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I Will Never Forget You

To love again.

It was a preposterous prospect considering warriors were heartless.

I stand corrected. You corrected me.


I never have a reason to say your name, a purpose.

But why would I need a purpose? You deserve the acknowledgement.

My life focused solely on purpose, because it gave my life meaning.

It was the reason behind my loyalty to Deep Blue...

... my purpose was serving him.

And I obided by it until I could not excuse myself anymore.

I could not excuse myself for killing us both.

The wall of light which was approaching... it was destined to destroy whatever blocked its path.

You could have tried to escape, but you stood by your friends. You were loyal to them.

And you decided to look at me before you accepted your fate. You wanted me to be the last person you saw.


I was the enemy, but not your enemy.

Your eyes did not show an emotion different from confrontations before. They always contained a somewhat sad innocence.

But the circumstances were different. Your eyes flickered. They reflected fear.

And it persuaded me to save you.

I embraced your fate instead. You were the last person I decided to see.


You never were my enemy.

It was not the reason for sacrificing myself though.

Your world needs Midorikawa Retasu.

And I needed you to stay alive.

Restoring nature to my planet became a purpose as well.

It happened, eventually.

However, once the duty was fulfilled I lacked a purpose in life. I was nonexistent.

But it gave me an extraordinary gift.

Freedom. Without any purpose I was free.

The only boundary stands between our planets now.

But in time our species will evolve, evolve to love your customs like I have.

You taught me to love again, Retasu.

I taught myself to love you.

It is likely that I will never forget you.

How could I think of trying?

To love again.

Thank you.