The Fairy

She was wearing a tunic of flowing silk entwined with rose petals and tulips. Her golden hair twisted softly in curls around her face. Her eyes were sliver; like dew drops in the spring. She walked barefoot like an angel. Her wings spread in silvery perfection. She continued to wander among the trees her delicate hands tracing every tree's mark and blemish solemnly like she remembered what had caused them. She seemed to do this for hours. I watched in awe as she flitted a few feet off the ground, her laughter spreading through the wood like tinkling silver bells. She smiled as a bluebird perched on her outstretched arm. He puffed out his feathers in delight as though he knew who was before him. She laughed again, her silvery eyes twinkling as she stroked his head with a slender finger. I stumbled from behind my tree; I felt a twig snap underneath my clumsy feet. She turned around her silvery eyes dark black. I had left my elbow in clear view. She hissed placing the bird on a branch and soaring towards my hiding placeā€¦

I woke up in the clouds.

We were flying. Her fingers grasping my collar suspending me above the earth like a kite. She swooped down her body in a perfect line towards the earth like a missile. I screamed as she closed her wings and we began to free fall. She ignored me her head continuing to direct us towards the hard earth. She opened her wings seconds before we hit the earth; all I saw was a flash of silver and I was standing. My arms held behind my back by a small but strong hand.