Hi there! Drama Sapphire is back! This time I'm doing another Yi San story based on my favorite couple: Lee San & Song Yeon. Today I was watching episode 35 of Yi San on YouTube. My favorite part of the episode is when Lee San hugged Song Yeon for the first time as she was unconscious from her journey back from Qing. That was the most emotional moment in the drama that I have ever seen. I so loved that episode a lot besides episode 62. I hope you enjoyed this story & please review! Have a great time! ^_-

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1. Without.

She realized that she can't be without Lee San in her life…no matter how obstacles who would try to stop her from trying to be with him.

2. With.

He just wanna be with Song Yeon…even if he had to shake the foundations.

3. Desire.

He felt this urgent desire to kiss her if they have a chance to be alone so that he can give her the thing that he desired to give her…a kiss.

4. Fairy tales.

When she was a little girl, she often fairy tales about girls who have an happy ending with boys they have a crush on & who will fell in love with them. Now that she is all grown up…she felt that she is now one of these fairy tale girls who wants to have a happy ending with guy who wants to be with them. Her prince is one of these fairy tale boys.

5. First love.

Song Yeon is Lee san's first love when they first met as children.

6. Amnesia.

When Song Yeon lost her memories from an accident, he will do anything to make her remember everything including him.

7. Miracle.

When he see Song Yeon laid her head on Jeong Hu Gyeom's shoulder, he felt jealousy burning within him. Sometimes he felt like he needed a miracle to get Song Yeon back in his arms. He also wanted her to give him a chance to see that he was made for her, not Jeong Hu Gyeom. Lee San also wished that a miracle can happen for him.

8. Release.

When she asked him to release her, he didn't & he held her more closer to him…telling her that he won't never ever let her go even if she asked him. He already let her go a few times…this time he won't.

9. In love.

Even when he was angry at her for hugging Jeong Hu Gyeom…he can't believe that he was still in love with her…even it means that he should try to have her back.

10. Smile.

Her smile has made his world feels bright & cheerful.

11. Feelings.

As days passed by…she can't believe that she is having feelings for the prince even though they were different.

12. Dance.

While she was trying a ribbon dance with a few of her friends, he watched her & was amazed at her graceful movements with the ribbon.

13. Rescue.

When she was captured by some thugs, he will do anything to rescue her from those men before they'll do any harm on her.

14. Married.

Both of them were glad that they were finally getting married.

15. Mates.

When Lee San looks at the wooden duck which means mates for life, he can't believe that he and Song Yeon are finally becoming mates.

16. Wounds.

When he was wounded on the arm from defeating a few enemies, she wrapped a cloth around his wounded arm to stop the bleeding.

17. Flowers.

When he gave a few flowers, she blushed & accepts them with a smile…he felt happy.

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