Tom the blacksmith was a nice man, he was also the father of Gwen. He loved his little baby more then anything in the world, she was kind and loving. He was a proud father who only wanted the best of his girl.

So when he was cleaning up in his smithy that night and Arthur came to give him some unwanted news, tom was not impressed

'That is right' Arthur said 'He's been forcing her into doing his bidden, I've never seen Gwen so scared, I have come to you as you are her father'

'Let me get this right' Tom said, anger in his voice 'This Lancelot wants to corrupt Gwen's mind'

'Yes' Arthur nodded 'He wants Gwen to become a druid, you know which I talk about, their practice magic, my father wants them dead'

Tom pulled out a sword

'I will find this Lancelot, how dare he put my daughter at risk'

Arthur nodded in agreement

'If my father were to hear of this, he will sentence Gwen to death, this Lancelot will stop at nothing, he wants to use magic to make him strong and more handsome, that's how he charms young women, he uses his looks, looks which he got from magic I bet'

'Thank you for telling me this Sire, I will hunt down this Lancelot, where may I find him?' Tom looked at the blade, it was nice and sharp

Arthur posed for a dramatic sentence

'why...he's in your daughters house, he slept there the other night' Arthur grinned as Tom ran from the room, sword held ready.

Tom ran to his baby's house, this Lancelot - the druid in practice - was leading his Gwen down the wrong path. Tom banged on her door

'Gwen' he shouted. The door opened, and they was Gwen.

He hugged her, this Lancelot hadn't killed her yet. He was so relieved to find her safe,

'Where is he, where is the druid?' Tom shouted. His eyes went to the floor, it was late and Gwen was getting ready for bed, sitting on her bed was a dark haired man – The druid, Lancelot!.

'Get up boy, how you dare lead Gwen to sorcery' Tom pulled out his sword

'What?' Lancelot got from the bed and held his hand up 'I am not leading her to sorcery'

Gwen looked in fear at the sword pointing at Lancelot

'I have been told by a reliable source that you are a druid, you charm innocent young women like my Gwen to be evil soulless sorcerers' Tom moved near and grabbed Lancelot, where he dragged him outside and held him to the wall at sword point.

'He's not a druid' Gwen shouted trying to move between her father and Lancelot.

A few hand maidens walked past, they giggled when they saw Lancelot, this time with clothes on.

'Gwen he has charmed you, free Gwen from your spell and I may spare you' Tom shouted to Lancelot.

'I don't do magic' Lancelot shouted

A few guards walked past, they looked at the commotion going on

'Can we help sir?' they asked.

'Yes, this man is a druid' Tom said

They moved to Lancelot and dragged him away

'Father he is not a druid' Gwen moaned, running after Lancelot.

Lancelot was dragged down into the cells.

The guards walked to King Uther's chamber and knocked on his door

'Sire, sorry to disturb you, but we have reason to believe we have a druid down in the cells' The first guard said

Uther nodded 'Send for the court to assemble in the council chamber, I will be down soon, also send for my son' Uther went back into his chambers and dressed.

Arthur pushed open the doors to the chamber, inside here was the court, all whispering about a druid. Arthur smiled to himself, more embarrassment for Lancelot. Merlin was stood in a corner of the hall, next to a pillow. As Arthur walked near to him, Merlin said 'They got a druid down in the cells?' Arthur nodded and winked

'Please tell me it's not him' Merlin shuck his head, making a mental note not to get on Arthur's bad side.

'Oh yes, don't worry he won't be executed but...well you'll see, it's not good to waist the king's time'

The door opened and in came the king. Uther walked up the hall and sat down in his chair. It was late and he'd been sleeping, getting woke up made him more angry.

'Bring forth the accused druid' Uther ordered. The door's opened and all eyes turned to the man, it was the same person as earlier on.
Lancelot was dragged into the room and pushed to the floor, here he looked up at the King
'I'm not a druid, I have been wrongly accused' Lancelot said in a loud voice.
'Wrongly accused by whom?' Uther asked
Lancelot pulled himself up so kneel proudly 'By Prince Arthur Pendragon'
'How dare you!' Uther shouted 'Do you have proof?'

Lancelot shuck his head
'No but..'
'But nothing' Uther finished. 'How dare you embarrassed Camelot in this way, you were not satisfied with humiliating us once and now your are embarrassing my son'
Lancelot shuck his head again 'All my life I have dreamed of being a knight, i would never humiliate you'
'I can see what you are doing, you are looking for trouble here' Uther moved in his seat 'If you're only reason for being here in this city is to make embarrassment for me and Arthur, then embarrassment you will get' Uther looked around at a few people, they smiles got bigger.

'I can see that you are not a Druid, they have more brains' Uther smiled more at this 'But you shall not go unpunished for what you have done'
'What have I done?' Lancelot shouted
'You have accused my son, The Prince of Camelot, you came back here when we told you not to, for this they is only one punishment I can think of to fit the crime. Your crime this time is embarrassing my son so your punishment will be...'

The hall gasped.
Arthur looked like his birthday had come early.
Merlin looked to Gaius 'Can he do that?' The old man nodded
Lancelot shuck his head 'No please Sire, the shame of it, please don't shame me'
Arthur's grin spread right over his face
'That is it, your punishment will take place tomorrow, guards, take him down to the dungeons'

The guards rushed and grabbed Lancelot and dragged him from the room
'That will teach him, how dare he accuse you' Uther looked at Arthur 'Are you OK my son?' Arthur's grin had vanished and he looked at his father with a sad expression, he nodded grimly.
'Good acting' Merlin muttered, Arthur grinned back
'Can't wait for tomorrow, I think I'll spend the day outside'

Lancelot sat in his cell, that was so unfair. He'd spent the evening with Gwen, cooked her a nice supper and some guy comes and accuses him of bring a druid and now he was to be punished for Arthur's bulling.

He was dreading the sun rising, what will Gwen think when she sees him? The shame