"There she goes just walking down the street singing do wa ditty ditty dum ditty do…" Abigail Harvelle jumped out of her truck and grabbed her duffel bag from the back and walked into her mother's roadhouse, which was her fathers. Her father…he was the reason she started hunting in the first place. She smiled weakly thinking of her father and looked around the roadhouse smiling how it never changed.

"Ma! Jo! I'm home!" yelled Abigail as she made her way to the back.

"Abby!" yelled Jo running up to her from her mother's office. Jo hugged her sister tightly and Abby smiled.

The sisters let go of each other and smiled. Jo noticed the blood all over her and a worried look came over her face. "What…"

"It's not mine…vampire."

Jo made a disgusted noise and then they heard their mother clearing her throat. Abby looked away from Jo and looked at her mother. Ellen had her arms crossed across her chest and looked pissed. Her mother never liked the idea that Abby followed in her father's footsteps. Abby gave her mother every grey hair on her head while Jo was the good girl that stayed home to help her mother. Abby just felt like hunting was the only connection she had with her deceased father.

"Hey, ma," said Abby smiling and walking slowly towards her.

"How many were there, Abigail?" Abby twitched a little at her mother's tone. The only reason Ellen would use her full name instead of her nickname would be one; she was in trouble or two; she was worried to death. Abby guessed number two.

"Only two ma, they were like Bonnie and Clyde…I'm fine." Ellen stood their staring at her oldest with those heartbreaking/caring eyes, the same eyes she would give her father after a hunt. Ellen took her daughter into her arms holding her tightly.

"I just want you safe," she whispered into her ear. She let go but still had her hands on Abby's shoulders and stared at her.

"Mom…I'm fine. Really?"

"Can't you stay for a little while?"

"Didn't you say that you had a case for me?"

Jo chuckled knowingly and Ellen smiled. "Well…someone else took that case a while ago."

Abby smiled at her mother. "Ok…I'll stay till I find something else…ok?" Ellen grinned and a door opened up and Ash came walking in.

"Kitten!" yelled Ash grinning at her.

"Hi, Ash," she said as Ash came walking up and hugging her.

"Damn, girl what have you been doing? Taking a blood bath?"


"No way! How was it? Was there tons of blood? How many…" Ash looked at Ellen who was glaring at him and stopped. He leaned close to Abby. "We'll talk about it later." Abby laughed.

"Ok…well I need a shower and we'll all catch up…ok?" She asked looking around at her small family. They all smiled at her and she walked down the hall to where her bedroom was. It was the same from when she left it. Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Journey, Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson and ACDC posters all over the wall, pictures of her and Jo stuck in the mirror, and her twin bed with purple sheets and a purple comforter. She grabbed her teddy bear that was years old. Her father gave it to her when she was three. It was grey, had a missing eye, a ripped ear and its tail was missing. She walked into her bathroom and looked at herself. Shit, if someone that didn't know that she was a hunter seen her they would have thought that she murdered someone…well she sort of did but they were vampires, they weren't humans. She took the hair band out of her dirty blond hair that had some dried blood in it and ran her hair through it. She needed a shower.

After her shower she had her towel wrapped around her and walked into her room. She picked up her dirty clothes and pouted. These were her favorite sweatpants and now they had blood all over them. She walked down the hall and out into the roadhouse. She heard a few whistles and she just rolled her eyes as she walked over to her sister who was talking to some guy she didn't know.

"Hey, Jo…" I was staring at my sweatpants and sports bra.

"Abby! What the hell?! If mom knows you're out here in just a towel in front of these guys she's going to flip!"

"Whatever…anyway," Abby looked up at Jo and glanced at the guy she was talking to who was eyeing her up and then her clothes, "Can I help you?"

"Uh, Abby this is Dean Winchester, Dean this is Abby my older sister."

"Winchester?" She asked looking at Jo and she nodded. Abby knew what had happened between her father and John Winchester. How they were on a hunt and John got her father killed…not entirely his fault, their father was reckless sometimes. Jo was the only one that didn't know what happened and from the looks of Dean, he didn't either. "Nice to meet you."

"Same." He looked her up and down again.

Abby looked at Jo. "Does mom have anything to get this vampire blood out? These are my favorite sweatpants and look at my sports bra! It's…ugh…look that friggin' bitch ripped it!" She put her bra on the bar and tried to put it back together but it didn't work.

"Yeah, I think she may have something…let me check." Jo glanced at Dean and then walked to the back. Abby sighed and knew she was being watched by every male in the bar.

"So, Ellen didn't say she had another daughter," said Dean taking a sip of his beer. Abby glanced up at him and smiled.

"I'm the daughter that doesn't get brought up in civilized conversation."

Dean smirked. "Why's that?"

"I'm like my father, reckless hunter that keeps her up all night worrying to death and when I get a chance to come back she tries all her might to keep me here, but I can't help it the road and the hunt calls me." She grinned at him as he smiled at her.

"Looks like we have a lot in common."

"Yeah how's that?"

"The open road and hunt calls me too." The two of them laughed hearing how dumb that sounded.


"Abigail Lorain Harvelle!" Abby looked over to see her mother looking pissed at her. She had her hands on her hips and those angry eyes.

"Looks like someone's in trouble."

Abby looked back at Dean and smiled. "It's probably because I'm in front of perverted hunters in a towel and they only have of three questions in their minds."

"And what's that?" He asked smirking at her.

"What to hunt next? What alcoholic beverage should they drink to celebrate a fantastic job well done? And…what girl in this roadhouse to screw next?" Dean chuckled. "And if you noticed there aren't a lot of choices. There's me, my sister and my mom...I'll see you later, Dean."

Abby walked over to her mother who was glaring at her and walked into the back. "What were you thinking going out there in only a towel?"

Abby rolled her eyes and turned around. "Mom, I know how to take care of myself. I could kick all their asses unlike Jo."

"Hey!" yelled Jo putting her hands on her hips. "I can take care of myself."

"Whatever," said Abby rolling her eyes and then looking back at her mom. "Do you have anything that can get this blood out?"


Abby walked back into the bar fully dressed, wearing a pair of low rise jeans, a white wife beater and her hair was pulled up into a pony tail. She noticed her sister trying to flirt with Dean and snorted. "He seems to be way out of your league little sister," she muttered as she walked towards the bar and started cleaning wiping it down.

Dean's attention went straight to Abby and looked at Jo. "I'll be back." He got up and headed towards her. Jo looked at him shocked. She tried everything to get his attention and now he's going after her sister. He's only known her for less than 24 hours.

"Hey," said Dean sitting on a stool in front of Abby.

"Hey," she said smiling at him. "So you and your brother are the ones that stole my clown case."

Dean chuckled. "Yup that's us."

"Jerks, now I have to stay here until I find another case."

"How long you been hunting?"

Abby bit her lip and looked up at the ceiling. "Um…when I was 18." Abby looked back at Dean. "I dropped out of school and just hit the road with my father's journal and met up with Bobby, he taught me a couple things and then I was on my own."

"And knowing Ellen she didn't take it well."

Abby laughed. "That's an understatement, she said I was going to end up like my father and she couldn't take it…but you know it was the only connection I had with my father and I felt when he died that I needed to fill his shoes." She just shrugged as she continued to wipe down the bar top. "I heard about your dad, I'm sorry. He was a great guy."

"You knew him?" She looked up at the bar top and smiled.

"Yeah, he was family; every time he came here he would bring me M&M's. My favorite candy but he would make fun of me for taking the colored ones out and giving them to Jo."

Dean chuckled. "I would make fun of you too. Why would you just eat the brown ones?"

"Less artificial flavoring chocolate's already brown." The two of them grinned at each other and Ellen came walking behind the bar to clean some glasses. Abby glanced at her then looked back at Dean and she caught him checking her chest out and she glared at him. When he saw that he was caught he looked up into her face and gave her a cheeky smile before sipping his beer. He quickly glanced at Ellen who was too busy cleaning the glasses and then they heard music playing.

When Abby and Dean heard that it was REO Speedwagon's 'Can't Fight This Feeling' they looked at each other and cringed. They looked over at the jukebox to see that it was Jo. Abby should have known it was Jo because Jo knew how much she hated REO Speedwagon. Jo turned around to see both Dean and Abby having a discomforted look.

"What?" she asked.

"REO Speedwagon?" asked Dean.

"Damn right, REO. Kevin Cronin sings it from the heart."

Abby snickered while shaking her head and walked out from the bar to the tables to start to clean them up hoping maybe Dean would give Jo some attention. Abby could tell Jo liked Dean. Dean looked over at Abby and Jo looked at him annoyed. "He sings from the hair, there's a difference." He got up and walked over to Abby. Jo stomped her foot and walked behind the bar to help her mother clean the glasses.

Abby glanced at him and smirked. She went back to cleaning the tables. "You following me?"

"Does it bother you?"

"No, but I think it bothers my sister." Abby glanced at Jo who was giving both of them the stink eye. Dean ignored the comment, he knew Jo had a little crush on him but he didn't see Jo like that. Abby looked back at Dean and motioned for him to follow to the back table. He raised his eyebrows and looked at Ellen before following her. "So…I know we just met and all but I know almost everything that has happened because of John keeping in touch with me and asking for help, but," she bit her bottom lip while glancing at her mother then looking at Dean. She dropped her voice to a whisper. "That profile you got Ash look for, your mom died the same way. A fire in Sam's nursery?"

Dean looked uncomfortable for a moment. He didn't like the fact that his father kept the Harvelles a secret especially the older one since he supposedly called her for help and knew her when she was a child. He looked into her face and saw how serious she was and maybe he could trust her. "Look, Abs, it's kind of a family thing."

"Well…if you ever need it, I am here for help. I have a lot of experience under my belt."

"I'm sure you do…but if I ran off with you I think your mother might kill me." The two of them looked at Ellen who looked back at them confused.

Abby and Dean looked back at each other and she laughed. "You're afraid of my mother?"

Dean grinned. "I think so."

"Well, you shouldn't be afraid of her…" She leaned closer whispering to him. "You should be afraid of me."

Dean smirked. "Oh, yeah, why's that?"

"Because I can kick your ass and every other hunter's ass in here." She grinned at him and winked while walking towards another table and cleaning it off. "Besides, Dean..." She looked over her shoulder at him catching his eyes on her ass. "Wouldn't I be a great view during a hunt?" If flirting was going to get her out of this place and on a hunt, she was going to do it. Dean licked his lips and took another sip of his beer and Sam came walking out.

"We have a match, we gotta go," he said and he smiled a little at Abby.

"Uh, you know," said Dean looking at Sam and then at Abby. "I think we could use Abby here. She's got some skills we might get ourselves in a sticky situation…we could use her help."

"Uh…" Sam looked over at Ellen who was still cleaning the glasses and then back at Abby. "Sure…I guess. Just don't let your mom kick our ass."

Abby laughed. "Don't worry, I can handle her." She grinned at them and walked over to her mother. She turned back to them. "Give me five minutes." They nodded and headed out. "Hey, mom…um, I found a hunt."

Ellen put the glass down and looked at her with those pissed off mother eyes. "You said you were going to stay for a week."

"Ma, come on, I'll only be gone for a couple days, and I'm antsy…"

"You're just like your father." She shook her head and put the glass back in the cabinet.

"I wish you could understand…"

"Abby you just got back. You're my oldest daughter…and if anything happens to you…"

"Nothing will happen, I'll be with Sam and Dean…they need some help."

"Winchesters…" She shook her head again and then looked her straight in the eye. "You remember what happened the last time a Harvelle and a Winchester partnered up."

"I know…I know…but these two don't seem like John and they are definitely not like dad and I. I think these two are different. I'll be home in a couple days…plus if anything happens you can take it out on the boys, they seem to be afraid of you." Ellen smiled a little at her daughter.

"Just take good care of yourself, I love you."

Abby kissed Ellen's cheek. "Love you too, ma."

Abby took off her apron and headed to her room in the back. She grabbed a handful of clothes and her teddy and put it in her bag. "So, you're going with the Winchesters?" asked Jo coming in. Her arms were crossed and she had a pissed off look. "Abs, you just got back and now you're leaving."

"Please, I already got the third degree from mom; I don't need one from you too." Abby zipped her bag and put it over her shoulder. She turned around to see Jo have pissed and upset tears in her eyes.

"When can I just go on a hunt with you?"

"When mom gets that leash off of you." Jo rolled her eyes and looked away. Abby sighed. "Jo, you know how mom is, you're her baby, and you're the one that gets to do whatever you want."

"While you go hunt big bad things with two hot brothers?"

"Hot?" Abby cocked an eyebrow. "That's an understatement but that's not the point. You know I can't stay in one place for a long time. I'm a drifter…I got the gene from dad." She looked at her cell at the time. "I need to go; I'll be back in a couple days." She kissed Jo on the forehead and walked out of her room. Jo looked around her sister room and her eyes landed on the pictures on the mirror. That's when Abby and her were close, very close did everything together, but once Abby turned 18 things changed, she changed.

AN: Another story by J.B. I'm getting through my writers block by making up other stories…I'm writing a chapter for Scars right now and it's coming along slowly because I'm trying to make a good decision on the way the story is turning. Anyway hope you like the start of this…lots of love J.B.