Reasons I HATE Twilight:

1. Bella is a HUGE Mary-Sue

2. Edward is a Gary-Stu

3. Vampires SHOULD NOT sparkle

4. Vampire/Werewolf/Human love story? Weird.

5. THE FANS! (Yeah I'm looking at you little "I'm Mrs. Cullen!")

6. It's depressing

7. So many people are emo

8. Jacob's about 17 years older than Renesme (or Nessie)

9. Edward's about 90 years older than Bella

10. Bella and Edward live in a magical cottage in the woods.

11. Bella is described as beautiful yet ugly. Make a decision!

12. "Do I dazzle you?" Seriously? I've heard better pick up lines from 8 year olds.

13. Even Robert Pattinson didn't like being Edward.

14. The movie Twilight was better than the book. That's just how bad the book was!!!

15. Nessie will just magically become the same age as everybody else and stop? Boring.

16. Nobody has any animals. (Unless you count the werewolves)

17. It supports teenage pregnancy and early marriage.

18. Edward buys her expensive gifts and she doesn't even want them! (Hey Edward, I'll take that car.)

19. Veggie vampires are a disgrace to Dracula. L Somewhere, Buffy the vampire slayer is weeping in a corner…