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Through The Looking Glass

Harry Potter sat on a bench in the cemetery with his seventeen year old daughter, Savanna Lily Severus. She remaindered him so much of his best friend and her mother Hermione Weasely (nee Granger).

Savanna had long slightly frizzy brown hair, pale skin, slim heart shape face, cute button nose with a slim womanly figure. She had received her father and grandmother's beautiful bright green eyes.

Savanna's personality was a mixture between her father and mother. She loved to learn new things. She always had her nose in a book. She worked hard to keep good grades. She was in fact the top in her class. Savanna had his nack for getting into trouble. She spent much time with her godfather, Severus Snape. But it was in dentations.

Harry sighed heavily and traced the letters on the headstone.

Hermione Jean Weasely

September 19,1979-March 23, 2005

Beloved friend and War Hero

Hermione was only twenty-five when her husband, Ron had killed her in a drunken rage. She had came and visited him to see Savanna. They kept Savanna with him at Grimmauld Place. Savanna had been nine months old when his lover and best friend was killed.

"Dad," said Savanna quietly. Harry turned his head. "It's time to go or I'll miss the train."

"Alright sweetheart." whispered Harry and rose from the bench. "We'll come on Christmas love." He kissed his fingers and turned to his only child.

"Bye Mom." said Savanna and they left the cemetery for King's Cross Station.

Savanna didn't remember her mother, but her father told her many stories over the years. It felt like she knew her. She missed her dearly. Savanna knew her father never married. He couldn't bare to marry. The only woman he wanted was Hermione Granger. She was with Ron Weasely at the time and he didn't have the heart to tear them apart. She was happy. So he watched with a heavy heart and was there when ever she needed him.

Harry saw Savanna off to the Hogwarts Express. He told her not to study too hard and stay out of trouble. He kissed her on the forehead and watched her board the train for her final year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Harry stood on the platform until he could no longer see the train. He sighed and went to work. It was going to lonely three months.

Savanna's first week of school went by in a blur with a stream of classes and mountain of homework. She worked hard to stay ahead in all her classes. She wanted to make her mother and father proud.

Savanna was use to the whispers and rumors around Hogwarts. She was the daughter of the great Harry Potter, the man that vanquished You-Know-Who. She was the daughter of the Greatest Witch of the Age, Hermione Granger. It was also known that she was a bastard child. Savanna remembered what her father told her years ago. She was a love child. A child made out of nothing but pure love.

Savanna walked down the corridor to the Gryffindor Tower. She walked passed a group of Slytherin girls.

"I heard her mother was a whore." whispered a Slytherin third year. "That Granger or who every she was killed herself because she-"

"You finish that sentence and you'll regret it." hissed Savanna, who had her wand pointed at the plump blonde Slytherin named Ana Winse. "My mother wasn't a whore nor did she kill herself."

"You're nothing but a bastard child. Hermione Granger was a slut not worthy of-"

"That will be quite enough Miss Winse." said a slick voice from behind Savanna. "Five points from Gryffindor Miss Potter put your wand away."

"But sir-"

"Put it away Miss Potter." said Professor Snape. Savanna quickly pocketed her wand. "And you two." he motioned to the group of Slytherin girls. "Twenty points from Slytherin for disrespecting a wonderful woman such as Hermione Granger. She should be showed with more respect. Get out of my sight." The girls quickly left and walked down the corridor. Professor Snape squeezed Savanna's shoulder and said, "Come with me." he swept passed her and Savanna jogged to keep up.

Professor Snape opened the potions class room door and ushered Savanna into the room. She walked into the room. Severus walked in and closed the door behind him with as soft click. He walked down the ale to his desk.

"Sit down Savanna." he told his goddaughter. She sat down in the front row as she watched him dig through a drawer in his desk. "You're father's taught you better than to draw your wand at people like that." he told her turning around. "I do understand why you did it sweetheart. I miss your mother dearly." Severus sat down next to Savanna and held out a mirror.

"What is this?" she asked looking at it closely.

"It's called a looking glass." said Severus watching his goddaughter's green eyes widen in awe. "It will take you to any time you wish to go."


"Yes anywhere and I will able to keep an eye on you. But be warned Savanna time is a dangerous thing. Being meddled with dangerous."

"I can save mom." said Savanna praying for a yes.

"If that's what you want. Do you want Hermione with you?" asked Severus.

Savanna nodded with tears in her eyes. Hermione didn't need to die. She had too much to offer the world.

"Than take the looking glass and say the year." he told her.

Savanna took the glass mirror from her godfather. She gently ran her fingers over her reflection.

"Here." He held out a small mirror. "It's a two way mirror. I'll be able to talk to you." Savanna took it and stuck it inside her pocket. "Be safe sweetheart and bring our Hermione home."

Savanna threw her arms around her godfather's neck. "I love you Uncle."

Severus held the young woman close. "I love you too. Remember I'm not what I am now. I'm not a fair man."

She nodded rose from her seat. She took the mirror in both hands. "September 7,1997."

The mirror began to glow bright white light and she was sucked into the mirror. It dropped to the stone floor with a clank.

Severus rose from the stool bent down to pick up the mirror. He rose to his full height. He turned around and saw the Headmistress Minerva McGonagall.

"Did it work Severus?" she asked her Deputy Headmaster.

"Yes. Now we wait." he return the mirror to the drawer. "Harry won't be happy that we sent Savanna back in time."

"I know but it will be worth it in the end." said Minerva. "It's time for supper." He nodded and they left the classroom.

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