Helen paced the dirty cell, distraught. She really hadn't seen the police car, and when they had gotten pulled over for speeding, John was acting so nuts they thought he was on something, Nikola had acted so Nikola that when they had taken a alcohol test, it had been so high he should have been dead! But he couldn't tell the police officers he was unaffected by alcohol being a half-vampire. Actually, he had started to but she stopped him. No reason to cause more trouble then they were already in. Now she was pacing the dirty cell, mind racing. They were in prison! James was so embarrassed, normally he caught lawbreakers, now he was one, Nigel was so worried and distraught he had probably wet himself, and John and Nikola, oh dear. They had gone from bickering that it was 'most definitely your fault!', until they had started trying to kill each other. Luckily Helen managed to intervene before Nikola went Vampire or John whipped out the knives. Now Nikola was fuming in a separate cell. And the real trouble had started when they had been looked up on the police files. John Druitt, suspected in the 19th century Jack the Ripper case, Helen Magnus, nothing, James Watson, must be an impostor, Nikola Tesla long dead, and the same for Nigel Griffin. As soon as the officer came back she would have to explain the abnormal circumstances that brought five supposedly dead scientists there. She looked up. She heard footsteps.

" Do you know how many weeks of Allowance it took to pay all of your bail?"

There stood Ashley at the cell door, key in hand.

" And Henry had to convince me to pay it for all of you! I could have left Nikola to rot in here!"

She opened the door. They filed out. Nikola looked up from his separate cell hopefully.

" Oh yeah...... I didn't pay your bail! See ya!"

Nikola proceeded to throw a fit similar to a four year olds, until Ashley relented and admitted she had paid his bail. They filed out, embarrassed, and indebted to the smirking child.