This is the prologue for my new story, 'To Be the One'. It is a romance, a veela story, and an angst/drama all rolled in one. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy writing it.

Summary: Draco finds out that he is part veela, and is horrified at the thought of being strapped to one person. Until he finds that certain person is the head girl, Hermione Granger, a secret "crush" of his for quite some time now. But Hermione has other ideas than just giving in to Draco and letting him have her, she needs to be earned. Well, it would help if Draco were to tell her about being a veela…


'A Secret'

The tall blonde woman stood from her chair in her dining hall and moved towards the library. Her son was nowhere to be found, so she picked up a handful of floo powder and threw it into her fireplace.

"Dumbledore's office." Her voice rang clear against the cold stone walls.

The fire turned a vibrant green then dissipated into nothing. The whole world around her swayed as she finally stopped at her destination, her footsteps telling of her arrival. Odd whizzing noises came from various odd looking machines and trinkets. A small glass bowl was filled with licorice bites and the room had an aura of warmth and security.

"Ah… Narcissa, my dear, what may I do for you?" A hollow, ready sounding voice called as Narcissa Malfoy turned on her heel to face the headmaster of Hogwart's School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

"Dumbledore." She nodded her head politely; she felt the need to hold no qualm against the man even if her late husband had been a death eater. The older man raised his right eyebrow and motioned for the woman to sit. He waved his hand and a tea set was conjured up. Dumbledore silently poured himself some tea after asking her what she wanted in hers.

"Just a touch of cream please." The man happily obliged and added cream to her dark, earl tea.

She gracefully took a sip of her tea before placing it back on his large oak desk. Sensing her slight apprehension, Dumbledore spoke first. "Why is it that you are here Narcissa?" His voice wasn't prodding, it was merely gently imploring of her reasons for meeting with him.

Narcissa sighed and folded her hands over her crossed legs. "It's about Draco." Dumbledore had expected that much.

He simply looked on and Narcissa took his silence as a sign to go on.

"I've found something out about him." She sounded strained and tired but by the look on her face, the news she was about to tell him wasn't terrible. "When I was younger I was told that I was part veela, but it was a recessive quality in me. And when I married Lucius," Narcissa winced at the sound of his name rolling freely off her tongue. "I found that he also had the veela gene dormant in him. But it seems that since the gene had skipped both Lucius and I, that Draco has it dominantly in him."

Dumbledore nodded slightly, his wise eyes solemn as he regarded Narcissa's defeated looking figure. No shock crossed his features though, for both of Draco's parents had the features of veela in them, this news came as no surprise to him. Dumbledore set his tea down silently and stood to face the window behind him. His eyes roved over the Scottish hills and mountains beyond the castle. But his mind was elsewhere.

Dumbledore knew of veelas and of part-veelas too, but he hadn't had one as a student in a long time.

"I just wanted to tell you this in case something happens. I don't know if his mate will be here or not, but if that person is, it might explain behavior that may arise from him."

Ah, yes, the veela behaviors. They seemed primal sometimes, like the need to smell their mate and to mark them. But others were nearly normal male behavior when around the opposite gender; possessiveness, and feeling the need to protect. A veela loved their mate unconditionally and was the most important person to their mate almost always. Sometimes the mere sight of their mate, if unmarked, with another of the opposite gender would make them see red. But the most dangerous part of having veela blood was the fate the veela would get if their mate didn't accept them; death. A veela would die of heartbreak on the night of their 17th birthday if their mate didn't accept them, let them mark their mate, and consummate a physical relationship with them.

"Yes. Thank you for telling me. I promise that while he is here, I'll keep a close eye on him. And even if his mate is here, he wouldn't hurt them." Dumbledore's voice was cool as his eyes slid back to the pale woman who seemed more relaxed.

"Thank you." Narcissa was grateful to have someone who could watch her son and make sure he didn't do anything stupid even when she couldn't.

Narcissa stood and took some floo powder and headed back to her home where her son was waiting for her.

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