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~ SasoDei ~

~ Cinder Toffee ~

A low rumble of thunder echoed through the heavily clouded sky.

A blonde boy lingered on a street corner as he hitched his bag back onto his shoulder, glanced at the sky, and yanked the soft black hood up onto a head of velvety blonde hair, trailing halfway down his back. Head down, he began walking again, fast paced steps splashing through puddles as the rain lazily began falling from the sky again. A bland expression lay on the boys face, tired, empty eyes failing to pick out the details of his surroundings. His too long black jeans dragged on the floor, picking up dirt and water as they went, slowly soaking through to his legs. The boys name was Deidara. He wouldn't say he was popular, but most of the time he wouldn't say anything at all. He was a quiet, reclusive boy who much preferred his own company to that of another's. Or at least, to those at school. Which was fortunate, as the other's at school preferred their own company to his. His thoughts wandering to overdue coursework and his latest art piece, he didn't need to pay attention as he followed the overly familiar route. Left, then right, across the road, left at the traffic lights, to the end of the road and over the pedestrian crossing. And there it was. What most people referred to in tones of disgust, but what he fondly called 'a sanctuary'. The old stone building towered above him; gargoyles perched precariously on the edge of the roof, leering down at him. He paid them no notice, but quickened his step as he strode confidently inside. The warmth hit him as soon as he opened the door, the smell of old books comforting to the small boy. He paused to pull his hood down and glance at the soaring Gothic ceiling high above his head, then shut the door soundlessly behind him and nodded at the woman behind the desk. She shook her blue hair out of her eyes and gave him the usual charming smile.

"Good to see you again, Dei."

"And you, Konan."

He dipped his head politely as his steps began again, softly across the thick carpet. Weaving his way through the bookcases, the proceeding up a staircase, and then another to the highest level in the library. He smiled softly as he reached his favourite corner and found it empty. In one swift movement he removed his thick black hoodie – revealing his toned stomach for a moment – and stuffed it into his bag as he took a seat. His soft red t-shirt helped him blend into the chair and therefore, made him harder to see to anyone passing. Just how he liked it. His bag on the floor, his hand automatically reaching out for the desired volume of the desired book, he settled back in his chair and was lost.

However, lost as he was, he was soon rudely interrupted as someone sat down opposite him. His starry sapphire eyes flicked up for a moment, and his gaze froze as he unfortunately realised he recognised the smirking teen now sat opposite him. Deep crimson pools stared apathetically back into his own nervous eyes. There was silence as the raven headed newcomer continued to glower over at the smaller teen. He was dressed as he usually was, dark jeans, dark shirt, heavy biker boots, and a leather jacket adorned with several chains, spikes and studs. The light glinted off his thick rimmed glasses as he leaned forward slowly.

"What a coincidence I'd find you here, Dei-da-ra."

There was a mocking tone in his voice as he stretched out the blonde's name. The blonde was lost as to what he should do. He could ignore the teen (although that would probably result in him getting hurt), or he could try and think of something to say. Nothing came to mind. The awkward silence was temporarily broken by a low rumble of thunder.

"Not going to say anything? You know, that's a little rude."

"Sorry, Itachi."

"Hm, and after I make the effort to come over here and talk to you. Usually, I'd hit you for that, but since I'm a generous person I suppose I can let you off…This time."

The blonde nodded and lowered his eyes. A frown momentarily found it's way onto the older teens face, and he quickly reached forward and snatched the blonde's chin, yanking his face upwards.

"Look at me when I speak to you!"


The two boys looked up to come face to face with the newcomer; a boy in the year above, with shocking ruby red hair and soft chocolate brown eyes. Sasori. Deidara let out a soft sigh of relief at the older boy's appearance, seeing as he was - quite literally – the only person in the entire school who paid him any attention. Good attention that is.

"Beat it, Weasel."

Itachi looked up for a moment, considered his options, before standing up gracefully. He swept the long curtain of onyx hair out of his eyes and crossed his arms. The two boys began to stare each other down, the awkward silence settling once again. Deidara closed his eyes and leaned back in his chair, tucking his knees up under his chin and sighing to himself. The silence was making him uneasy. It continued this way for a few minutes, until at last, the redhead spoke again.

"If you touch him again, I'll make you regret the day you were born. Now, beat it."

The raven haired boy huffed and unfolded his arms, before stalking haughtily out of the corner they were tucked in and down the stairs. Sasori stared after him for a moment before turning and walking slowly towards the blonde. He paused, and laid his hand on the blondes shoulder for a moment, prompting the younger boy to lift his head cautiously, one lone tear sliding down his porcelain face. Deidara was met with a reassuring smile, and a soft hand brushing the tear away. The crimson haired teen looked down at him for a moment, before seating himself in the same plush chair as his friend, and carefully pulling him into his lap. Sasori wrapped his arms around Deidara's small frame and began tenderly stroking his hair.

"I've told you before, if he bothers you, come and tell me and I'll stop it."


"You don't have to apologise Dei, just let me help you."

A timid nod was his only reply, as the blonde nestled his head in Sasori's shoulder. The silence between the two fell once more, the only sound coming from the bottom floor, Konan's voice calling out as she wished people "good night". It was getting late, the blanket of darkness beginning to fall outside, streetlights twinkling as guiding beacons in the shadowy streets, indistinguishable figures trudging along in the murky gloom. Sasori could feel the blonde's chest moving slightly with calm, rhythmic breathing, his breath tickling the redhead's neck. At a guess, he was asleep.

The minutes ticked by in a comfortable silence, Sasori's eyes closed as he continued to fondly stroke his friends hair. He heard the front doors slam, and lock. Konan had probably forgotten they were there, although she hadn't left yet. She followed the same routine every night; close the front doors, finish her work at the computer and leave through the back door. If they were going to leave tonight, they had to catch her before she left. Sasori pulled himself up from his comfortable position, and began to lightly shake Deidara, calling his name softly. The blonde looked up, bleary eyed, and shook his head softly, a clear sign of 'just let me sleep'. The redhead sighed softly to himself and picked Deidara up gently, before lifting his bag from the floor and weaving his way through bookshelves towards the grand staircase, the only sounds to accompany him were that of his own footsteps, and the frantic tapping of the keyboard downstairs. The lights went out above him, and the blonde stirred in his arms, mumbled something incoherent, and grasped Sasori's shirt tightly in his fist. He quickened his step. And stopped. Cautiously sniffed the air. The smell stinging his nostrils was unmistakeable: burning. He hesitated to look over the banister to the ground floor, but saw the flickering on the opposite wall, and a sickening feeling hit his stomach like a punch. Konan was nowhere to be seen, sending a million possibilities running through his head. Had she started it? If she hadn't, who had? Did she get out okay? Sasori shook his head roughly, and turned to make his way back up the stairs, but froze. The shadows moved against the dim light filtering in through the high windows. Unmistakeably a person, making heir way out. Unfortunately, a recognisable person. Unmistakeably, Itachi. Sasori watched in horror, as he saw the raven haired arsonist making his way down the adjacent, smaller staircase, down, down to the ground floor. Before Sasori realised it, he was running. Flying down the stairs at breakneck speed, desperate to reach their only other way out before Itachi did. But he was too late. He heard the door slam shut, and the key turn in the lock.

The redhead cursed loudly, and turned to see the damage let behind. The bookcases were tipped over, books and papers strewn across the floor, all ablaze.

"It's hot..."

He looked down at the blonde cradled in his arms, still clutching his shirt, nuzzling his head into his chest.

"...I know."

He had to make some form of a decision, and fast. The fire was spreading quickly. Going on his first instinct, he headed up. The logical side of his brain was trying to tell him that, seeing as heat and smoke rise, this was a stupid idea, but the fear and panic was taking over, so up he went. Returning to the corner he had spent his evening in, he set the blonde down in a chair and began frantically shaking him. In seconds, Deidara was awake, wide eyed and confused.

"Sasori? What's..."

"The library is on fire, Dei, we have to get out, now!"

The blondes face paled for a second, and he stared his friend dead in the eye, panicked.

"The doors?"




"Can you kick the doors open?"

Sasori was mentally kicking himself.

"I didn't think of that...the whole bottom floor could be gone by now...come on you know this library like the back of your hand, there must be some way out!"

"...Did you call the fire brigade?"

"I can't, my battery went dead at school."

He noticed Deidara was shaking, and wrapped his arms around him tightly.

"Think Dei..."

There was silence.


"The windows! The building next to us has a flat roof, if we can climb on the bookshelves and out the window, we'll be okay!"

The redhead didn't even bother to reply. He grabbed hold of Deidara's arm and roughly yanked him to his feet.

"Climb. But be careful."

The blonde nodded, and quickly scrambled up the front of the shelves, dislodging several books as he went. When he reached the top, he began frantically tugging at the window, waiting for Sasori to join him. He ducked his head as he began to cough violently, and felt a pair of arms wrap around him and force the small window open.

"Go on, get through."

Deidara put his foot on Sasori's bent leg to help give him some lift, and shakily climbed up onto the sill. And slipped. Thankfully, the drop below wasn't too far, but he still landed crooked on his leg. He heard the snap before he felt it.

Sasori looked down for a moment at his friend, the shrill scream of pain shocking him to a standstill, before fear got the better of him, and he jumped.

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