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The sun was nearly setting over the little town of Peach Creek. It was now Fall and the wind gently blew. There was a white, freestanding gym with the billboard-like title "Park's school of Martial Arts" on the roof. Inside, all was dark with the exception of a large lamp that was shining over what appeared to be a teenager in a black ninja suit that covered all but his eyes (which could be seen via a rectangular hole). While the suit itself was black, the gloves and boots that the teen was wearing were not as dark. He was also wearing a green sash. In front of him was a teenager in a white ninja suit and a red sash. Both teens were on a small blue mat. On the sidelines and on a bleacher, a silhouetted man with three silhouetted teens on both sides of him was sitting on some bleachers. All was silent until the man put his hand by his mouth and…

"FIGHT!" yelled the silhouetted man

Red-sash ran towards Green-sash at great speed before he (Green-sash) jumped up into the air, did a front flip, and landed feet-first behind him. Red-sash turned around and swung at Green-sash before he (Green-sash) turned around and blocked him with his right arm. Green-sash swung at Red-sash with his left, but Red-sash ducked and struck Green-sash in the chest before he (Red-sash) spin-kicked him (Green-sash), which caused him to fall. Green-sash successfully leg-swept Red-sash before he (Green-sash) sprung himself back up. Red-sash also sprung back up before he unleashed a barrage of punches and kicks at normal-speed, but Green-sash was blocking every single shot with little difficulty. Red-sash's blows picked up speed cartoon-style, but so did Green-sash's block techniques. Eventually, Green-sash caught both of Red-sash's arms before he (Green-sash) knee-kicked him in the stomach, which caused him to fall to his knees. Green-sash then delivered a roundhouse kick to the back of Red-sash's head before he (Red-sash) fell on his face. Green-sash then stood up straight before the rest of the lights in the gym turned on. The no-longer Silhouetted group on the sidelined bleachers stood up and applauded. There were also many other people who were sitting on eight bleachers that surrounded the mat. The teens on the sidelines consisted of two boys and four girls. Both boys had combed blonde hair while the girls were respectively a brunette, a blonde, a redhead, and a pink-head. All of them were wearing a black ninja suit with green sashes with the exception of the man, who was Caucasian, in his late-forties, stood 6'1, had perfectly-combed brown hair, and was wearing a white ninja suit with a gold sash on it.

"Excellent! Well done!" said the man as he continued to applaud Green-sash

Green-sash took off his mask and revealed himself to be: Eddy! Without a word, Eddy bowed down and smiled at the group.

"Uhhh!" Red-sash groaned as he got up

Upon hearing the groan, Eddy turned around and offered Red-sash his hand. Red-sash looked up and grabbed Eddy's hand before he (Eddy) pulled him up. Red-sash took off his mask and revealed himself to be a Caucasian kid with combed blue hair.

"You okay there, Owen?" Eddy asked the blue-haired kid with a smile

"Yeah," said Owen, "Should've seen that roundhouse kick comin'!"

"Come on!" Eddy said as he put his arm around Owen's shoulder.

The screen shifted to the inside of a large room. Three tables of food were seen against a wall, while the main exit doors were on the opposite side of the room. The patrons were in many more chairs and Owen and the other kids were seen sitting on the front row of chairs while Eddy (who was wearing his regular clothes) was standing up straight in front of the man, who had a gold sash in his hand. Behind the man, was a wall with pictures of past kids (most of which around Eddy's age), who were wearing golden sashes and standing next to the man.

"As founder and primary instructor of "Park's school of Martial Arts", it is my honor to present you, Edward Gates, with the Golden Masters Sash!" said the man (Park) before he put the sash on Eddy

The other kids and the civilians cheered while Eddy smiled victoriously.

"Thank you… Master Park!" Eddy said as he put his fist on his (Eddy's) chest

"That sash makes you a graduate!" said Park as he put his fist on his (Park's) chest "Call me "Russell"!"

"Thank you, Russell!" Eddy said

"Thank yourself, kid!" said Russell "You've come along way from that jawbreaker-munchin' kid that walked through those doors 3 years back! Went from a punching bag to my best student!"

"You say that to everybody that gets these things!" said Eddy as he tugged on his sash

"But I mean it this time!" said Russell "Who knows? You could have been able to best Gary!"

"Who?" asked Eddy before he walked up to Russell, who showed him a picture of a smiling black kid that was about 16. Underneath his picture was a golden nameplate that read: Garrett "Gary" Webster.

"He was a nice, brilliant young man! He had particular interest in robotics and received an internship at King Industries! He had a promising life and future ahead of him!" said Russell before he began to frown "Or so I thought! Found out he was selling an illegal drug called "zenjex"! And he was using my teachings to fight off or kill anyone who got in his way. He disappeared eleven years ago after a long chase. It's a wonder why I still keep his picture up here."

"Mr. Park! Mr. Gates!" yelled an off-screen photographer "Can we get a picture?"

Eddy and Russell turned around and took a buddy pose before the camera flashed on them. Owen and the pink-haired girl walked up to Eddy. Eddy and Owen gave each other a high-five before the pink-haired girl gave Eddy a hug and kissed him on the right cheek!

"Easy, Tori!" Owen said to the pink-haired girl "You two don't go out anymore, remember?"

"So? I want him to still remember me when we move, nosy brother!" Tori said as she put Owen in a headlock and gave him a noogie

Eddy smiled and shook his head from left to right before he pulled out his cell phone and looked at the time, which was 7:17pm.

"Oh, shit!" Eddy exclaimed, "It's almost 7:30!"

"Got somewhere to be?" asked Owen in a strangled voice

"Yeah!" answered Eddy "I made plans with my other friends!"

"Let me guess:" Tori said as she released Owen's head "Another one of your money-making schemes?"

"You know me well, sweetheart!" Eddy said "Later!"

Eddy ran out the front door and walked over to his green/black-painted Suzuki Hayabusa (a "motorcycle made for minors" that he got over the timeskip) before he hopped onto it and drove off into the sunset at great speed. By the time Eddy returned to Peach Creek Estates, the night had already fallen. Eddy drove his bike onto the front lawn of his house before he hopped off and ran to the front door, which was already unlocked.

"Hey Mom! Hey Dad!" Eddy said as he ran passed his parents, who were in the living room sitting on a black sofa.

Eddy's father strongly resembled Eddy's brother. He had a black goatee, was very muscular, and if he were standing, he would be 6'1. He was wearing a black toupee, a short-sleeve Cerulean T-shirt, black jeans, black boots, and a wristwatch. Eddy's gorgeous mother had a svelte physique, long black hair, and a tiny mole on her right cheek. She was wearing a long-sleeve, frilly white dress shirt, a beige skirt, and white shoes with heels. Both were wearing rings of real gold. Eddy's living room has also been relatively changed. It now has a brown recliner chair, two black sofas, and a black Flatscreen HDTV on a transparent glass TV-stand (which the two were watching). The fish-tank also had five more goldfish. The screen shifted to the inside of Eddy's "Closet of Dreams", where he was seen going through a box that read "To my favorite cousin" on the outside.

"Come on! Come on! Where is it? Where is it?" the bug-eyed Eddy said in a rushed-voice "AHA!" he exclaimed as he pulled out an unlabeled, white DVD that was still wrapped in plastic. "Now, ta get goin!" he said as he walked out of his closet and closed the door behind him

Eddy's room has also been altered over the timeskip. It was completely free of all of the retro items that he originally had. He still had his round king-sized bed, but his room now contained three posters of half-dressed girls above his bed's wall, concert posters on the wall in front, pictures of him and his friends at games and concerts on his "Closet of dreams" door, a large, black belt with a three medals hanging near his bed-wall's corner, a more present-day TV across his bed, complete with DVDs and a player, and a comfy white fur chair. Eddy then ran out of his room with an excited look on his face.

"Bye Mom! Bye Dad!" Eddy said as he ran passed his parents

"Just a minute, young man!" said Eddy's mom.

Eddy stopped in his tracks before he could touch the doorknob. He turned around and looked

"Come on, mom! I'm on the clock here!" Eddy said impatiently

"Let the kid go, Monica!" Eddy's dad said to his wife

"I just need to know where it is that he and his friends are hanging out at tonight." Said Monica

"The old Cooke house, right Spike?" asked Eddy's dad said to Eddy

"Right!" Eddy answered

"Eddy, do you have any idea how filthy that place is?!" asked Monica as she frowned "And plus it's falling apart!"

"I'm a dude, mom!" said Eddy with a smile "We love places like that!"

"There ya go, son!" Eddy's dad said to Eddy

"Ruben!" Monica said to her husband

"Come on, Monica!" said Ruben "Let the kid and his friends have their fun! Besides, I've been trying to sell that place for years! Didn't get a single call! Might as well become a hideout! Go 'head, son!"

"Thanks dad!" Eddy said before he opened the door "See ya later! Love ya!" he said before he closed the door behind him

"Must you always contradict me?" Monica asked Ruben

"Must you always be uptight?" Ruben said as he smiled at his Monica. Who rolled her eyes and smiled in amusement

The screen shifted to Eddy, who had just now arrived at the old Cooke House by motorcycle. Cooke house was an old, white three-floor house that was near the mountains of Peach Creek Estates. Mold and cobwebs covered the house and the paint was coming off. There were also two shrubs and two bushes. Eddy walked through the lawn with his motorcycle and headed straight for the back entrance. In the back, there were nine other vehicles, which consisted of Kevin's black/silver 2005 Vulcan 1500 drifter (motorcycle for minors), an orange bike, a black bike with purple roses on it, a blue bike with red roses on it, a light green bike, a red bike with that was titled "Speed Demon" in black, a unicycle, a gray "Blaze" scooter, and a gold-painted bike with the initials "NB" on it. Each bike was on their kickstands while the unicycle was on the ground. After putting down the kickstand of his bike, Eddy walked towards the backdoor.

"HIYA!!!" Eddy exclaimed as he kicked the door open "Man, that's fun!"

Inside was the big, old, and dark kitchen. Eddy walked through the kitchen's double doors and made a left turn down a hallway. At the end of the hallway, there was a door that read "Home Theater". Eddy walked through the door of the theater room, which would be completely dark if not for two tall, portable lamps. Inside was Eddy's friends, who were waiting behind a red line that was being monitored by Ed and Kevin (who were both wearing white "Security caps"). The room had a large, silver movie-projector (obviously brought by somebody) on a table near the door's entrance. There were a total of ten chairs (5 per row).

"There he is!" said Ed

"Where you been, man?" asked Kevin "I thought you said "7:30 exactly"!"

"Chill bro! Least they didn't start a riot!" Eddy said before he went into his left pocket and pulled out his money jar "All right! Since this movie is rated R and we'll (Kevin, Ed, and Eddy) be directly responsible if our parents catch us, 7 bucks per person! That means Plank too, Jonny! Let 'em out, Ed!"

Ed unhooked the red line before Nazz, Holly, Jonny (for both he and Plank), Rolf, Brooke, Nate, and Cody each put seven dollars in Eddy's jar before they each went to go sit down. Nate, Ed, Cody, and Kevin sat in the back row of while Nazz, Holly, Brooke, Jonny, and Rolf sat on the very first row.

"This was a good idea watchin' a scary movie in an empty old house, Eddy!" said Cody

"Yeah, it's too bad Double D decided ta spend the rest of the night finishin' up that Science Fair project ya'll were working on for the past month!" said Eddy as he put the disc into the projector "Ah, well! His lost!"

"You know my cousin, dude!" said Cody "All work, barely play!"

"All right, everybody!" said Eddy before he sat down next to Kevin "The surprise movie you're about to watch is none other than the thriller/horror flick "Dawnsville!"

"No way!" said Nate as he looked at Eddy

"That movie doesn't come out on DVD in America until next month!" said Holly

"That's why it's always good to be on close terms with the director!" said Eddy "In this case, my cousin… Michael Gates!"

"Michael Gates?!" Nazz asked as she turned around and looked at Eddy with bug-eyes "The dude who did those awesome "Fitzgerald's Secret" commercials and that new music video by Kamille?! He's your cousin?"

"Yep!" said Eddy "And this is his feature film debut! Critics say that it's even scarier than "Paranormal Activity"! So, I wouldn't be surprised if you guys piss in your pants!"

"Rolf has a bladder of hardened steel, "he whose hair resembles an echidna's back" Ed boy!" said Rolf

"Plank says only pussies get scared of horror movies these days!" said Jonny

"I don't get scared that easily!" said Nazz

"That ain't what Nate told us when he took you to the movies two years back!" said Cody "He said you jumped out of your seat and landed on his lap!"

"Nate!" Nazz said sternly

"What?!" Nate said as he smiled

"Hey, who do you guys think'll pee in their pants first?" asked Ed

"I say Brooke!" said Kevin

"I say go ta hell!" Brooke said as she looked back at Kevin and smiled sarcastically

"Plank thinks it'll be Eddy!" said Jonny

"Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Everyone said as they looked at Eddy

"Well, why don't you put the termites where your mouth is, Plankie!" said Eddy "Cuz the movie's about ta start! Ed, hit the lights!"

Ed snapped his fingers before the lamps went completely off. Next, the screen began to slowly zoom out before the kids could be seen on a TV screen on a large desk. The screen then slowly shifted to a bald, silhouetted figure that was watching them via the screen. The figure then turned around and faced two more silhouetted figures. Both of which had a set of gleaming red eyes.

Inside of Edd's closed garage, Edd (who was wearing a paint mask) was seen using red, quick-drying spray paint to create flames on the right side of a black, tank-like vehicle that was about as large as a van. Sarah (who was also wearing a paint mask) was on the other side of the vehicle doing the same thing. Sarah had the bottom of her shirt tied into a knot, exposing her stomach. Both then took off their spray-paint masks before they stood in front of the vehicle.

"I didn't know you were into flames, Double D!" Sarah said

"I'm not!" said Edd

"So, why did you-" started Sarah

"Let's just say that I am particularly unsuccessful when partaking in games of flipism!" said Edd "Well, I better escort you home before your mother worries!"

"Why you tryin' to get rid of me?" asked Sarah, as she looked Edd in the eye and smiled

"I'm not! It's just-" started Edd as he smiled at her

"You can't find time for me, anymore?" Sarah asked as she put her hands on Edd's chest and continued to smile.

"You shouldn't say that!" Edd said as he wrapped his arms around Sarah's waist "You know you're the first thing on my mind everyday that I awaken from my slumber!"

"I thought it was taking a shower!" Sarah said as she continued to smile at Edd

"That too!" Said Edd

Edd and Sarah moved their respective heads towards each other before they had one, long kiss!

"Perhaps you could remain here for maybe another half-hour?" Edd asked

"Or you could come to my house!" Sarah said softly before Edd nodded

Edd and Sarah slowly walked back into the house while holding hands! Edd turned off the garage's light and closed the door behind him.

The screen shifted to the theater room of Cooke house, where the film had just now ended after a red skull-in-crossbones appeared. Ed snapped his finger before the lamps turned on.

"Now, that was a badass movie!" said Cody

"Yeah!" said Kevin "Way better than that piece of shit remake of Halloween!"

"I liked the part where the killer burned that officer to death!" said Ed

"That's my favorite part!" Holly said as she turned around and looked at Ed with a smile

The surprised Ed gave Holly a high-five.

"The best part in the whole movie was when that kid stabbed the killer in the stomach when they were fightin' on the roof!" said Eddy

"Hell yeah!" Nate said as he gave Eddy some dap

Rolf suddenly started smelling the air before he flinched and shed a tear in his left, bugged-out eye.

"Why does the aroma of bodily waste fill the once-clear air?!" asked Rolf as he covered his nose.

"Eww!" said Brooke before she covered her nose "I smell it, too!"

"Oh my freakin' God!" said Nate as he held his nose "What the hell is that?!"

"Sorry, guys!" Jonny said as he smiled nervously

Everybody suddenly went bug-eyed before…

"AWWWAAAAAAAAAGGGGH!" yelled the boys as they got up and walked to the back

"EEEEEEEWWWWWWWW!" said the girls as they got up and walked to the back

"The movie was scarier than I thought!" Jonny said as he stood up and faced his friends "And stop callin' me a pussy, Plank!"

Rolf opened the theater's door and walked out with the others right behind him. Kevin and Ed were respectively carrying the lamps while Cody carried the projector in a duffel bag. As they walked down the hallway…

"Your cousin can make one helluva movie, Eddy!" said Cody

"I know!" said Eddy "I spent a spring break with him while he was doin' his first commercial! After he showed me the ropes, I made up my mind for a career!"

The screen shifted to inside of the kitchen before the kids walked through the doors.

"I thought you wanted to be a Martial Artist teacher or something!" said Nate

"Why? Just cuz I'm a master now?" Eddy asked as he smiled "I don't fight unless provoked, man!"

"Hallo?" Rolf said as he pulled on the doorknob

Rolf tugged continuously on the doorknob, but the door wouldn't budge!

"Problem with the door, Rolfie?" asked Kevin as he sneered

"Cursed wooden portal!" yelled the bug-eyed Rolf as he banged on the door "Prepare to endure a merciless beating by Rolf's bovine head-butt!"

"Outta the way, drama queen!" Eddy said before he kicked the door down

The moment the kids walked out of the door, they each developed bug-eyes when they saw that…their vehicles have been stolen!

"Um, where are our rides?" Holly asked angrily

"Stolen, clearly!" said Jonny

"Ooh, someone's gonna get their neck snapped for this!" Kevin angrily said as he put the lamp down and cracked his knuckles

"Who could and would steal from us like this?" asked Nazz

"Maybe somebody from inside the house saw us and stole 'em as a warning!" Ed said as he pointed his finger up in deduction

"No way! This place has been empty for over a decade!" said Cody

"Hey, guys!" yelled Brooke, who was on her knee looking at the door "Check out what Nate found!"

The other teens walked towards the kneeling Nate, who pointed to something black and sticky that was covering a part of the door. He got a little on his finger and rubbed it together with his thumb.

"It's…tar!" said Nate "And it wasn't there when we first got here!"

"And it wasn't there when I first got here, either!" said Eddy

"Then that means… someone else is in the house like Ed said!" deduced Nazz

"And whoever they are, they knew we were here and deliberately sealed the door shut!" said Cody

"Wait a minute!" said Holly "Stolen rides and a sealed door? It's almost as if that certain someone-"

"Didn't want us to leave!" finished Eddy as the screen zoomed in on him for dramatic effect

Jonny gulped and held Plank tightly.

"What do we do now guys?" asked Ed

"I think we should call the police!" suggested Holly

"That's against the storyline! Forget it!" said Kevin "We're goin' back in there so we can find that thieving bastard and kick his ass before we make 'im give us back our bikes! All right, here's what we're gonna do!"

"Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!" interrupted Brooke "Who made you Acting Captain?!"

"I did!" said Kevin cynically "Cuz I'm the only experienced leader here!"

"Being Vice Coach doesn't make you qualified for leading an investigation!" said Brooke

"That ain't what I was gonna say!" said Kevin "Ed, Eddy, Jonny, and Nazz can tell you straight up, that before most of you moved here, I led an assault against aliens that were invadin' Rolf's house!"

"Aliens? Hallo?" the confused Rolf said

"Which Nazz told us weren't real!" Holly said "And that they were his family!"

"You told 'em?!" Kevin asked Nazz

"Yeah! Right after I untied her and got her outta that ugly dress!" said Holly as Brooke smiled.

"I dunno why you're smiling!" Kevin said "You've got no background in the leadership field!"

"Excuse me?! I think you need to have a serious memory refreshment!" said Brooke "Two weeks away from graduating from 9th grade, when the Kankers set our chemistry classroom on fire, who was it that led us outta there alive when our teacher was unconscious?"

"All that proves is that you have the skills to save lives!" said Kevin "You don't have the skills needed to lead a scout n' assault mission! Bein' a leader is about havin' the right skills for a certain situation!"

"Why can't you just admit that I, a girl, am better qualified for giving orders?!" asked Brooke

"I wouldn't take orders from you if I worked at a freakin' fast-food restaurant!" said Kevin

Kevin and Brooke then started to argue at once. Everyone else stepped back.

"There hasn't been this much friction between those two since they broke up!" said Holly

"Kevin cared more about his motorcycle?" asked Nate

"How'd ya know?" asked Holly

"Same thing Nazz told me when we were going out!" said Nate "Makes me wonder how this guy got laid."

Kevin and Brooke continued to argue until the fed-up Eddy intervened.

"SHUT UP!!!" Eddy yelled before Kevin and Brooke did so "That's enough! Neither of you deserve to be in charge!"

"I deserve it more than him!" shrieked Brooke

"I deserve it way more than her!" said Kevin

"GUYS!" yelled Eddy "Bein' a leader ain't somethin' you deserve! It's somethin' that you earn! "

Kevin and Brooke angrily glared at each other.

"Now, you guys got the leadership concepts in all!" started Eddy "Brooke, you're right! Experience is important!" Kevin's jaw dropped cartoon-style while Brooke smiled before Eddy continued, "But Kevin is also right about having the right skills for bein' in charge of the situation." Brooke's jaw dropped and Kevin smiled before Eddy was about to finish "But you also need to have control over your emotions! Which, based on what we just saw, NEITHER OF YOU HAVE!!"

Kevin and Brooke looked at each other in shame before they looked back at Eddy.

"What skills do you have pertaining to this situation?" Brooke asked Eddy

"Yeah, bro?" added Kevin as he picked up the lamp "Speakin' like that is sayin' somethin' about yourself! Spill!"

Everyone's attention shifted to Eddy.

"Durin' the 3 years I spent in Martial Arts training, I picked up more than just tips on how ta kick ass!" started Eddy "My instincts and deduction skills became sharper than they ever were! I know what my enemy is gonna do or plan to do just by thinkin' about the shit that just happened here! You guys on the other hand, don't have that experience!"

Cody and the others all looked at each other and nodded for an unknown purpose.

"Kevin, Brooke." Cody said, "I know this probably isn't what you wanna hear, but if we ever needed someone to guide us through a situation like this…it's pretty obvious who it should be!"

"Yeah. You're right!" Brooke said with a smile

Kevin and Brooke walked over to Cody and the others before they all looked at Eddy.

"All right, bro. We're listening." Kevin said with a smile "What's yer plan?"

"Tomorrow, I want everybody at the junkyard by noon for a meeting!" Eddy said in a calm, but demanding tone "Even the guys that aren't here! So, spread the word! Now, let's go home!"

"Right!" the other kids said in unison

The kids walked out of the backyard and through the front lawn. The moment they were all off-screen, the screen zoomed in on a dirty window on the third floor. Unbeknownst to the kids, the bald silhouetted figure was watching them the whole time. The screen slowly shifted to the front door of Ed's house, where Edd and Sarah were seen making out until Ed showed up.

"Get a room!" Ed said with a smile before Edd and Sarah stopped and looked at him

"Oh, hello Ed!" greeted Edd "Did you enjoy tonight's Friday night movie?"

"Yeah!" said Ed before he frowned "But I think we picked the wrong place!"

"Why? What's wrong?" asked Sarah

"Let's go inside!" said Ed

The screen cut to the inside of Ed's kitchen, which hasn't changed at all. Ed was sitting across from Edd and Sarah at the family table, as he explained everything that happened twelve minutes ago. Edd and Sarah looked at Ed with shocked facial expressions.

"You're serious?" asked Sarah

"Dead." Answered Ed "Eddy wants us all at the junkyard by noon tomorrow to discuss it some more! Call Jimmy and tell him!"

"All right." Agreed Sarah

"How appalling!" said Edd "To think that we lived in a peaceful society throughout our childhood! Ed, you tell Eddy that we shall be at the junkyard tomorrow at the precise time he has instructed!"

"Will do!" said Ed

"Okay, sweetie!" Edd said as he stood up "I must return home before my parents do!"

"Late night bowling?" asked Sarah

"Indeed!" said Edd before he bent over and gave Sarah a parting kiss

"Have a restful evening!" Edd said before he left the kitchen

The moment Edd walked out the front door and closed it behind him, the screen slowly shifted to the night sky before it transitioned into the daytime sky of the next day. The screen slowly shifted to the junkyard, which was where everybody (including Jimmy) was. Edd and Sarah sat on the roof of a purple sedan, Ed, Nate, Cody, and Kevin were in a silver car with it's roof retracted, Nazz, Holly, and Brooke were on the hood of a black Ferrari, Rolf, Jimmy, and Jonny sat in the back of a red pickup truck, and Eddy stood on top of the retro van (that debuted in "Dawn of the Eds") that was in front of them.

"Why didn't you just call the police?" asked Jimmy

"That's what I said!" said Holly

"Common sense will tell you that whoever's in that house would anticipate that and make us look like fools!" said Cody

"He's right!" said Kevin "If we want our rides back and that bastard caught, we gotta do it ourselves!"

"Besides," said Nate "we have no idea how long that person has been in that freakin' house! For all we know, they could've been drivin' around the neighborhood for who knows how long! And I bet that there is at least one time where they drove by us and saw us either chillin' or goin' into our houses!"

"All they did was steal your bikes!" said Jimmy

"Then tried trappin' us by puttin' tar on the door!" said Jonny

"It was probably a prank!" said Jimmy

"Just listen, Jimmy!" yelled Sarah

"And who do you know is jackass enough ta steal our bikes and trap us in a house that just so happens to be a far enough away from the cul-de-sac so that no one could hear us?!" asked Eddy

Jimmy got quiet. He had no idea that the other kids had vast knowledge about Cooke house.

"It should be pretty obvious what whoever is in that house plans to do if he sees trespassers other than himself!" said Eddy "Gettin' rid of our rides? Tryin' ta keep us from leavin'? And ultimately bein' inside a house that's also soundproof? For cryin' out loud, people… there's a killer in that house!"

The other kids got bug-eyed before they gasped and began to sweat in fear!

"And we need to do all that we can to put 'em in their place!" said Eddy

""Ta hell with that" is right, Plank!" said the bug-eyed Jonny "Ain't no ride worth gettin' killed over!"

"Rolf could always purchase another unicycle!" said Rolf

"It's not about our rides anymore, guys!" said Nazz as she hopped off the hood "We've got a murderer near our homes!"

"That's why, right now, we need to take a vote!" yelled Brooke "All opposed to catching the Peach Creek killer, raise your hand!"

Brooke, Jonny, and Rolf were the only kids who raised their hands.

"All with me?" Eddy said

Everyone with the exception of Rolf, Brooke, and Jonny raised their hands. Which caused Brooke to shake her head from left to right in frustration.

"All right. There are three things we need for this operation." said Eddy "One: Contact and visual equipment. Two: transportation. And three: weapons."

"D and I have just the thing for the first two!" said Cody

The screen shifted to the inside of Edd's garage, where everyone was seen gathering around the tank-like vehicle. Cody had a black remote control-like device (with 1 red and 1 blue button on it) in his hand. He pressed the blue button before the roof retracted like a sunroof. Inside, the driver's seat and the shotgun seat were combined and looked like a comfortable, black sofa. There were four individual, sofa-like backseats that were equally comfortable. On the black dashboard, there were three unlabeled buttons (one green, one blue, one red) and a lever that was right next to the steering wheel. Cody pressed the red button (on the remote) before the dashboard turned into a table with a black, high-tech Flatscreen computer on it!

"Badass ride!" said Kevin

"With this computer, D and I will be able to monitor you guys while you're in the house as long as each floor as one of these." said Cody

Edd held up a small Ziplock bag that had silver chips the size of dimes inside.

"What are those?" asked Nazz

"Miniaturized cameras." answered Edd "They automatically activate when you put them on a wall. But only one per room is required."

"Now, in terms of communication, we got these!" Cody said

Edd held up a Ziplock bag in his other arm. Inside this one was small black chips with a red button on them.

"Earhole communicators!" said Cody "Pretty self-explanatory!"

"Sweet!" Eddy said "All right! The rest of you start findin' some weapons! Don't wanna run into anything we ain't prepared for! And once you get your weapon, come back here!"

"You heard him, folks!" said Kevin "Let's move!"

The kids ran out of the garage and headed for their respective homes before the screen faded to black. The screen reopened on the inside of Eddy's room. Eddy himself was sitting on his white fur chair and was sharpening one blade with the other. On the wall in front of him, there was a dartboard. On his bed was one more blade and two small black knife holders. Right when Eddy stood up, three knocks came at his back door.

"It's open!" Eddy said

Nazz and Nate walked into the room before they closed the door behind them.

"Shouldn't you guys be at Double D's garage?" asked Eddy

"We came to get you!" said Nate "Everyone else is there! Is this what you have been doing the whole time?"

"Yeah!" said Eddy "Gotta keep my skills in check! Master or not!"

"You plan on killing this guy, dude?" asked Nazz

"What I can't have a set of blades without someone thinkin' that I gotta cut throats?" joked Eddy

"Wouldn't you want to if you were up against a pothead?" asked Nate

"Like my brother?" asked Eddy

"Nah, your brother's a crackhead!" said Nate

Eddy and Nazz laughed heartily.

"All right! Enough clownin' around!" said Eddy as he smiled "We got a job ta do!"

As Nate and Nazz made their way towards the door, Eddy put his blade holders on two of his jeans' belt loops before he put one blade in each. He picked up his last blade and got a bulls-eye when he threw it at his dartboard. The screen slowly zoomed in on the blade before it faded to black.

Tribute: "Russell Park" was named after and based on Scottish actor/martial artist "Ray Park": the man who played "Toad" in the first X-men movie and "Snake-Eyes" in "G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra". Eddy's aforementioned cousin "Michael Gates" is named after and based on my all-time favorite movie director, "Michael Bay": the man who is responsible for creating the "Transformers" film franchise! Also, "Fitzgerald's secret" is named after "Erin Fitzgerald", the voice actress for Nazz and May, and "Victoria's Secret", the hot lingerie production company!

And I know Eddy's mom was big and beefy as seen in "Smile for the Ed" but since this series takes place 3 years after, it is quite possible that she lost that.