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Juushiro is Seventeen;Yaoi Edit

Final Chapter; Only You

"Nel!" Ichigo screams as he steps down on the crumbling dome of Los Noches. "Nel where are you?"

"Ichigo... maybe screaming isn't-"

"Nel! Where the hell are you?"

Juushiro shuts his eyes with a sigh, his shoulders slumping as he listens to Ichigo yell. His lover is so cute all excited and rushing around! Hanging out with Ichigo is so much fun.


A voice calls out at Ichigo's eyes grow round as Juushiro's hand suddenly appears in front of him catching a round baseball. "Whoa! What the he-"

"Die shinigami die! DIE, DIE, DIE!" the tiny ball screams in a high pitched voice.

"I can not allow that." Juushiro closes his fist crushing the ball to dust particles. "I take it, this was the elusive espada number nine?"

"I think so?" Ichigo scratches at his head.

"Itsygo is alright now~!" Nel pops up in her child form sitting on top of Bawabawa's large round head. "I'm gonna play baseball with this one for a while." she says lifting another ball groaning in pain. She points across the dunes to Peche and Dondochaka waiting with mitts and baseball mats in their hands. "Wanna play?"

"Nah, we are going to head back." Ichigo gives her a wave as she vanishes in a puff of dust. "Well... that was anti-climatic."

"Somehow... I'm really grateful." Juushiro gives Ichigo a smile wiping his hands off on his haori. "You know... Kuchiki isn't expecting us back for a few days..."

"We could... go to my house?" he offers absentmindedly watching Nel over his shoulder.

"What a good idea!" Juushiro puts a hand on Ichigo's shoulder and flash steps to the exit Urahara made for them.


Juushiro follows Ichigo, watching with a silent chuckle as his hands tremble with the door key. They had stopped earlier at Urahara's and collected Ichigo's body and he himself slipped inside a new gigai that Urahara swore would work even better than the last.

Reaching out he steadies the shaking hand enjoying the gasp as their bodies come into close contact. He smells wonderful, a heady mixture of spice and musk only making the desire bubbling up in his chest stretch down to his thighs. His eyes tilt down to the expose neck, so golden, so very tempting. He can't resist, his lips slide over Ichigo's neck tracing the arch of his flesh. "Hmm," his throat rumbles, enjoying the smooth touch. Ichigo responds by pressing against him. Moving up to a dangling earlobe, he draws the supple skin inside his ear to suck on. Juushiro wants to take it further but they are still standing in the doorway. Ichigo's neighbors might not appreciate them going for it out here so he reluctantly releases the captive earlobe and nudges on his back directing him through the door.

Once they are in the living room Ichigo seems to regain some self-control after such a scintillating kiss and offers Juushiro a drink. It's strange being romantic with someone in his family home. Lucky for him, his sisters and father sleep soundly.

Nodding yes, he settles into the couch. His eyes not moving from the orange headed man bending over to get a bottle of water from the cooler. Ichigo catches him staring once, twice but he refuses to look away. He wants his lover to understand he does want him... often and only him.

Blushing cutely he brings the drinks over and settles in the armchair just across from the sofa Juushiro is sitting on. Ugh... learning boundary's in relationships is difficult. How close do you sit? How often is it okay too, you know—do it? Glancing at Juushiro and the tight blue shirt snugly drawing his attention, shifts in his seat. He looks so good in blue, so very attractive. Should he go brush his teeth again? Well, he is back inside his body, and he isn't really dirty. "I'll be right back." Ichigo says quickly, vanishing inside the bathroom. He decides to cool his head by taking a quick shower.

Juushiro hides his disappointment as Ichigo slips out of the room, he wants to hold him, and make love to him, but doesn't want to scare him off by leaping on him. He could see the need clearly in Ichigo's eyes but he stayed where he was. Is he being too stifling? Juushiro knows what he wants but what about Ichi? Should he back off and wait on him? What if he... was too rough on him the last time and now is afraid him him?

Placing his drink on the coffee table Jushiro walks back and forth in the living room. Nervous. He is terribly antsy and needs to know if his lover is having second thoughts. Time goes by so slow. This is no good. He decides to go into the bathroom and talk to him when the door quietly opens and Ichigo vanishes into his bedroom. "Oh dear..." Now Ichigo is in his room wet and naked. "Who can resist that?" Juushiro moves quickly almost tripping his way across the room, down the hallway to rap on his door.

"You don't need to knock on my door. You can come right in," Ichigo responds, fighting the jump in his pulse. Does this mean he wants him? Please let it mean he does. "We are practically a-a couple. Sorta, I mean I think-"

"Ok Ichigo, I need you to tell me what's going on with you," he whispers closing the door behind him. He hopes he sounds very nonthreatening and that Ichigo will snap out of it.

A small frown wrinkles his brow and Juushiro takes a step back from him, he is struggling with a lot of emotion. "Oh fuck it!" he growls and closes the distance between them.

Juushiro almost moves back a step from the sultry expression on his face. Without touching, his lips are captured, Ichigo's tongue instantly probing his mouth gently until he aches to be caressed Juushiro reaches out to pull him closer.

"No. Wait. Let me do this my way okay?" It's a question and yet not. He almost pleads with Juushiro to let him take control. To allow him to show how much his desire for him has grown over the past few days. Moving his torso closer, only millimeters away he begins a renewed assault on Jushiro mouth.

The taste of mint, the warm tongue searching his, his hands are so very eager to slide over that freshly washed skin. He is mad with lust, and his cock is sending him tiny pulses of need. Little by little Juushiro feels hands inch their way under his shirt, his muscles quivering a response. Ichigo's touch so feathery light, stirring a longing in his blood makes him want, no, need to wrap around him, but Jushiro is patient with indulging his partner. Allowing himself to be explored is pleasing Ichigo and even himself.

Lifting his shirt higher to expose the pale chest he brings his lips to one of Juushiro's nipples, his tongue flicks out lightly licking, teasing, Juushiro's back arches. Moving to the other nipple he gives it the same attention. This time sucking it, rubbing his teeth over it and returning to do the same on the previous bud until they are both hard. The tip of his tongue traces a wet line down his navel, the moaning and writhing of the long haired captain, spurring Ichigo to continue. All the while his fingers are unzipping and seizing the long erection, stroking, the heavy weight of his lover. "Aren't you enjoying this?" Ichigo looks at him questioningly.

Ichigo massages the aching cock until Juushiro is ready to scream. Struggling not to do anything, to let Ichigo have his time he can't hide the panic in his voice. "God yes I'm enjoying this!" Jushiro gasps. "And that's the problem. You haven't actually done a great deal and I am just about ready to burst. I know we have the whole night but I don't want it to end too soon." He hopes he hasn't hurt his feelings but he really feels connected to Ichigo and needs him to know how special he is. Then his slacks are unzipped and before he can blink his cock is in Ichigo's hot mouth. All at once Ichigo's mouth engulfs his hardness bathing him in a close is so close to exploding. The combination of his mouth and hands is almost too much. "Ah! Ichigo! I love it!" Jushiro yells out before he can stop himself and drew his hips up to meet the waiting mouth.

Ichigo's tongue dances across the shaft the realization dawning on him causing a wide, proud grin. "I'm driving him wild." Now confident in his abilities, he peels off Juushiro's shirt and slides his hands over his pale chest. The man below him is so smooth and... Leaning near his ear he whispers, "You are incredible. So very..." he nips at his ear. "sexy. Touch me if you want."

"I thought you would never let me." Barely controlling himself, he is desperate to feel their skin touching. Kissing the neck bending near his, he moves his hands to his chest, mimicking Ichigo's movements over his own body. His breath catches in his throat at the thought of what is to come.

Juushiro knows Ichigo wants the dominant position and feels him struggling to push him down to the bed. Letting him have his way they land with a thump and continue their exploration of each other. Hands move over chests, up through hair, and as Ichigo slowly leans over Juushiro their eyes connect with a passionate intensity.

"Juushiro..." he whispers, his cock harder and larger than ever before. "you know I love you. Right?"

"I-I do. I'm just worried I was too rough with you last time." He shuts his eyes fighting the blush on his cheeks. Suddenly his arms are grabbed adn pinned his arms above his head. "Ichigo?"

"I really liked it. You seemed so passionate and wild." Ichigo replies straddling Juushiro's narrow waist. "I feel like my skin is the only thing keeping me on the ground when I'm around you." He mouth wraps around Juushiro's the tingling in his body driving him to nip and kiss his lips. Bending slowly he crawls down the smooth pale skin under him his lips feasting on various spots that need attention.

"Ohh, me too." Juushiro moans, opening his legs and cradling Ichigo's body inside his. This feels good to him, it feels natural and yet new and exciting. Movement against his cock makes his hips to move on their own. Ichigo's full weight down presses against him, their bodies grinding together. By now they were moaning so loudly Juushiro was worried about waking someone.

Suddenly Ichigo leans back on his knees and leans over to the side table fishing out a small tube of lotion. Adding some to his fingers he sits back on his haunches his eyes looking into Juushiro's as he slides two into himself.

"Oh..." Juushiro groans leaning up and grabbing the lotion from Ichigo's free hand. He pours an ample amount over his manhood stroking it a few times to make sure he is as hard and large as possible for Ichigo. "I'm ready."

"Me too." Grinning, Ichigo moves up and eases himself down on him, the contact making them both lift their heads and sigh.

His fingers pinch Ichigo's nipples and squeeze his ass as he encourages him to take him deeper. Soon they have a fast rhythm, sweat beading on their bodies as they crash into each other.

"F-feels so good. So very tight, my Ichigo." He manages to gasp, the pressure in his body building to thinly contained frenzy. "Oh... to hell with it." Juushiro grabs him, suddenly turning them so Ichigo is under him.


"A-Are you serious?" Juushiro whimpers as Ichigo lifts away releasing his cock. "Oh... alright." he pouts slightly.

"I want to do it like this." Ichigo gets on all fours so Juushiro can take him from behind. "I like it when you kiss the back of my neck."

"I can do that," he says sliding back inside, easing in just enough so Ichigo's body grabs at his cock sucking him deeper. "Ohhh, this is good." Within moments they are back to moving against each other. "C-Can I go faster?"

"Yeah, do it," he answers, his body already convulsing from the pressure to his g-spot. It's perfect, the overwhelming throbbing, his body stretching to accept the long hard cock, building, and building until he feels like he might scream. "I-I can't hold back!"

Juushiro knows he is close and wants them to come together so he matched Ichigo's movements as he pumps his cock. He can feel Ichigo clenching so tightly around him, he tried to say something, anything, but the words don't come only a huff of air.

Then suddenly Juushiro slows his thrusts, very slowly, arms wrap around him, lips touch his neck, sending a chill up his back. Ichigo's shoulders slump, his head lower down to the bed and his eyes shut in pure bliss. God, he is so close, it took just a few seconds of that slow nudging on his sweet place and he is a mess. Hard, Juushiro is suddenly rock hard inside him and begins slamming against that spot... Ichigo's back arches as the cock inside him moves.

Juushiro's hand clamps down on Ichigo's cock stroking it, his mouth sucking at the tan neck as he bends over him to thrust one last time. "Hn!"

The ringing in his ears, the subtle gush inside him. Ichigo loses it coming in a hot stream into Juushiro's waiting palm. His legs now jittery, he flops to the bed in utter bliss. The smile on his face unmovable by the feast of pleasure between them. "I'm so freaking happy. You make me happy."

The world grays out for a minute and Jushiro thought his heart might explode. Shifting a little rolling them over on their sides, to wait for his cock to soften before slipping away from his lover. "Think your family would mind if you only visit them on weekends?"


"With the understanding that you are mine Monday through Friday. I could be happy the rest of my life."

"Hell no! You have to come with me on the weekends!"

"Well... I always come with you," he can't help but chuckle in Ichigo's ear.

Ichigo turns in the bed giving Juushiro a squinted glare. "Anyone else know what a extreme flirt you are?"

"Only you my Ichigo."

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