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Chapter 1

"So, this is Earth, huh?" A tall man with messy black hair and vibrant green eyes murmured to himself as he stood on the edge of a large forest. A large castle could be seen nearby, as well as a large lake.

"You have landed safely, Nihtar Daroth?" A voice echoed from the watch on his wrist.

"I have. Though I have to ask if we calculated the temporal coordinates properly. This place does not look like the late 20th century." The newly named Daroth sighed.

"Our sensors confirm this is the correct age. Perhaps they are incapable of insulating electronics against magic." The woman on the other side replied in a calm tone.

"Perhaps. You should head back now, Arella. I can take care of myself." Daroth assured the woman and closed the connection.

Quickly scanning the area, he turned towards the castle, but he had taken only a few steps before his body froze in place.

Cursing himself for not checking for magical defenses, he didn't have to wait long before someone came to investigate.

Two humans, one a very old man with long white beard and extremely odd robes, and an older woman dressed conservatively.

"It can't be. James?" The woman gasped as they saw the person trapped by the school's intruder wards.

"Not quite." Daroth grinned lightly and the two humans noticed his bright green eyes.

"Harry? It's a miracle." The woman exclaimed in both shock and happiness.

"He does look like him, but he's also older than Harry would have been." The old man commented.

"And how old am I supposed to be?" Daroth asked.

"Fifteen this July 31." The woman replied.

Daroth's body began to flow, resembling molten wax and moments later, the young man turned into a teenager.

"Problem solved." He grinned at their shocked faces.

"That wasn't a metamorphomagus shift." As the two greatest minds in the field of Transfiguration, the pair realized this immediately.

"That was Form Dancing. Now, could you get me out of this trap, my legs are getting numb."

"I don't want to risk letting a potential enemy into my school." The old man said with a slight frown.

"I swear I am not here to do harm to you or this school. I just want some questions answered." Daroth said firmly.

"Very well." The old man waved the wand in his hand and Daroth could move again. "Follow us, please."

Five minutes later, Daroth was in a lavishly decorated office, staring curiously at the all sorts of magical items throughout the room.

"Now, I will answer your questions, but I expect the same in turn." The man, who had introduced himself as Albus Dumbledore said as they all sat down.

"Fair enough. I have three questions. First, is my father alive? From what few memories I managed to recall, I know my mother died." Daroth began.

"Alas, I fear he too fell the night when you disappeared." Dumbledore said sadly.

"I expected as much. Second, what has happened to my family holdings? Were they seized after I couldn't be found?" He continued.

"No. The goblins of Gringotts were adamant that the Potter family assets remain untouched. You may lay claim to them after you have proven to them you truly are Harry Potter." Dumbledore replied, adding an explanation about what Gringotts and the goblins were.

"My last question is about the man that attacked my family that night. Who is he, and is he still alive?" Daroth's eyes gained a sharp glint as he asked this.

"He calls himself Lord Voldemort, but his name is Tom Riddle. And yes, he still lives. The night when you disappeared, he too was defeated, and he was gone for thirteen years, but it seems he was not completely destroyed, because mere months ago, he returned. I had little hope before you miraculously returned to us." Dumbledore smiled at Daroth as he finished.

"I'll make sure to make his second life a bitter one. Now, you have questions for me?" Daroth smirked evilly.

"For starters, where have you been all this time?" Dumbledore asked.

"That is a long story. It all began with a picnic…"