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Chapter 2

Pacifica sat in the gurgling silence of the pool, her legs folded under her as she absorbed the silence a bubble escaping from her mouth every few seconds.

The light coming from above her shifted slightly and she glanced up to see a familiar wavering image so lifting her arms she vaulted to the surface inhaling deeply as her head broke the surface of the water.

She heard Grover scream and clap his hands as she swam lazily to the side of the pool and launched herself backwards, sliding easily onto the brick edge.

She smiled at her best friend as she dabbed at her face with a towel.

"How did I do?"she asked in excitement, sure that she had been under the water for longer than ever before.

"Nearly eight minutes," her friend replied in awe and she couldn't keep the stupid grin from her face. That was good time. That was a really good time. That was the best yet in fact.

"How do you do it?"

Ahh now there was the question to top all questions. She was a freak – it was as simple as that. But she didn't need to go into all of that to answer her friends question.

"I just like the water," she shrugged delicately as she stood up carefully.

She waited patiently for Grover to get his crutches in order and stand up – she would have helped him but she had learned from experience that his pride didn't allow it.

"I'll just go get changed," she told him as she moved away towards the changing rooms.

"I'll be two minutes," she told him looking over her shoulder.

She didn't even know why she bothered saying that to him. Every morning was the same – they would meet up an hour before school. She would swim and he would read his comic books or do last minute homework that he hadn't done the night before.

It worked. It helped calm her for the day and if today was going to be anything like the previous day then she needed all the calm time she could get. Yesterday the damn English teacher had seemed to get some kind of perverse enjoyment out of asking her to say things that were written on the board. Evil cow!

She had been true to her word and they were both now walking towards the museum where they were to meet their teacher, her long hair tied up into a soaking wet bun at the back of her head and her jeans sticking to her clammy skin because she hadn't dried of properly.

"I still can't believe your mum hasn't found out about those...those things on your arms," Grover was complaining to her. She didn't know what was wrong with him but he always got this whiney tone to his voice when they landed on that topic.

"Really Grover, they are just tattoos, there is no big deal," she told him for the hundredth time though she self consciously tugged at her top – even though the sleeves reached to her wrists.

"Besides tops cover them up," she added, not even wanting to think about what her mother would say if she found out...or Gabe – she shivered at the thought.

"Yeah but –"

"Grover please just stop ok," she begged him as they entered the museum and silence immediately fell between them anyway.

What was it about museums and libraries that immediately make you go quite or discover the need to whisper everything.

They quickly found the class and followed Mr Brunner around the various antiques as he pointed things out that were of 'interest'. Pacifica plugged herself into her booming I-pod and placed the 'i am listening, honestly' look onto her face. She loved Mr Brunner she really did – in fact he was her favourite teacher ever - but this was not interesting at all. In fact it was downright boring.

She tried her best to ignore Mrs Dodds – freaky lady that she was – as she went around the museum.

They reached one section and she rolled her eyes at all of the statues of the Greek god. Well...the male Greek gods. She could so tell that a guy made them. All their limbs finally proportioned, beautiful faces – except for some that were a bit more rugged looking (that kind of guy was more her type) and then off course they were all very well endowed in that department.

She suddenly realised that the little mumbling that was making its way over her music had stopped and everyone was looking at her.

Shoot – someone was talking to her.

She quickly searched out who could have been talking to her as she yanked the ear phones from her ears.

"Sorry Mr Brunner," she mumbled, figuring that he was the safest person to settle on for talking to her.

"What was the title for the offspring of human and god?" her teacher repeated calmly and she fought the desire to blush.

She glanced around – almost as though she was expecting the answer to jump out at her. She ignored the way that the Greek symbols were jumping and rearranging themselves – putting it down to her head doing what it always did when shown letters.

Come on, use your head girl.

"Demi-gods, sir," she tried, waiting for lecture on paying attention.

She was rewarded however by a small nod of Mr Brunner's head and she smiled back at him.

Phew. She really did need to work on her concentration skills – but then it was hardly her fault that she had a short attention span.

"Miss Jones," she heard by her ear and turned around quickly to see Mrs Dodds glaring at her, she only just managed to stop herself from shivering.

"Come with me please," the women said as she began to walk towards a closed of room.

Pacifica glanced back at the rest of the school group, i looked like they were going to be in this area for a bit so she followed the other teacher.

She walked into the room and allowed the heavy wooden door to swing shut behind her.

"Mrs Dodds?" she called when she realised the room was eerily empty.

"Where is it?"

If ever nails running down a black board could be turned into a tone of voice that was it.

She spun quickly to face the voice to see Mrs Dodds standing on the top section of some scaffolding.

"How did you get up there?"

The women ignored her question and crouched low, her face twisting as she showed her teeth.

"The lightning bolt, where is it?"


Before she could reply Mrs Dodds jumped from the scaffolding and ... exploded.

She gasped as Mrs Dodds was no longer the pinched, scrunched up middle aged lady with wiry hair, but a bat.

No...that was wrong she was a giant bat-like thing with skinny wings and clawed feet and a mouth full of very nasty, sharp looking teeth...and she was sure that there was a tail there somewhere too.

Duck, little one!

No questions asked Pacifica did as she was told, for once not minding the fact that the she was crazy and was hearing a man's voice in her head.

She ducked and rolled awkwardly, scrambling to her feet just in time to see the-thing-that-was Mrs Hobbs swing around to make another pass at her.

This was not good.

She threw herself forward just as the thing swooped down – only missing her by inches.

She saw the door open out of the corner of her eye and recognised the shapes as Grover and Mr Brunner.

Her foggy, over active brain heard Mr Bruner growl (yip she was pretty sure that he growled) at the creature that he would 'tear it apart'. What? If the situation wasn't so freaky she would have laughed. Mr Brunner wasn't capable of tearing anyone apart...Was he?

She watched the thing gain height and get ready to swoop back down – for the kill.

"PJ catch," she heard Grover yell at her and turned just in time to see something long and sharp fly in her direction.

She reached out and grabbed the item. A sword? Everything happened so quickly.

She went to swing the sword but stopped when she heard the voice in her head tell her to wait.

Now! The voice yelled a split second later. She swung with all her might.

She fell backwards from the force of the blow that she had just delivered and looked up to see the thing that was Mrs Hobbs vanish in a cloud of ash.

She breathed deeply, her mind racing and threw the sword away from her.

"Would someone like to tell me what just happened?" she panted at the two people in the room who didn't seem surprised at all.

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