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Chapter 3

The dark quiet streets echoed the foots steps of the gray gruff wolf in the unique blue jacket. His face was serious and intimidating including the finely groomed zig-zag mustache that covered most of his snout that added on to the unlikeability of this man. The man looked very annoyed this particular night, not only was he filling for the missing patrol guard (him, filling in a lowly patrol guard) but the fact that it was one of the most coldest nights of the year. The light pole behind him cast a particularly long shadow that faded into the pitch black ally.

"Why tonight of all nights?" he grumbled under his breath. "Not only is freaking cold out here, I am getting behind on paper work. God, there is so much of it. Why did I even join the military?" He complained, then he saw something, he stopped to try look at the dark shape in the distance.

"You are Bask Grum," said the voice dark voice coming from the shadow. "the Iron Blood Alchemist, correct?" Bask's face didn't change from the irritated look he had earlier.

"Why? Who's asking?" he said with anger. He did not have time to deal with this. There was a brief pause.

"Foolish alchemists who have turned their backs on god" said the voice calm and collected "shall all be punished."

"I see, you're that bloodthirsty alchemist that kills the state alchemists like me." Bask lifted his arms to reveal to two iron gauntlets with small transmutation circles on it. "Well," he said, raising his voice to a loud scream. "you're messing with the wrong guy!"

Bask hit the ground, activating the transmutation circles, as a blue flash transformed the ground in front of him into dozens of iron cannons that instantly started firing at the figure that dodged it, moving at lighting speeds towards Bask. He flew off the walls, jumping from ground to air then back again.

"You're fast," screamed Bask "but try this!" He slammed his fists into the ground forming a giant iron box around his target. Then all fell silent.

"Hmf, that wasn't that hard." said Bask, walking over to the cell and pulling out his gun. Suddenly a red flash blew a hole in the box as a arm reaching out of the cell reached and grabbed Bask's face. "What? How?"

"Now you perish." said the figure as a flash of red busted from his hand and the alchemist fell to ground dead. Out of the iron cell into the light stepped a black hedgehog with a red strip running down his head. He walked back into the darkness a silent siren came closer. By the time the military found Bask's body, he was gone.

The Cornell sat in his big white plain office, tapping his pencil against the desk in boredom. The room was the size of a small living room and if it didn't have the large desk in the end of the room it would look just like one. The brown wooden floor complimented the four brown cushioned chairs and coffee table on the lime green rug right in front of the desk. The Cornell twirled his red dread-locks trying to focus on his paper work, after being promoted it was like getting doubled the work and only a lit bit more pay, not like he cared for the pay anyway. Sudden there was a bang a the door. Finally something interesting, maybe a new case, maybe there was another murder by that alchemist killer, or a escape convict is trying to escape. Hell, it could be cat stuck in a tree for all he cared.

"Come in." he said trying to act serious even though he was eager to imagine his next and case and get out of this stuffy building. Julie-Su walked in and saluted, her pink dread-locks were a mess and the circles around her eyes were looking nearly like a black eye, she must have had another all night patrol, she still some how still looked cute though.

"Sir." she said sternly.

"At ease, now what is it." he said while Julie-Su relaxed.

"The Prower bothers are back sir." she said as the lieutenants face drooped in disappointment. Not only did it mean that he had stay and do paper work, he had to also deal with the Full Metal. "Something wrong, sir?" she said breaking the Cornell out of his trance.

"No, I'm fine bring them in." he sighed as Julie-Su opened the door even wider to reveal the two boys.

"Sup, Knucky." Said Sonic winking at him and giving him a thumbs up.

"Good day, Cornell Knuckles sir." said Tails in the big clunky armor. The boys came in and took a seat next to the coffee table. Sonic propped his feet up while Tails sat politely in the small chair.

"Well, I guess I should congratulate you on the Lenore case." Said Knuckles.

"Yea, it was no big deal, try getting me a harder case next time." said Sonic grinning.

"It was another false lead wasn't it?" said Knuckles his face turning stone cold.


"The Chaos emerald, another fake?" Things got silent, Sonic's smile faded, he could try to hide it but he find out anyway. Sonic sat up and looked at the ground.

"Yea, it's was fake alright, but the power seemed pretty real though." Sonic face gave the concentrated frown while he kept starring at the green rug. "The locals told us of how he made these creatures like a bear-pig and a lion-gator just by snapping his fingers. I figure it was chimeras but how he just made them like that is what gets me."

"Yea," said Tails "I'm too unfamiliar with bio alchemy to figure it out either."

"We might need to look into that." said Sonic looking up at Tails. "Who knows, we might find something that might help get our body's back."

"It might help if consulted a specialist."said Knuckles as the boys`s looked at him with surprise. "Show Tucker, the Sowing Life Alchemist. He's done a lot of heavy duty research on chimeras, I think I can arrange a meeting."

"You would do that for us?" said Tails in shock. Sonic rose out of seat.

"Ok whats the catch?" Sonic shouted "You want something!"

"Look I'm just trying to repay you for your hard work!" Knuckles screamed back. "I'd rather do you a favor than be in depth to you! I need to get out of this place anyway." he said quieting down. Knuckles picked up his phone Sonic sat back down. Knuckles dialed a few numbers spoke couple of words and hung up while Sonic and Tails were playing thumb war."Ok we're all set." said Knuckles while he gathered some things together in his brief case. "Two years ago, Show transmutated a chimera that could understand human speech, that earned him the right to be a state alchemist."

"Wait," said Sonic nearly falling back in his chair. "it could speak?"

"Right," said Knuckles "supposedly it could only say one thing. 'I want die.' After that it refused to eat and got it's wish."Sonic and Tails were both looking at him with a 'jaw dropping' look. Knuckles rose from his chair and grabbed his hat. "Come on, let's go."

The house, or should I say mansion, was very large, chapel style architecture and windows and made from brick, it was certainly one of the bigger and nicer residences of Central. They walked down to the front door and rang the bell.

"He lives here?" asked Sonic looking up at the top windows. "This place is huge!" Suddenly a very large creature jumped from the bushes near the house and shadowed Sonic. With it's battle cry it jumped in the air to attack its next victim. It landed on the blue hedgehog knocking him to the ground and pinning him.

"Sonic!" screamed Tails racing toward his brothers aid.

"Get it off of me!" screamed Sonic. The front door opened to reveal a cute little kitsune girl with brown braided hair. She wore a red collared shirt with a denim skirt that complimented her big brown eyes.

"Daddy!" she yelled with a smile "There are people here! Look!" An older fox appeared behind the little girl.

"This is why we lock the dog up sweetheart." he said to his daughter. The man wore round circle glasses over his bad eyes, along with his short brown hair and untrimmed beard . "Sorry about our dog." he said to Sonic. Sonic replied with a mumble of words in anger.

The man led them inside through piles of dirty dishes and weeks of the non-upkept mess into a small room where they all sat at a nice quiet table.

"Sorry about the mess, ever since my wife ran out it's been a mess around here." said Show his voice was calm and nearly monotone. "So Cornell, what brings you here?"

"Well these boys wanted to know more about bio alchemy." said Knuckles politely. "They would like to look at your research if it was possible."

"Well these two probably know about me," Show said. "and I certainly know about them. So lets cut to the chase, I will show you my secrets if you show me yours. Why do you want to learn more about bio alchemy Sonic?" he asked looking at Sonic, his glasses reflecting in the light coming through the window. "After all it is the rules we live by, the law of equivalent exchange." There was a brief silence before anyone talked, finally Sonic stood up.

Shows face was more interested in the boy's story than the others who were just disgusted by their deed.

"You transmutated your own mother when you were eleven." Show's voice was unchanged while looking at Sonic's metal arm. "I see why they call you full metal now, you certainly been through a lot. I don't know if my research will be of any help," Show said rising from his chair. "but feel free to look at my lab."

He lead the three down through the big metal doors into a large room filled with all sorts of strange things, such as heads in jars, different colored liquids in test tubes even some actual chimeras in cages.

"It's quite sad really." said Show while the boys examined the contents of the room. "I'm considered a chimaera expert but it hasn't been going well lately." Show lead from the lab to a big dark room down the hall from the lab. "This is" he said turning the lights on. "my library."

The room filled tons of book shelves not to mention the books inside the shelves. Books on bio alchemy science, history of bio alchemy, How to make a Chimaera for dummy's, nearly every book written about bio alchemy was in this library. Sonic and Tails nearly knocked over Show trying to get to the thousands of books at their disposal. It was the second most beautiful thing Sonic had seen next to the chili dog feast Nana made for his birthday.

"I'm going to back to work." said Knuckles "I'll sent a car for you two later." The boys dug into the books not even answering to the Cornell's statement.

"They have some ability to focus." said Show pushing his glasses up onto his face. "I dough they even know we're here anymore. Quite a catch these two, a couple prodigies."

Sonic was knee high up in already read books and was still reading. It was so interesting, the first chimera was a monstrous fire-breathing female creature of Lyica in Asian Minor composed of the parts of multiple animals: upon the body of a male lion with a tail that ended in a snake's head, the head of a goat arose on her back at the center of her spine. Suddenly Sonic heard laughing around the corner. He put down his book and walked over to the source of the sound to find Nina riding on Tails's back.

"Dude!" said Sonic looking serious, crossing his arms and tapping his foot. Tails put down Nina and put his arm behind his back.

"Oh, err, Sonic, I... uh, I-I was just-"

"I don't want hear it." said Sonic making Nina have a confused look. "I want to know... why you didn't invite me to this party!" he said smiling, picking up Nina and carrying around the room while they both laughed. After being chased by the 'deadly death monster' (Tails) for awhile they sat down for a rest.

"That's Alexander" said Nina pointing to the large white dog in the corner that walked up and laid down right behind Nina who leaned on him as if he was a cushion. "he want's to play too."

"Yea, we've met..." said Sonic starring down the dog.

"We've had Alexander since he was a puppy," said Nina "that's when Mommy and Daddy were together, but Daddy said that Mommy left and went back to her Mommy and Daddy's house.

"It must get really lonely ever since your mom left, you in this big house." said Tails.

"Not really, Daddy's really nice and I've got Alexander to play with too." Her energetic smile faded as she hugged and petted Alexander. "But lately daddy's been stuck in his lab all the time, I guess that makes me a little sad."

"Well," said Sonic standing up. "I guess we should head outside." They all looked at him. "I still have a score to settle with you dog!" he said pointing at Alexander. They all headed outside to play while down below Mr. Tucker sat down in his lab looking at his watch and he could think was, he was running out of time...

Finally it was sundown after along day they sat down in the kitchen while Mr. Tucker made him and Sonic some tea. They after the tea was made Show sat down looked down at the table talking to himself and drawing little notes of the table with a invisible pen.

"Uh, Mr. Tucker?" said Tails breaking his concentration. "Are you ok?" Show sighed.

"Before I earned my state certification our life's were terrible." he said throwing out sob story. "We were so poor in those day's and my wife couldn't stand that sort of life, she left us." he sighed again. "I have to pass that evaluation or else we will have to go back to those day's. I don't think I can."

"Don't worry!" said Nina in the floor right beside Alexander. "If they pass you, me and Alexander will growl at them until the say yes!"They all laughed at Nina's joke but while they were laughing a spark lit up in Mr. Tuckers eyes.

"Hey Nina, how would you like to play with Daddy tomorrow?" said Show.

"Really?" said Nina as if he just offered her a million dollars and a trip Disney world.

"Yea really." said Show as Nina jumped on her fathers neck. The boys left the house and Nina went to bed, and all through out the night Show stayed up drawing a circle in his lab. 'Finally, I'll get my certification for sure.' he thought as he continued to draw.

The morning was gray and filled with sadness, Sonic had seen this same sky the night of their mistake. The two boys walked into the house looking for the friends that they had made yesterday.

"Boy's" cried Show "I'm down here!" The boys went down into the lab to find it dark and eerie as they walked further they saw Show standing beside some white and brown creature. "I finally did boys" his voice was calm but yet fragile. "a chimera that understands human speech." The boys approached the creature as thunder roared in the background. "Here watch." he said bending to talk to the beast that looked like a misshapen dog. "that person right there is Sonic."

"That person Son-ic." repeated the creature. It's voice was deep but yet at the same time high.

"That's amazing!" said Sonic kneeling beside it.

"Now, I don't have to worry about losing my certification." Said Tucker as his voice cracked and standing up.

"That person Son-ic," it repeated "That person Son-ic, That person Sonic, That person Sonic." Finally it looked up at him as if it were smiling. "It brother Sonic."

Then something clicked into Sonic brain, he hadn't seen Nina or Alexander. He also noticed the shape of the chimaera a white dog with brown hair coming down it's back, then he looked into it's eyes it's big brown eyes and finally clicked. There was a moment of silence

"Mr. Tucker," said Sonic trying to hold in his rising anger. "when did you first get you certification?"

"Oh about two years ago."his voice very calm.

"And when did your wife leave you?"

"That was two years as well."

"One last question... Nina and Alexander... Where are they?" said Sonic looking back at him. Tails looked down at the creature and gasped. There was silence for another moment.

"Damn kid!" said Tucker as Sonic launched at him in anger and pinned him against the wall.

"Oh yea I figured it out, first it was your wife and now it was your own daughter and her dog to make a talking chimaera!" Sonic screamed pushing him tighter against the wall. "After all you can only do so much with a animal, why not start with a mobiuan!" his voice nearly laughing with anger.

"Mobiuan experimentation is necessary to progress," said Show nearly choking "I would think a scientist would under-"

"Shut up! Your a monster, messing around with peoples lives, your own daughter!"

"Messing around with peoples lives you say, ha ha" he had a smile from ear to ear. "your one to talk. Look at your leg, arm and your brother those are all the results of messing around with peoples lives isn't it?"

"Shut up!" Said Sonic swinging his fist into his face knocking off his glasses and shattering them onto the floor. Show spit out some blood then smiled again.

"You and me, we are the same!"

"No we're not!"

"Oh but we are, the opportunity was right in front of us and we took it! We had to even though it was against the rules!"

"No!" said Sonic swinging another fist at him. "Not me!" then another. "alchemists" then another "don't do that!" then another "I'm not... I'M NOT!" he swung his fist one more time but Tails grabbed his arm.

"If you keep doing this he'll die." said Tails trying to calm him down. Sonic looked at show with anger and disgust then he felt something brush against his leg. His eyes turned from anger to regret as he looked from the man down to Nina.

"Sonic, no." it said without any expression. "Daddy, do you hurt... daddy?" Tails knelt beside Nina.

"We can't change you back, not even with all our power we can't." Said Tails crying if he could. "I'm sorry..." Tails reached out and petted Nina.

"Can we play now?" asked the creature. "Can we play?" Tucker fell to the foor, his face swollen an bloody, he pulled out his state watch and looked at it and smiled.

"I made it, I get to remain a state alchemist." Sonic kicked the watch from his hand and it landed on the other side of the room. He crawled after it, and held it as if it was his own child.

"Like hell you do." Sonic said with anger as tear streamed down his face. "Like hell..."

"If there was ever a example of the devils work in this world, this case would definitely be it." said Julie-su walking down the rain drenched stairs of the Central office quarters along with Cornell Knuckles.

"The devils work?" said Knuckles "In some ways Show showed the ways of a state alchemist. We must take a life when ordered to. We choose our own path when we know what we're doing... That's the way it is." he said stopping beside the two boys on the stairs. "Isn't that right full metal?"

"We may be called by many names," said Sonic in grief and anger. "dogs of the military, devils. But we will get our bodies back because we know the truth. We know we're not devils, we know we're not gods. We are only human..." The Lieutenant and Cornell kept walking. "What good are we if we can't even save a little girl."

Show and his creation sat in the dark lonely upper sanctuary of the main central building watching the rain as it fell from the heavens. Show sat looking at Nina wondering why everyone freaked out abot his creation. Suddenly a black hedgehog entered through the door.

"You are Shower Tucker, correct?" he said with a dark tone.

"Who are you? Not military." The man walked closer as Tucker raised from his chair in fear. "Who are you? How did you get it in here, there were military guards out front?"

"Foolish alchemists who turn their back on god," he said putting his hand Show's face. "shall be punished." their was a big blue flash and Show fell dead. Nina walked up to her dead father.

"Daddy hurts." said the creature as tear pored from it's face. "You hurt Daddy, Daddy no."

"You poor creature, once you have been given this form there is no way of separating you again." said the man putting his hand on the creatures neck. "at least your passing will be in peace." their was another blue flash and Nina fell dead. "God," he prayed "hear me, two souls have just returned to you. Please grant them into your loving arms, into your eternal salvation..."

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