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Pacifica Jackson and the Lightning Thief

Chapter 1

I love swimming, it's just so...No, no wait a minute, let me rephrase that.

I love being underwater. Yes, that is more like it.

To sit cross legged at the bottom of a pool and just do nothing.

Everything from the outside world is dimmed when you are underwater. Everything about the modern world is loud, cars, people everything (of course I don't mind music, come on I may be weird but I'm still a teenager). And being under water dulls all of that. Words are gurgled, sights are blurred – there is only you and the water.

Of course perhaps I should mention that I can stay under the water for over seven minutes.

Freaked out yet?

Of course I had a fair idea that I wasn't normal. I mean apart from the creepy amount of time I could stay under water.

I have dyslexia. You know, words jump of the page and letters walk about, that kind of thing. And you have no idea how much bother I get because of it. People are so small minded.

I have really blue eyes. Well what's strange about that, you are asking? Well my eyes don't stay blue, or at least the same shade of blue. They can go from light blue – nearly the colour of ice. To nearly black – you know, the colour if the sea before a storm.

Yip...now do you agree with me?

And I hear a guy's voice in my head...

Have you stopped reading yet?

Well, just in case you haven't and you're still reading I'll continue.

Where was I. Yes, the voice.

Well...it's not a creepy voice or anything - telling me to kill the little old lady down the street or something like that. In fact it is a very nice voice, deep and warm. Calming – which is probably a good thing since the voice normally starts rattling around in my head when my ADHD starts up.

And as if the voice in my head and freaky eyes isn't enough then this will definitely decide you.

My name is Pacifica. Yes as in the Pacific Ocean.

Pacifica Jackson, 16 year old freak of nature.

My mum's name is Sally and I love her to bits. She is the only person I can be around and feel like I belong – but even as I am getting older that feeling is beginning to become weaker and I don't know what to do to fix it.

We live in a small apartment building in down town Manhattan with my step father. Gabriel Ugliano – or smelly Gabe. You would think that with a name like Gabriel he would be strong and decent and noble. Nope stop those thoughts right there because they will only lead to disappointment trust me on this.

Gabe is in his late 40s. Balding. Beer belly. And smelly. And I mean smelly. The guy could make a sewer jealous.

He treats my mother like a slave and a day would not be a day if it passed without him and me having some kind of argument – that ultimately I loose but it makes me feel better.

I can live with it, but it angers me because I know that my mother could do so much better. She deserves so much better.

My best friend is a boy called Grover. He has been my friend since I first transferred to Yancy Academy nearly two years ago. He is great and he accepts me, which is all I really ask for.

He has to use to crutches to get about with because he walks with a limp, I didn't really know why because in the end I figured it was none of my business – and boy do I wish I had been kept in ignorance.

I thought I was strange and I was right, but I just didn't know to what degree and it so blew my ideas out of the water.

And it all started on the day that we took a field trip to the museum.


I went to see Percy Jackson a few days ago and immediately got the idea of. What if he was a she?

So then I had to think up of a story line to match that and a name. And here we are.

I know this is a short chapter but I promise the next one will be longer this is just an introduction :).

Please let me know what you think.

Keep safe.