Sakura loved her teammates.

She really did.

But they were getting to be a little too much.



"Sasuke, what the heck????"

"He wasn't your type"

"How would you know???"


"You knocked him out!"

"Oh darn, I was hoping that I killed him"



"He has a point, Sakura"

"You guys are backing him up?"

"That guy was seeing other women"

"Just leave me alone! You're ruining my life!"


"Maybe that was a little too much, Sasuke"


"Owwww, Teme that hurt!"


Sakura sat down on a bench and cried.

It always happpened this way.

She would take the utmost precautions so that her team wouldn't know she was seeing a guy, but in the end, they would find her and knock the guy out.

She sighed.

Maybe she was meant to be alone.

She needed a long mission to get her thoughts back together.

She needed a mission.


Sakura slowly stood up and ran to the Hokage's office.

Tsunade would understand.

When she was admitted, Sakura gave Tsunade a little smile.

This woman had practically raised her after her parent had died.

She would definitely understand.

"Tsunade-Sama, I need a mission"

Tsunade nodded and pulled some files out of a drawer.

"What do you want, rescue, protection..?"

Sakura looked down.

"I want a long one"

Tsunade pulled out more files, hesitating over one.

"I know you'll want this one" Tsunade said, handing the file to her student.

"A R-Ranked?" Sakura gasped, staring at the file.

"I was saving it for your team, but I think that you are ready"

Sakura looked at the survival rate.

It was below 60%

She closed the file.


Tsunade Sighed and looked down at her desk.

"I was hoping you would turn it down" She whispered.

Sakura saw the sacrifice in her teacher's eyes.

"It's okay, i'll come back soon"

Sakura turned to go.

"What do you think you're doing?"

Sakura snapped slightly.

"I'm getting a life, Sasuke"

Then, she was gone.


Master Kakashi's question cut through the awkward silence.

Tsunade was sitting with her head in her hands.

"What have I done?"

A couple of tears escaped down her beautiful cheeks.

Kakashi's eyes widened.

"Y-you didn't"

Tsunade nodded.

"We have to stop her" Kakashi said, the alarmed tone creeping into his voice.

"Too late"

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