Now with the door barricaded, the possessed were still pounding on it, trying to get in; which they would do soon. Paul found a lightswitch and flicked it, but no lights came on, they just had the dark light that shone in from the bolted up window outside.

"Can you smell that?" Mellie asked, holding her nose at the foul stench

"Who can't smell that? It's fucking horrible," Nicole replied

Paul walked forward, turning the corner but quickly turned back, holding his breathe.

"What?" Mellie asked

He put his finger up to his mouth, telling them to be quiet. Mellie could then hear the sounds of a shuffling across the floorboards; and coming around from the corner was a skinny girl, her bones sticking out of her flesh, nude, her hair long and greasy, her teeth yellow and jagged, her face full of pulsating black veins. Before even getting a chance to move, the girl let out a shriek and pounced at the group, Nicole pushed Mellie to the side as she leaped to the right.

"I have to get a sample from her!" Paul yelled, pulling out his liquid. "I demand you demon to stay still!"

But the girl just shrieked and leaped at him, he quickly threw the liquid in her face; a bit splashing on Nicole; the girl fell back, thrashing and screaming, hitting herself hard against the wall - but as Paul looked, he seen that Nicole was also holding her arm, as that too was burning and sizzling.

"You..." Paul gasped

Nicole pulled out her handgun and aimed it at the girl, pulling the trigger, a bullet blasted into her head, causing her to fall to the ground, dead. She then walked towards Paul and grabbed his throat, pushing him up against the wall as she choked him.

"You got your shit on me," Nicole snapped

"Nicole?" Mellie asked, "Stop it!"

She grabbed Nicole's arm and tried to pull it off Paul; but Nicole turned around and slashed Mellie's throat open with her fingernails that were razor shap; Mellie gasped out for air as she held her bleeding throat, she dropped to her knees and began to slowly bleed to death; Nicole then tuned back to Paul and clenched her hands around his throat tighter.

"I'm the demon," Nicole slithered, her eyes turning red. "The girl there, the one you've been looking for, is just a low entity like the rest; of course she was me before; but I needed a new form - not some ragged, weak freak like her"

She then crunches her hand inwards, breaking the priest's neck as the pressure of blood going to his head caused it to come out of his eyes, ears, nose and mouth; she dropped his body and smiled.


Nicole screamed and ran around the corridors of the apartment, her eyes catching sight of the frenzied possessed grabbing the other people in the apartment and biting them. Running up the stairs towards the attic, hands grabbed her and threw her against a wall; staring at her was the demon girl, she smiled as Nicole screamed; the demon girl lunged forward and slipped her worm-like tongue into Nicole's mouth, spitting an organism inside of her mouth; as the demon girl's eyes rolled in the back of her head, so did Nicole's; as she began to shake; the demon was now inside of her.