my uncle disappeared, and left me and Tomo is anguish.

We had good and fond memories of each other, and I have Tomo so everything was okay.

I must admit, even though I look tough on the outside I'm a rather passionate person on the inside. I really love my friends, especially Tomo, she's my best-friend, and I never want them to leave or go.

I feel that without my friends I was nothing, I was the person that was always forgotten, always thought of as lower than trash, someone that wasn't worth being saved.

Tomo was the only person who cared, that was one of the main reasons I try to keep her safe every day.

Because she is my true friend and cares if I live or die, unlike the others.

But then…Sasha came….the odd boy from Russia, that was always so cold that it seemed no one could get through.

He saved me that night, he proved to me that there was actually someone to protect ME out in this world, and that I wasn't alone.

I like to protect Tomo, don't get me wrong.

But as a female, somewhere deep down, I always wanted to know if there was someone to rescue me, and take me away.

Even with these hidden fantasies though, I knew that it would never happen.

No one liked me, cared about me, or loved me throughout my whole life besides Tomo and uncle.

And even though I was content with my life with Tomo, when you saved me that night, I wanted more, I wanted to believe in those fantasies.

I wanted the ultimate love with someone special to me, someone who would always support and take care of me!

I wanted to be taken care of for once, and protected.

That's what Sasha gave me, and I wish we could have more than just a friendship, I wish beyond all hope that he would love me back.

Yes I admit, I love Sasha, I think ever since that night when he came to save me when no one else would.

He is my prince, my knight in shining armor, and I want him to love me back so much that it makes my heart ache!

Sasha….only you can touch my body, only you can kiss my lips, only you can own my very soul.

You are the only man to be the father of my children, and the only man to share my bed one day.

You are the only boy, who can make me feel safe and secure, and the only one allowed to embrace me lovingly. Sasha, you are the only one who contain this wild emotion….the emotion called true love….

This is just a short drabble about Sasha and Mafuyu! I love this couple to PIECES!!! I hope they get closer as time goes on too, since Mafuyu seems to be falling in love with him!(^-^)