Tying up loose ends


Vimes and Carrot were proceeding towards Sator square. Carrot was talking about the University. "The Tower of Art has been here since the first settlements on the Ankh, sir." As they walked around the corner, Vimes mused that Carrot would have made a very good tour guide. However what he saw next a) made him eat his cigar, which produced the comic effect of smoke appearing out of his ears and nose and b) cut off all thought except '!!!!!!!!!!!!!'. Carrot looked away from the Tower of Art and looked surprised. "Why, there has to be at least a thousand elephants down there! They could be a problem."

Vimes regained conscious thought. "That Captain was the understatement of the century."

Treasure hunting part 1

Texas smith got out his whip and looked speculatively up at the hook which was stuck into the ceiling above a big pit of spikes. He cracked the whip, caught the hook and swung- and fell. The spirit of the late Texas smith stood up. "Well that one went balls up." He said staring at his impaled mortal remains.

YES. IT DID. IT IS TIME TO COME WITH ME MR SMITH. Death swung his scythe and sighed, insofar as that was possible for him. He wished these adventurers would stop having near death experiences, as it was buggering up his schedule.

Treasure hunting part 2

James Haggard was walking along sweetheart lane with an attitude of extreme concentration on his face. That Dibbler man had said that he would have found the horde when the stick he was holding had burnt up. He suddenly noticed he was standing in a large shadow and gazed upwards. The sight of a vaguely horse like face that was 3 feet long stayed with him until the end of his life, about 5 seconds later. His last thought was 'At least the stick burnt in the end.'