Here's the final chapter *Tear*

Alice and Jasper got me back to Forks within seconds, I was a little woozy after the trip and Jasper had to steady me but backed away immediatley. I could hear the cries of my babies as we came closer to the house.

Esme had my daughter in her arms while Rosalie was cradling my son, the boy was dressed in blue and the girl in pink. They looked so cute, they even looked a little bit like us. The little boy had little wisps of brown hair and beautiful brown eyes. They little girl had dark blonde curls with the same eyes, just a shade lighter.

"Bella" Esme gasped.

I held out my arms for my daughter, she passed her over to me, she gurgled in my arms, I couldn't believe that she was actually mine (and Edward's) but I didn't want to think about him right now. She reached up for a lock of my hair.

Edward came downstairs and Rosalie just passed him my son, I didn't think Rosalie would do that, just pass the baby she craved and yearned for to her brother. I passed the little girl back to Esme.

"Can I talk to you?" I asked Edward.

"Of course" he said and he lead me to Carlisle's study.

"Remember when I left three months ago to have my children and get on with my life?" I asked, bluntly.

"Yes" he replied.

"Well, you found me and now.....well now I can't do this anymore" I shifted uncomfortably.

"Do what?" he moved closer to me.

"This. Being near you, Edward. After what you did to our first child, I ju-...I just can't trust you anymore" I whispered.

"I regret that, most profoundly. But now, we have children. Children that won't hurt you" he smiled.

"No, I want to leave with my children and keep them safe" I sighed heavily. "Something I can't do unless you let me"

"Oh" he seemed shocked. "You mean, you don't want me to interfere?"

"Yes, I think it would be best for both of us and them if we just never saw each other....ever" my words were cold, cruel and painful to say.

"But, Bella, I love you" he edged closer again.

"I know, but I can't love you, not after what you did" I looked away.

There was a long and dramatic silence, but somewhere along the way, something clicked in his brain.

"I understand" he said, finally.

We went back through to the living room where my babies were, still so beautiful.

"Bella would like us to leave her and her children alone to get on with their lives, we feel that it is best for everyone, that way" he announced.

"No way, man" Emmett argued. "They're your kids too"

"I know, and I want what is best for them and this is it" Edward said the words reluctantly.

I got Jasper to go to my flat and pick up the pram, lucky it was a double. Once I had them all tucked in, I was almost ready to go.

"Can you at least tell us what you're going to call them?" Esme asked, sweetly.

"Alexander and Paige" I said, I had been thinking about it for a while now.

"Lovely" she said.

It was time for the goodbyes.

"Thanks for eveything" I said as I hugged Carlisle.

"My pleasure, Bella" he said.

"How could I ever forget you, Emmett?" I said as I hugged him.

"Thanks for uh- you know- not killing me" I joked as I shook hands with Jasper.

"An honour" he smiled back.

"Thank you" I said to Esme.

"You're just like a daughter to me" she smiled.

"Thank you, Rose...I can never thank you enough"

"You'll make a great mom" she said, looking at me and then my babies.

"My best friend" I said, cuddling Alice.

"My best best best friend" she looked like she could've cried.

I kissed Edward and smiled.

"I'll always wonder" I said quietly, almost crying.

"I know, me too"

And so, with that, I left. Left it all behind , just me and my children against the world. Although, sometimes the Cullens still cross my mind even now, my children are all grown up with children of their own and here I am, thet thing I feared most, a Grandmother. But it's okay.

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