The Three Sisters stared at the mote of light in front of them.

"This is a clear cut case of evil, let it be damned." Skuld said. "It destroyed one of the ten, rendered ninety percent of the rest inhabitable, set humanity back to the dark ages, slaughtered billions, and when it had the chance, it tried it all again."

"I concede that point short stuff, but it was possessed" Urd shook her head. "Its actions were not its own. The Third had it in its grasp for tens of thousands of years."

Belle sighed at her siblings rantings. "I think we are getting back on old subjects, is this soul going to get a shot at redemption?"

Urd frowned "Normally I would have no problem saying yes, but the Great Freeze is only a few years away. It wouldn't be able to do anything about it, we simply don't have the time."

The Skuld got a wicked grin that made the others slightly nervous. "Say that again old hag"

Urd shrugged "I said we simply don't have the time, you going deaf midget"

Belle started chuckling "I get it, we have had too much on our minds lately. What are we if not time dear sisters."

"So anyone remember how to send a soul back in time?" Skuld asked, "I don't remember how to do it."

"No, I think Urd has domain over the past, she should know."

"Ugh... Sorry guys but no can do. We would need some major divine intervention to make that happen."

"What do you mean Mummy? I thought the past was your thing."

"It is, but to do something like that we need a major power boost, even Father can't begin to make Yggdrasil do that without authorization from Grandfather himself. She belonged to the First herself, she was one of her chosen."

"She was a chosen? She was working for the Third, her and the others had blood all over their hands."

"Oh my, I guess it was a little before your time Skuld. Since she originally worked for the First she has say into what happens to her file. It would take the First coming back to do anything like that."

The light that the Sisters stood around winked out. The three watched with differing results. Urd waved her hand in the place where the light had been. Skuld pulled out a cell phone and started trying to get through to their father's office. Belle cupped her chin in her hand as she thought about what this could mean. If the only thing that could make the light go out was if it had been reincarnated, but only the First could do that. She hadn't been scene in really long time, so if the light went out that would mean... "Oh %$& me, the First is back."


"Yeah Squirt."

"What does %$& mean?"

Two weeks after the failed wedding

Ku Lon chuckled as she watched her waitress dance around wandering hands with two bowls of ramen on each arm and one on her head. She still managed to swat hands that got too close to the short Chinese dress she wore. "Best 50,000 Yen I ever spent"

Last week Ranma approached her looking for work to pay off the debt that mercenary Nabiki had stacked on his head. She still didn't know why he put up with it but if she could get back in his good graces by letting him work for triple pay then so be it. She was waiting nervously for the letters from her fellow elders about son-in-laws status. Goddess above she hoped its just a few more weeks and she could quit calling him that. After the events last time Ranma had been to Jusenkyo she had decided that pursuing Ranma without consideration to his feeling were suicidal at best, that being said she couldn't resist making him wear one of Shampoo's lower cut dresses to do his waitressing in. It just cost her an extra 50,000 yen(1) to get him into it.

Mousse was under orders to behave or else Peking duck was on the menu. Shampoo was under similar orders, it had taken three grounding, four missed meals, and taking away her anime collection to make her understand that Ranma was out of her league. The only reason they had raided that fiasco of a wedding was to keep the ill mannered brat of a Tendo and those idiot fathers from ruining the life of someone that she was quite sure could turn most of downtown Tokyo into a crater. If all worked out and the debate on his status was settled the if he still wanted the brat he was welcome to her. She was sure after this Ranma thing was settled that she could start her own hunt for that lost tribe of Amazons living in Juban that Nabiki had sold her information on.

Hikaru Gosunkugi was nervous. If his plan didn't work Akane would fall under that idiot jock's clutches forever. He slightly felt like he was making a deal with the devil(2) but that didn't bother him too much, he was used to it.

Lets see paralyzing powder... check

Idiot Kendoist entering restaurant... check
Red headed jock in short dress... check

Red headed jock bending over to get my order... ... ... ... ... check

recheck that fact ... ... ... ...

"Gos, ya gonna order something or stare at my tits all day?"

"Ss-sorry, what's in this bowl?"

"Which one Gos?" Ranma asked as she bent over a little more to try and read the menu.

Time seamed to slow down for Cologne, Mousse and Shampoo as they watched the strange sickly kid blow the powder in Ranma's face. Gos was so weak that he didn't even register on Ranma's danger sense anymore. It had taken him three months to make the powder, stealing spices from the Amazons, flowers from Kodachi, Ukyo's special sauce, and Akane's Tempura batter dried over a fire(3). The Powder had the potential to put a herd of elephants down for about a week, he thought it might work for about four hours. As per the Gos's plan when Kuno saw his Pigtailed Goddess bent over, he ran up to her and latched on to her like a lamprey.

This is the point the plan decided its services were no longer needed and Murphy decided that they were not going to pin this shit on him. Cologne watched in morbid fascination as one of the insane and possibly suicidal kendoist's hand latched onto Ranma's left breast while the other hand descended down the body of the paralyzed martial artist and under her dress into what she would call NO MAN'S LAND.

At this point in her life Cologne realized that there was still so much in life she had yet to see. She had wanted to be there when Shampoo made her a great great grandmother, she wanted to find love one more time before she met her ancestors. She had wanted to see her homeland one more time, to wear a bikini and chase the frightened Musk warriors to exhaustion one more time. To cackle madly at the frightened youth of the tribe while they questioned her sanity. She made her peace with this life. It was then in the quiet of the moment that she realized that there were simply no words to convey the general level of wrongness that she was seeing... "OH %$& ME!" never mind Mousse found some.

Ranma's battle aura flared burning the powder from his system. It was like looking into the heart of supernova. Somewhere in the delusional so called brain Kuno realized that running was probably vital for his continued survival.

Tatewaki's Mind

'Alright boken for brains, we need to get out of here now before she kills us.'

'Do not be absurd we are showing the pigtailed goddess our purifying love to free her from the demon Saotome'.

The rational side of Kuno gave the insane side a disbelieving look.

'Uh... I know, Akane is in danger, Saotome has her at the Tendo-ke'.

'You sure?'

'Positive. In fact if we don't leave in the next 0.75 seconds the demon's spell will be permanent.'

'The fiend!'

'Damn am I glad that worked!'

'But what of the pigtailed goddess?'

'Ah to hell with it. Move over Shakespeare. I'm driving'.

Back in the real world:.

Kuno straightened up dropped his hands as if they were on fire and bolted like the hounds of hell were after him. Mousse, after a nod from Cologne, launched chains at Ramna in an effort to tie him up. Cologne came from behind to try and hit pressure points. Shampoo lunged at his legs to try and knock him over. Murphy was in line at Tokyo International Airport trying to buy a ticket for Guam.

Four hours later

Ranma was male and up on the roof and for once no one, not even the fathers or Ryoga, wanted to bother him. It had taken the entire NWC, the Tokyo SWAT team, one division of the JSDF, Three large Valkyrie class mobile suits, and a passing Android cat girl(4) to calm him down enough not to kill Kuno. As it was Kuno would be lucky to hold a boken with that hand in three to four weeks.

Gos would be out of the body cast and with physical therapy be able to come back to school in three months.

Mousse was wandering into things because his glasses got broken. Shampoo was sitting on a pillow, merrily whistling a tune through the space where her right front tooth used to be.

Cologne was in the back trying to extract her staff from Happosai, she didn't really want it back, but hopefully he could sit down with one of those inflatable rings then. All in all Cologne thought he really restrained the damage considering Kuno copped a feel.

Akane and Ryoga was fuming saying how Ranma was cheating on her with Kuno as they snuck around the corner of the dojo.

The fathers were alternating between crying, drinking, and plotting a wedding, they were out like a light after only two hours of ranting.

Nadoka was debating if it was manly to get groped, she was sure it was to grope but to get groped... ooh is that a butterfly.

Nabiki after viewing the damage decided that there was not enough yen in Tokyo to get her to try to piss off Ranma now she would wait until he calmed down then fleece him for all he was worth.

Kasumi sighing at the level of stupidity that most of her family could generate. She climbed up the ladder and took a seat beside the depressed martial artist.

"Care to talk about it Ranma-kun?"

"Not really Kasumi, nothing I do can change it anyway."

"I'm sure that it will get better, you just have to have a little faith."

"I've tried having faith, but it's not working. I wake up each day either to having cold water dumped on my head or being thrown out of a second story window. Next, if I don't immediately change back into a boy, I'm threatened with suicide by my own mother. I have to fight for anything on my plate and end up having to hold buckets everyday because I have to deal with Akane's Kuno problem. I try to stay awake in class, but I'm always so tired that I can't help falling asleep. Lunch, by the way thank you for making the delicious bentos, is a battle royal to see who's cooking I get to eat with me in the dog house no matter which meal I pick. I have to chase Happi all over town to keep you ladies safe from him, dodge Kuno number two, practice, do homework, get yelled at because I waste valuable time doing homework when I should be practicing, try to eat supper without it being stolen, fight off another wedding attempt, and try to get some sleep when I have finished repairing all the damage the random combatants inflict on the house."

"Ranma I'm sorry. If you need anything just tell me."

"It's OK Kasumi. It's just I'm getting really tired of this shit" said one really depressed Martial Artist

(1) to my understanding that is roughly 500 dollars. Cologne is an elder matron of a ancient family. She is not poor and will spend it when she need to, or if the mood strikes her)

(2) somewhere a blond sneezed causing a deal with a gymnast to go horribly wrong, from the blonds point of view anyway.

(3) the trick is keeping it over a double boiler, other wise it catches fire too easily

(4) When Ranma found Genma drinking with her creator later he beat nine kinds of hell out of him just on principal.