Hey miley!! demi called

hey! miley said why are you so happy?

Well demi said... We got accepted to Hollywood!!

OMG miley said jumping up and down with demi!!!!

''I know said demi'' 'I cant believe they picked us'!!

When do we leave?

Tomorrow!!!!! demi said

'Well what are we waiting for??'' we gotta get packed''!!!!

The next day

Bye'! said Miley to her mom and dad

(Gets in the car with Demi)

This is it' Demi said taking a deep breath. Were gonna be stars!!!

Miley: laughs

Two hours later

'Wake up!! Demi said trying to get Miley out of the car Were gonna be late!!!

Miley: Okay!! gosh

Demi:"laughs sorry'

Miley and Demi enter the studio

Miley:Wow this place is huge!!!

I know says Demi

Studio guy: Okay you must be Demi lovato and Miley Cyrus Correct?

Miley and demi nod there head

Studio guy:This way please.

Miley and demi follow

Studio guy:Okay wait here until your producer comes

Producer guy comes in

Producer: Okay so were gonna star with a song called two worlds collide, this is gonna be a duet between you two.

Miley and demi nod

Demi starts singing)She was given the world, so much that she couldn't see and she needed someone

To show her who she could be

and she tried to survive

wearing her heart on her sleeve

but I needed you to believe

You had your dreams I had mine' miley joins in

Okay I know this sucks and all but this is my first story