Savanna had been in the Hospital Wing for over a week and still had yet to wake up from her coma, and her father had not left her side along with her godfather. Ron Weasely had his trial and found guilty of rape and attempted murder on a fellow witch. He was sentenced to thirty years in Azkaban for his crimes. And that meant that Hermione was safe in the future but at great price of that of his daughter.

"My baby girl come back to me." whispered Harry into Savanna's ear. "You've done what you've set out to do." Harry gently rubbed her forehead with his left hand and a gold wedding band hit the sun light. "You've save your mother now come back to your family."

Savanna moved her hand and slowly opened her green eyes. "Daddy."

Severus quickly sat up and leaned closer to Savanna's bed. Harry looked down and sighed in relief to see his daughter awake.

"Oh, my baby girl. Thank Merlin you're awake." said Harry and kissed her forehead.

Savanna turned and looked at her father and saw his hair was gray with only few strains of black in his messy hair. She let out a painful dry laugh. "Did I cause the gray hair?" she croaked.

Harry poured a glass of water and pressed it to her lips. He told to sip. Savanna slowly did as she was told. Pips slithered off her pillow and gave her a kiss on the cheek. Harry pulled back the glass and sat it down on the bedside table.

"Pips hasn't left your side." Severus told his goddaughter. She chuckled and gently stroked the snake's head.

"Sorry about the gray hair." said Savanna.

Harry laughed and said, "Only you would be sorry about my hair." he kissed her forehead and he told Savanna about Weasely spending thirty years in Azkaban.

She took her father's left hand and saw a gold wedding band. "Mom's alive!" Harry nodded with a smile. "I did it!"

"Yes sweetheart. But I almost lost you because of it."

"Nope not me. I'm too hard headed to die like that." said Savanna.

Poppy walked out of her office when she heard voices. She walked over to the bed. She smiled at the young woman grateful she was awake. Harry and Severus moved back away from the bed and watched the nurse run several test. Poppy put away her wand and nodded. She told them that she need to stay in the wing for a two or three days. She wanted to make sure she all right to leave the wing.

"Thank Poppy."

"You're welcome Mr. Caine. I'm just please to see young Savanna awake." said Poppy and she left the family and went back to her office.

A few minutes later Harry and Hermione walked into the Hospital Wing and ran over to Savanna. They pulled her into a hug. Harry (Caine) couldn't help but chuckle at the scene. Savanna had her younger and older father in the room and with her young mother. Professor Dumbledore, Professor McGonagall, Professor Snape and Professor Lupin all entered the wing. They smiled glad to see her wake.

"The paintings have already spread the word that Savanna is awake." said Albus.

"Why am I not surprised. They were always gossipers."

Albus chucked. "Yes Mr. Caine that is very true. How do you think I get my information so quickly."

"Ha! I told you Harry. That the portraits tell Dumbledore everything." Hermione told Harry.

"So you did my dear." said Harry and her kissed on the nose.

"I fear that we must get Savanna back to our time before more damage is caused." said the older Severus.

"What do I tell the students?" asked Albus.

"You'll tell them that I requested Savanna to return home with me. Of course they'll understand after the events that have happened." said Harry (Caine) and Albus nodded his head.

Fifteen minutes later Poppy shooed the professors, Harry and Hermione out of the wing leaving Savanna's father and godfather in the room. She wanted the young woman to rest. Savanna protested that she had enough rest and wanted company. But after her father, godfather and nurse raised a questionable brow she gave into their demands and realized how exhausted she truly had become.

Savanna had been released from the Hospital Wing. She stood in the girls dormitory packing her belongings. Professor Dumbledore had announced her leaving Hogwarts at breakfast to give her time to say her goodbyes to her friends. She was going to miss them greatly, but she knew that she didn't belong in the past. She had set out to save her mother and she fulfilled her mission.

Savanna closed her trunk and turned and faced her future mother. She laughed and pulled her into her tight hug. She pulled back. "I'll see you soon."

Hermione shook her head. "Not soon sweetheart. I have to graduate marry your father and much more. But I'll see you within time." Savanna nodded and Hermione kissed Savanna's forehead and watched her leave the room with tears in her eyes.

Savanna stopped in the common room and Harry pulled her into his arms. He gently stroked her hair. Harry pulled back when Hermione walked down the stairs. They were going to walk Savanna down to dungeons where his older self and older Snape were waiting for her so they could leave.


Minerva stood in the potions classroom. She received word that he and Harry were returning home and to wait for them in the classroom. Remus patted the Headmistress on the shoulder. She nodded and they sat quietly waiting for them to return. She paced not believing that Ron Weasely had raped her "Granddaughter," it angered her to no end. She would strangled him to death. She knew that Severus would had let her by telling her, "He's not worth it. It would be the easy way out for him," she heard him say in her head.


Severus held the Looking Glass in his hand. He knew that Savanna was having an hard time saying goodbye to some of her friends. He knew it was even harder to say goodbye to the younger Harry and Hermione; especially when she had never met her mother.

"Are you ready to go home sweetheart?" Harry asked his daughter, who was standing next to Severus.

Savanna looked at Harry and Hermione and turned back to her father and godfather and nodded her head unable to talk. Pips stuck his head out and hissed his goodbye to the young Harry.

"Come on Little One let's go home." said Severus holding out the mirror.

Savanna and Harry grabbed onto the mirror with Severus and said December 29, 2022," and were sucked up into the ancient mirror.

Harry pulled Hermione into his arms and they stood in the empty potions classroom. Professor Dumbledore squeezed Harry's shoulder and motioned for them to follow him. They nodded and followed the Headmaster up the stairs and down the corridors to the Headmaster's Office.

Harry and Hermione sat down across from Professor Dumbledore, who was sitting behind his desk. Remus, Severus and Minerva walked into the office. They sat down in three chairs that the Headmaster had just conjured up out of thin air.

"Don't worry children." said Albus. "You'll see Savanna again when the time is right. You're not ready for parenthood yet, and know you will be wonderful parents." Harry and Hermione smiled.

Hermione turned her head, laughed and touched his graying hair. "I've grown to like this on you." Hermione said and gave him a quick kiss.

The professors smiled and told the students leave the office and go to their common room. They smiled left the office. Harry closed the door behind him.

"Savanna did what she set out to do." said Severus with a smirk. "Now Harry will the one thing he longed for. A family," and he left the office with a smile.

Minerva smiled and rose from her chair. "I'm going to be a Granny," and she left the room with a smile on her face.

Remus smiled and he too rose from his chair and said, "I'm going to be an uncle," and he to left leaving Albus alone in his office.

He turned to Fawkes and gently stroked his head. "Well, my friend things have fallen into place as should have been in the being."


The quidditch pitch was surrounded by proud family, friends and professors with the graduating class off 1998. The Headmaster stood at the podium and looked out at the class with a twinkle in his blue eyes. He was going to miss this class.

"Welcome friends and family to this special occasion to recognize these young witches and wizards hard work and ready to take their next steps into the future." said Professor Dumbledore. "This class has most defiantly made their mark on this school." he looked at Harry and Hermione. "They've had many challenges to face during their time here. It shaped these young people into the men and women that they had become. I'm please to present to you this years class valedictorian. Miss Hermione Granger." announced.

Hermione smiled, rose from her seat and walked up onto the stage and stood in front of her fellow students. "We all remember when we first walked through these grand ancient doors. And when Professor McGonagall placed the sorting hat onto our heads and placed us into our houses. We had quidditch games. Our fight for the house cup, points awarded and taken away. The fights in corridors. Which are not permitted. Shame on you that have done that. Forming a secret organization, dogging Flitch and dentations. Than inferring our Potions Master. Never do that. It's not pretty," the crowd laughed, "Than to a great friend that changed us all. She can't be with us today." she said with a slight smile. "We are now ready to take our steps into the future. I raise my hat to you Hogwarts may you teach others all what you've taught me." Hermione raised her hat to castle and walked down form the stage and returned to her seat.

Albus returned to the podium. "The Head of Houses will hand out their students scrolls," and he moved and turned to seat. The scrolls were given to the graduating class. "I'm proud to present to you the Class of 1998!" They stood up and threw their hats in the air.

Now it was time to start a new chapter in their lives. Harry knew how he was going to start his new chapter by asking Hermione to marry him. They students were hugged and congratulated by parents, friends and professors. The class was able to wiggle their way out of the grounds of Hogwarts.

"Miss Granger." called Professor Snape before she boarded the Hogwarts Express one last time.

Hermione turned around and walked over to ex-Professor. "Sir?"

"I would like to offer you apprenticeship with me next year." said Severus with a slight smile.

Hermione beamed at the man. She knew that he had never taken on anyone before. "I'd love it sir. Thank you so much!" she threw her arms around his neck. Severus chuckled and returned the hug.

"Now go on before the train leaves without you." He told her just as the train singled the last bell.

Hermione smiled and boarded the train. She gave him a smile wave. Harry stuck his head out the window and gave his future daughter's godfather a wink and train pulled out of the station.

Three Weeks Later:

Harry sat in front of Mr. Granger at the kitchen table at the Granger home. He was grateful he had met Hermione' parents a few years ago. They liked him. Harry rubbed the back of his neck.

"Mr. Granger, you know that I've been seeing Hermione for awhile now." said Harry and John nodded his head. "And before than we've been friends since our first year. She's my best friend sir and I love her for it. She saw me and not the "Chosen One or the Boy-Who-Lived."

John knew were this speech was going but he let him talk. He liked how he was telling how Hermione had changed him and how he changed Hermione.

"Sir, may I marry Hermione?" asked Harry.

John looked at the young man in front of him. He smiled, "Yes Harry you may marry my daughter."

Harry let out a breathe he didn't know what he was holding. He smiled at his now future father-in-law. "I've had my parents house rebuilt. So you do not have to worry about money, because Hermione didn't have to work if didn't want to. I have plenty." John was pleased to hear about Harry able to care for his daughter. "Thank you sir," and Harry left the house a very happy man.

Month Later:

Harry careful led Hermione, who was blind folded down a bricked sidewalk. He pulled away the black cloth. She cover her mouth in shock. She had never seen such a wonderful house.

The house two-story brick with a black roof, front porch with white railing, light gray floor, rocking chairs, tables and a porch swing. A deep cherry door. A white fence with a sign that read: Welcome to Grodic Hollow Potter's Home

"Harry, his was your parents house. Wasn't?" said Hermione.

"Yes. It was." Harry whispered and lead her up the stairs to the porch. He got down on one knee and pulled out a black box. "I was hoping this could be our home. Will you marry me Hermione Jean Granger?"

Hermione smiled and said, "Yes I'll marry you Harry."

He smiled and slowly slid a square diamond ring onto her left hand. He rose to his full height and captured her lips with his own.

One Year Later

Harry and Hermione stood in Godric Hollow Church in front of priest in a simple wedding only with close friends and family. A simple exchange of vows and rings. They were there because of their future daughter had saved Hermione's life almost two years ago. But no one only but a very few knew the truth of Savanna.

Savanna's Birth

Hermione laid in a hospital bed holding her daughter. Harry looked down with bright green eyes. He was happily married with the woman he loved and now a father of a beautiful daughter named Savanna. They named Severus their daughter's godfather and Minerva her godmother. The couple was beyond happy to except. They became apart of the Potter family along with Uncle Moony.

"I told you we'd see you again. My sweet baby girl." whispered Harry, who was holding his daughter while his wife slept in the bed next to him.


Severus, Harry and Savanna appeared in the potions classroom and the mirror fell to the stone floor. Severus bent down and picked up the mirror from the floor. Savanna turned around and smiled at her Uncle Moony and Granny. She pulled both of them into a hug.

"Been having fun Pup?" asked Remus pulling back from the hug.

"Remus hush your mouth." said Minerva, hitting the man on the arm.

The potion classroom door opened and a woman with shoulder length curly brown hair, tone skin, bright brown eyes heart shape face and slim womanly figure walked into the room.

"Mom!" said Savanna and threw her self into her arms.

Hermione smiled and held her daughter close. She looked over at her husband and smiled. Savanna pulled back when she felt a tug on her pants leg. She smiled at the small boy. He had messy brown hair, pale skin with bright green eyes.

"Vann hug." said James.

Savanna smiled and picked up her two year old brother. James wrapped his arms around his big sister's neck. Hermione walked over to Harry and he pulled her to his side.

James pulled back and Pips stuck his head out and hissed hello. "Pipsy!" he said excitedly and gently stroking the snake's head.

Savanna turned around and smiled at her family. She had saved her mother, her uncle and even got a baby brother thanks to a trip through the Looking Glass.

The End!

I hope you enjoyed the story! I tons of fun writing it!