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Juushiro is Seventeen;Yaoi Edit

"The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, nor to worry about the future, but to live the present moment wisely and earnestly." Buddha

Chapter1; Information worth a year of Sake.

Ichigo Kurosaki is sitting at his desk with his hand resting on his palm when he glimpses something whiz past him. His amber eyes flick left then right squinting from the furrowing of his eyebrows. Seeing nothing he continues ignoring the teachers lecture by drawing sketches on his notepad. Tilting his head he focuses on the hell butterfly he is planning to draw for his art midterm.

The bane of his high school existence has been the last class he ever wanted to take. Art. But he was out slaying hollow when registration was taking place. By the time he made it to class the only thing left in electives was art or music. He flipped a coin and signed up for art.

The teacher for the class turned into a demon "literally" and then he of course had to take care of that. The result being he had to suffer through the past month with a substitute teacher from hell (not literally.) Mrs. H as they were all expected to call her. Is an evil orange-hating female who has an affinity for her own sex. She announced to the class the moment she walked in that if anyone used a single hue of orange they would fail. For some reason everyone turned to look at Ichigo.

Ichigo hasn't had a good night sleep since Mrs. H took over his class. She is determined to prove to that she can teach any monkey to draw, and blurted to the class that he would be the perfect example. The only problem according to Mrs. H's is that Ichigo has no imagination. He is completely "dead" inside and has no "artistic soul."

"Tch, Kill the bitch!"


He didn't give a damn. Then she said he couldn't graduate until passing her class. Suddenly he cared in the deepest of ways. Ichigo is yanked out of his daydream by something hitting his head. He glances around finding nothing unusual he starts to draw the final wing. Suddenly he is knocked out of his chair by a large rock hitting him up side his head.


"Oh~! Kurosaki-kun fell down~!" Rukia pops inside the door grabbing Ichigo by the collar. "We better get that bump looked at." She drags him outside ignoring the stares and snickers from the other students.

"Rukia what the fuck did you hit me with!" Ichigo swishes his head around before rising to his feet.

"Just a tiny pebble, don't be such a wuss!" Rukia drops a purse full of rocks behind her. The bag spills out and large stones roll down the stairs next to them. The sound of students tripping and screaming in pain echo up to the second floor.

"You bitch! Those aren't pebbles!"

"I ran out of small ones!" She puts her hands on her hips giving him her best annoyed face. "Why is it so hard to get your attention!"

"Maybe I have a freaking concussion from all those boulders you hit me with!" He leans over her pointing his finger at her head."I'm never gonna graduate if you keep destroying all my good brain cells."

"Oh, you two are such good friends!"

"Hell no, we-" Ichigo turns toward the voice seeing Ukitake pop his head out of a closet with a big grin. "Ukitake-san?"

"Hello Ichigo-kun." Juushiro steps out of the utility closet wearing a black high school uniform tugging nervously on the tight collar.

"You put him in a gakuran?" Ichigo's eyes flick up and down Ukitake quickly noticing how tight the uniform seemed.

"Doesn't he look great!" Rukia smiles proudly brushing Ukitake's jacket with a lint stick.

"Well, at least you made him a senior." Ichigo mutters as a group of girls walk past them staring at Ukitake like he was the tasty thing since skittles were invented. Ichigo looks at the girls then to Ukitake's big smile. "Maybe you should have made him a teacher."

"I feel like I'm seventeen again." Juushiro waves at the girls watching them giggles back at him.

"Wait... they can see you?"

"Um well, there was a little mix-up, and then an explosion. However, I was lucky the bunny really got the worst of it."

"Rukia." Ichigo takes Rukia to the side giving Ukitake a small nod. "Has Ukitake-san been kidnapped by aliens, or the unfortunate victim of some kind of cult brain washing?"

"That poor bunny." Rukia begins to sniffle pulling out a handkerchief. "It's purple now."

"Oi! You know I'm immune to your bullshit so just spill it!"

"Captain Ukitake was in an accident and lost his powers. He is human." Rukia pulls out a bag from the closet Ukitake was hiding in and hands it to Ichigo. "Since you are the shinigami representative it was decided he should stay with you until Captain Kurostuchi can figure out what happened."



"I see." Isshin rubs his chin looking at Juushiro and listening to Rukia crying. "So his house was hit by lightening and burned to the ground."

"It's so tragic!" Yuzu cries reaching out to hold Ukitake's hand. "With him being a foreign exchange student too!"

"I-If we can't find a place for him to stay they will make him go back to his country." Rukia holds up her handkerchief over her eyes.

"People must be really pale in...?" Karin looks at Ichigo with her hand on her hip.

"Um, Canada. They are very pale in Canada." Ichigo mumbles looking at Rukia.

"Canada?" Rukia puts up her hands mouthing silently as the they step inside the house.

"It's the first country that came to my mind!" Ichigo retorts.

"Idiot! Captain Ukitake doesn't speak Canadian!" Rukia elbows Ichigo making him trip to the floor. "Oh~! The rug was loose there careful everyone!"

"Evil little midget. I'm gonna kill her!" Ichigo stands up grabbing the rug and jerking it with a grin. Rukia stumbles falling on the sofa.

"Bastard!" Rukia clenches her fist in anger.

"Everything alright in here?" Yuzu pops into the room wrapping an apron around her waist.

"Fine~!" They both reply innocently then turn glaring at each other.

"They speak French and English in Canada stupid!"

"Then why is it called Canada?" Rukia scratches her head confused.

"I don't kno-" Ichigo senses a hollow and starts for the door followed by Rukia. "Dad, I forgot something at school I'll be back soon!"

Two hours later he says goodbye to Rukia on his front steps just as the streets lights click on.


"Don't worry I'll make sure nothing happens to him."

"Captain Kyoraku asked me to give this too you." Rukia waves goodbye vanishing inside a portal heading for Soul Society."

Ichigo turns away reading the brief note.

"Ichigo-Kun, please watch over my dearest friend. We aren't sure if his tuberculosis will be cured. If he shows any signs of illness use the pendant enclosed with this letter to instantly teleport him to Soul Society."

He lifts up the necklace with a frown. "Oh man it's freaking peace sign. Who designed this thing Renji?" Stuffing the pendant in his back pocket he hops inside his bedroom window finding Juushiro sitting at his desk reading a book.

"Hey Ukitake-san."

"Ichigo-kun, I hope you don't mind." He lifts the book up revealing the spine to Ichigo. "Paradise Kiss is quite interesting."

"T-That's not mine!" Ichigo snatches the book from Juushiro stomping to his closet.

"Really? I found it under your-" Ukitake points a long finger to Ichigo's bed.

"It's one of Rukia's old manga!" He throws the book inside his closet. "I should have returned that to Lisa-san."

"Did you know George is Bi?"

"I-I yeah... Rukia mentioned that." Ichigo eyes grow wide waiting from the earth to swallow him up.

"What does Bi mean?"

"U-Um well it means a person who likes both." Ichigo unbuttons his school uniform struggling to look indifferent. "Ukitake-san... has an innocent quality."

"Likes both?" Juushiro thinks for a moment tapping his fingertips on Ichigo's desk. "Oh I see! George likes both." Ukitake stands up stepping behind Ichigo his eyes glancing down Ichigo's bare back. "Why do they call Isabella a drag queen?"

"Ukitake-san... doesn't get it at all does he?" Ichigo releases a deep sigh from his throat before grabbing his sleeping pants from a hanger. "Isabella is really a guy, and he is gay." Ichigo whirls around finding Ukitake directly behind him. "Whoa!" Their eyes meet for an awkward moment before Juushiro smiles at him.

"Are you Bi, Ichigo-kun?"

"U-Um..." His mind goes blank staring at Juushiro's pure expression. "What the hell. It's not like he knows what it means." Ichigo nods his head before slipping out the door to change his pants in the bathroom.

"Looks like I owe Kyoraku a years worth of sake." Juushiro grabs the manga out of the closet to finish reading it. "A price well worth the information I just learned. Hehe."

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