Uh-Oh, Alucard's Bored, Again

Luna Silvereyes

A/N: Yami-Maibe's fanfic, 50 Things Alucard Does When He's Bored, inspired this. I have a feeling I'm going to have a lot of fun in the next few weeks. Oh, I apologize if I spelled the name incorrectly. If I did, I'll go back in and change it right away.

Day One

Seras sat in her room on her bed, sighing. She was bored. The cases of vampire appearances had died down immensely over the past month. Without monster sightings, there was no need for Hellsing to take any action at present, so Hellsing's two vampires were left to their own devices for the time being. For Seras, this wasn't much of a problem. She slept, borrowed books from Walter or wandered the grounds at night. She never figured that boredom could be much of a problem around Hellsing's headquarters.

She lay down on her bed, folded her arms behind her head and closed her eyes. She might as well catch up on some sleep.

"Attention, Attention all Hellsing Organization members, we have an urgent announcement!"

Seras sat up. Outside her door, the speakers for the P.A system were buzzing. She hurried over and opened her door just in time to hear the rest of the message.

"This is an urgent announcement," Integra repeated gravely, "Everyone is to remain in their rooms until given notice to leave. This is not a drill. I repeat, this is not a drill."

There was a slight pause and then she continued. Seras felt goosebumps rising up through her skin. Just what on earth could be this urgent and serious that no one was permitted to leave their rooms?

"Alucard's bored, again,"

A/N: This is a little drabble I'll work on in my spare time. You know, whenever I think up funny things for Alucard to do. This is gonna be fun!!