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This is the sequel to 'Let it Be' and 'Fearless'. Please read those first.

Prologue NPOV

January 2034

My name is Nessie Black, I am 28 years old.

Although I still look twenty: my vampire genes are retaining my youth.

My life at this point is as ordinary and humanly as possible, being a half-breed with a vampire family and a werewolf husband, and I am as happy as humanly possible. My life has changed a lot, since we got together, me and Jake. My feelings however, never changed a bit. I am still absolutely crazy about him. Totally madly in love.

We got married two years ago. We didn't make a big deal of it, we drove to Vegas, just the two of us. Expecting no one to be there, as it had been a rush decision. The wedding Alice wanted to plan for me freaked me out big time, but I longed to be Mrs. Black badly, so once we had decided, we had to take off right away. When we entered the chapel, they were all there nonetheless. Alice had made me a dress, months in advance, telling me that the moment I started longing for it was as good as a decision, since Jake can't deny me anything. She let us have the small wedding, and in the end I was glad they were all there.

The biggest change was moving back to Forks. The Cullens moved back into their former house, the house where I grew up in. I quit my job in Seattle and me and Jake built a house in the middle of nowhere. Right in between Forks and LaPush. Both our families live at five minutes from our place, and our house and garden are big enough to contain them all. Since we can't have kids, we invite people over all the time. I still can't be alone.

Being a Cullen, I don't have to work for money, but we wanted to. It's a part of the human life we chose. I am now a teacher in Forks High, English of course. Despite my natural reservation with people I don't know, I can get entirely caught up in my subject and I come across as a passionate and enthusiastic teacher. The other teachers, most of which remembered me as a student, have welcomed me warmly. The students treat me fair as well, especially the boys appreciate my youthful look. I get teased a lot by my family for that, but I'll get back at them someday, when I get to be their teacher. We'll see who's laughing then.

Now I grew boring and lost my wild teenager behavior, I get along even better with most of them. Jasper helps me preparing my lessons, being a teacher is like a lifelong dream of his. He is a born mentor and has taught me all I know about literature and poetry, but since he has to skip every sunny day, he can never pursue that dream. So I let him help me, and let him read and review the student's assignments. Things between me and him have never been heated up again, thank god. Since me and Jake got together, I no longer carry interest in sexy males, my wolf keeps me satisfied just fine.

My relations with other vampires have improved as well. Especially Carlisle. I no longer see him as my grandfather, technically he is five years younger than I am, how crazy is that? But I still see him as our leader, just like the rest of us. We trust on his choices and his opinion, and I look up to him more and more.

As boring as my life has gotten, as exciting Tina's is. She teases me as well, how I have become a missy house wife, cuddling in the couch in front of the TV, ironing my husbands shirts and preparing his favorite food whenever he had a rough day. She is right of course, this is not the plan we had made during college. But the thing is, I absolutely love it. Even the ironing.

Tina on the other hand… well, she's never been dull, but these last five years have been a giant rollercoaster for her. She's had this on and off relationship with Emmett and Rose, driving them completely crazy, in a good and a bad way. In the beginning, she couldn't get enough of them, and they couldn't get enough of her. But then they came too close. They wanted to go live somewhere, just the three of them. Like a family. Tina got cold feet. No pun intended.

So she hurt them. She slept with human boys and girls. Not because they were any good, what human can compete with a vampire or two, she says. But because she wanted to prove a point. She was nobody's property.

She didn't mean to hurt them, she loved them more than she ever loved anybody, including me, but she always did.

She had warned them though, that she's not the settling kind of girl. They broke up with storm and lightning, only to be miserable for weeks without each other. And then they got together again. With storm and lightning as well. And after that the whole thing started over. Crazy in love stage. Cold feet stage. Broken heart stage. And make up again.

Carlisle refused to change her, as long as she can't make up her mind, for real. I knew her mind had never changed about the vampire thing. It hadn't changed about Emmett and Rose either, she always kept loving them, they just couldn't find some compromise in their way of living. She needed more freedom, they needed more security.

Some of the vampires think she will drive them too far, until some day they will have had enough. Edward believes this for instance. He hears some disturbing thoughts sometimes, coming from all three of them. Jasper however thinks otherwise. He feels the same amount of love, in threefold, no matter which stage of the rollercoaster they are in, and no matter how much other feelings are present. He believed, and so did Emmett and Rose, that Tina would be more certain and reliable as a vampire. Less impulsive. Vampires mate for life, and their feelings hardly ever change.

That is why, about one year ago, the three of them moved to the Denali coven in Alaska, where Carlisle finally changed her.

I haven't seen her since. I'm not allowed to. Not yet anyway.

She is one blood thirsty vampire. I never expected her to be otherwise. They had a hard time taming her newfound spirit. Sexually as well.

We talk almost every day, either over the phone or through email. Her bloodlust is subsiding and she is becoming quite the animal hunter, Emmett had told me proudly. Her massive sex drive is subsiding a little as well, leaving a little room for thoughts again. For cold feet as well I am afraid.

I hope she gets back by the time the bomb explodes, because when it does, she will need me.

And I hope to finally be able to see her, when she moves back. I miss her like crazy. She's the life of the party sometimes.

And of course I miss Rose and Emmett as well, although they visit Forks sometimes, to rest I suspect.

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