The sirens sounded and the lights flashed, Mellie looked up at the armed SWAT guards standing outside of each window and door, their mission: not let anyone in or out. The apartment she was about to enter was being quarantined, no one told her what was inside, but she was just told she needed to help those inside that are injured: herself and her five-man medical team. It was a fast movement, as the guards outside the main apartment doors rushed her and her team into the apartment, as the door was then bolted shut and locked. Standing in the front hall, an eerie silence filled the group as they stared up the dark musty stairs that led to the rooms.

"So, where's the injured?" Dean asked, hesitantly peering around the corner.

"They must be upstairs..." Leo replied

Yoko, the only other female member of the team walked forward, "I know we are meant to be helping people - but shit, I am so freaked out"

"I just want to know why this place was quarantined," Andy spoke. "Hey new guy, do you know?"

The new guy he was referring to was Paul, the newest member of their medical team, a newbie to this whole saving people's lives. Paul just shook his head, as he too, looked frightened.

"Okay, let's head upstairs" Mellie said

She took the lead, beginning to walk up the set of stairs slowly but surely, the other five walking behind, all of their eyes fixtated on the hallway above. Reaching the top of the stairs, Mellie's eyes immediately shot over to an opened door to her left, a vile stench coming from it, as she also noticed blood on the doorknob. A sudden shriek caused her heart to beat fast as she jumped backwards in fright, as did her team.

"What the hell was that?" Andy asked

"It came from in here" Mellie replied, rushing over to the room with the opened door. She looked in and seen the television static, the place a mess, furniture thrown everywhere. Stood upright infront of her was a woman, her hair clotted with blood, with stains of it on her hand. The woman looked down at the floor as she panted heavily, like she was having an asthma attack. "Miss, don't be alarmed, we have been sent here to help you", she walked over to the woman and took her hands, looking at the blood.

"Can you tell us what happened?" Yoko asked, pulling out a tissue from her medical pack.

But as Mellie stared at her hands, she stared in awe as the woman's veins were bold and black, she could see them pulsating, and as Meiko walked over to wipe the blood, the woman let out another shriek, causing both female's to stumble back in fright. The woman jumped up onto her bed, still shrieking, the dynamic of it could be damaging to someone's ears.

"What's wrong with her?" Dean panicked

"We need to calm her down!" Leo said, pulling out an injection out of his pack. As he walked forwards to the woman, she leaped off her bed and jumped onto him, causing him to fall flat onto the ground as she shrieked in his face, using her hands to claw at his skin as she tried to gnaw at his neck with her teeth. Andy and Dean jumped on the woman and pulled her off him, tossing her across the floor. Leo jumped back up onto his feet as everyone stared at the woman, as she began to growl at them, blood foaming from her mouth.

"She's fucking crazy," Andy gasped, "Knock her out!"

Suddenly, the woman pounced again, but a liquid was thrown onto her face and she screamed, holding her face as steam came from it, her skin melting off as it sizzled and burned. Paul ran over and threw the liquid on her face once more, as the woman shrieked and began to shake, slamming herself onto the ground.

"Leave this place, demon! You do not belong here! Leave!" Paul screamed, over and over, as the woman began to stop screaming, her face now a plate of burns and boils, as she lay dead on the floor. Putting the cap back on his bottle, Paul put the liquid back into his pack, looking back at his confused and frightened team.

"What the fuck was that?" Yoko asked, shocked and repulsed

"My name is Paul, I'm not a nurse, I'm a servant of the Church," Paul began, "The officials sent me here to find a way to get into this apartment, and find the demon girl and receive her blood, so I can bring it back and finally banish her back to Hell"

"What demon girl?" Mellie asked

"One of our members dwelled into the world of black magic, and kidnapped a girl, possessing her with the soul of a demon so powerful, it killed him - it then began infecting the inhabitants of this apartment building - the Church officials phoned the police here and told them to quarantine the place, so the demon's cannot get into the outside world"

"So why the fuck were we sent in here?" Andy snapped, angry

Paul just shook his head, "You will have to take that up with your officials - if you survive"

"If I fucking survive?" Andy snapped once more, getting more angry, "What is that meant to mean?"

"Exactly what I just said, the inhabitants that were in the building the time it got quarantined are all possessed with low-level demons, that feed on the flesh of humans, also letting a demonic soul enter them... Everyone in this building except us are demons"

Everyone was shocked and stunned as they listened to Paul,

"So where is this demon girl? If we get her blood - we can leave?" Mellie asked

"Possibly," Paul replied, "She's in the Attic"


Walking up the stairs, the team were more alert to danger, looking down the long dark hallways, scared of what could come out of them. Every apartment door opened made them nervous as did every corner.

"I don't like how quiet it is" Mellie muttered

"The demons are lurking..." Paul replied

He then reached a flight of stairs, where a single door stood at the top. "There's the Attic, will you wait here for me?"

"Fuck that, we're all going in there" Andy said

Everyone else nodded their heads and looked at Paul, as he began to walk up the steps, everyone else following. He reached the attic door and turned the handle, but it was locked, and even after a struggle, the door didn't budge. "It must be bolted shut from the inside"

"So how did she get out to infect everyone else?" Mellie asked

"The air vents," Yoko answered - they turned and seen her pointing at the vent low on the wall, the metal torn open and blood smeared over it. "She's in the vents"

Paul quickly rushed over to the vent, pulling out his liquid. He sprinkled it on the blood, but it didn't sizzle or burn. "It's not her blood... It's human"

"How can we even tell between her and the rest of them?" Dean wondered

"Trust me, you'll know" Paul replied, "But, we have to move from this spot now - the liquid attracts them"

A loud bang from the long hallway opposite from where the group were standing startled them all, causing them to look over. Another loud bang struck fear in them, as a figure came sprinting out of a door at the end, screaming out.

"MOVE, NOW" Paul shouted

He began running down the stairs as the others followed in a panic, the dark figure came into the light, Mellie looked back at her and stared at the overweight woman with blood all over her mouth and clothes. A scream from her right caused her to look, as an older male stood there, his eyes blood-shot. Without hesitating, he grabbed her neck and lunged forward as she screamed for help. Yoko looked back at her friend and ran up, grabbing the old man and throwing him back into the apartment room he came from, before closing the door. Suddenly, Yoko jerked backwards as the overweight woman leaped from the stairs above onto Yoko, causing both to fall backwards, crashing through the banister as they went plummeting down, hitting the hard laminated flooring below, Yoko's skull crushing as her head bounced off the flooring. The overweight woman laid on her, alive, and tearing into her exposed through with her teeth. Mellie looked over the banister and screamed; more shrieks bellowed out around the apartment; Andy grabbed Mellie and pulled her into a room, slamming the door shut.