Dark Chocolate

Post Valentine's Day fiction! Oh, no! It appears poor Danny is going to have to spend Valentine's Day alone.....that is, until, our favorite, crazed up fruitloop shows up with a certain craving for....something sweet. ^^


Hi, everyone! I've never written a real yaoi before. I certainly hope it turns out alright.

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"Love should be gradually discovered,
and just as gradually revealed and kept, --
Not at all in the ways of
Romeo and Juliet."


He vaguely wondered whether or not he had any more painkillers left in his pocket.

After a quick rummage through his small, black jacket, he groaned in dismay, only to find empty space inbetween his desperately groping fingers.

That was right.....he had already used his last token of relief an hour or so ago. Splendid. Simply splendid. Resisting the urge to whimper, the teenager withdrew his hand, only to move it to his aching temple.

That noise.....!


He should have guessed that even a supposedly "Safe public haven" such as a library would be tainted in the horror of the season. Oh, joy.

Danny bit his lip, and closed his eyes, ripping his eyes from the sheer vileness of the sickeningly sweet cherubs and cupids soppily staring back at him.

The walls covered in red hearts had been repulsive enough as they were. Irritating as the young hybrid found the Yuletide season, he certainly found another, particular-and, if possible, even more extravagantly irritating to the human eye.

It was enough to make him feel more then slightly nauseated.

The cupids smiling around corners had been loathsome.

But now, it had just gone too far.

As the vile, sickly sweet music began to drift in from the right, Danny started abruptly, then groaned in abrupt agitation.


Just freaking, freaking great. As if he needed another reason to make himself feel miserable. Even the library was out to make the violently overworked halfa feel even more rotten then his aching body did so as of late. Stupid love songs spouting from every corner.

It was bad enough, normally. Didn't people have better things to do then write about love songs? Talk about romantic tunes-write lovey-dovey mush-spread it all over in his face?

The boy felt like burying his face in his hands as he glared at the mounting piles of work still at his fingertips.

Inbetween ghost hunting, exams, piles of homework with due dates closing in apprehensively, and the fact that he was going to spend this Valentine's Day without-



Danny froze, and, after a second or two of recalling the selfsame visage he did his very best to deter thinking about, violently shook the unfinished sentence off.

The boy sadly glanced at his tauntingly empty work resting upon his desk, and resisted the tantalizing urge to bang himself over the head repeatably with it-if only to drown out the stupid noise.

Weren't libraries meant to be quiet? Silent? As in, no loud talking, thoughtful and pensive walking between the shelves, a flew clicks from nearby computers as people bent over the keyboards, librarians 'shushing' you every five seconds?

But noooooo, they had to start playing some random, sappy song, out of the blue. When all he had been trying to do was to get some peace and quiet in the rare moments he could have a ghost-free study period......

He sighed wearily, a slightly wistful expression beginning to transfix his features.

But, in a minute, it was gone, and a slight frown began to mold itself over the young teen's visage as he bent over his work again, managing a slight scowl as he did so.

Well...perhaps 'managing' was not really the correct word of choice. Truthfully, Danny thought the only thing he was "managing" to do at this point (Which certainly wasn't getting this bushel of work actually completed) was suppressing a scream.

And boy, that type of self control didn't come too easily, anymore. Shooting a hateful glare at the nearby radio, and resisting the urge to send the hateful little device spewing yet ANOTHER love song to tantalize the exhausted, trembling frame of the overworked astronomer-in-training, nineteen year old Daniel Fenton.

The boy was currently studying for an exam coming up sometime in late April-and, seeing as it was ultimately his final in this godforsaken course he so normally would have loved-he was anxious to pass. NASA never took just anyone, and Danny was hoping his application scores would at least give him a fair shot at accomplishing his dream.

His pencil paused upon his paper, just as he had been readying himself to complete a

.......or, well, a good part of his dream. A slight, rosen blush came to the boy's pale cream skin, and a slight spark finally enveloped in weary, sappharine eyes.

But, in a heartbeat, it had diminished, and Danny, upon glancing at the ominous, unfinished calculations waiting neatly at his fingertips-taunting him with the harsh reality that he had only managed to complete two or three of the fifty seven thus far, felt his spirits sank as he once again bent over his work, his thin fingers slowly beginning to rub at his now aching temples as he did so.

A moment later, as the music slowly faded away, Danny managed a slight exhale of relief in the sudden silence.

Maybe he could finally get some work done.

But, just as he had been writing the date on the next page, he ridgened once again.

Now, he really did feel like breaking something.

A new, tremendously irritating song, drifted over the loudspeaker. Danny's nails began to press into his palm as his knuckles began to whiten.

Normally, this wouldn't be so upsetting. An enormous portion of songs today were somehow romantically themed. It was one of the main reasons he had never cared for what had been popular at the moment, and had preferred listening to something that was usually a bit more interesting then some random exploits of a boy and a girl.

It was one of the main reasons he had taken a page out of Vlad's book, and occasionally listened to classic composers like Beethoven or Mozart, who, once you got past the fact that they were seriously old dead dudes who were-

At the thought of the billionaire, Danny froze once again, now, much to his embarrassment, was feeling to be upon the urge of tears.

Last night, he had stayed awake till Four A.M in the morning, continuously battling ghosts who had been wreaking havoc in the small town of Provo. Once Danny had finally stumbled back to his dorm room, more dead then alive to the world, he remembered he still had nine pages to do for that term paper due tomorrow.

He had finished it, alright...but the professor had made him leave once class had started at nine, sternly telling the pale boy that he looked awful. That had been a nice way to start the morning.

So Danny had taken the day off, but, after pursuing about one third the sleep he had been deprived of all of this rotten month of February, waking dreams of yet more uncompleted assignments loomed in his mind.

He'd dragged himself out of bed for that argument.


On top of his newfound exhaustion, and his ever present weariness, he now had to deal with the dull panging in his heart Vlad's absence had left him with ever since he'd left Wisconsin when Winter break had officially ended, once again shouting down the billionaire's insistence that he give up dorm life, and come to live with him.

But the guilty knots in Danny's stomach had once again forced him to decline. He felt rather like that girl in that gothic love series Sam had forced him to read, much to his embarrassment.

His boyfriend was one of the wealthiest, sexiest, and overall, most appealing men to walk upon the face of the Earth. Much as Danny missed Vlad's purr or the light feel of the billionaire's fingertips ghosting over his flesh, making him shiver (he was already trembling at the memory) as Vlad pulled him onto his lap, and caressingly moved his lips on his neck as Danny had groaned his name, and Vlad's hands trailed underneath the thin material of his shirt to eagerly find the wanton flesh there, and-!


He swallowed, the ripe blush becoming more effulgent as he did so.

Gods, he had missed the older hybrid's gentle ministrations. At the end of a particularly difficult day-whether it be from hunting ghosts or exams, it had been a sheer, rare pleasure for the man to be able to throw away his mounting pile of work, and pull the boy into his lap, arms strewn around his young lover as he absentmindedly stroked the raven spikes before lowering his lips to Danny's own, another hand tracing itself languidly upon the blushing youth's hips.


He managed a small blush at the memory-and a small smile, before it rapidly dissipated.

Gods, he missed the man.

And gods, had he missed his touch.

He flushed, if possible, an even rosier shade of pink.

Vlad claimed that Danny's skin was milky, star-kissed silk, smooth and satisfying to touch. Personally, it was just skin to Danny-and nothing unique or pristine, at that.

But when Danny had tried to point that out to the exasperated billionaire, he had simply interrupted the boy's objections by simply bringing him into a passionate kiss.

But there could be none of that, now. And even if there was the smallest fraction of the possibility, it certainly would not start today. Not now.

Giving an angry glare to his unfinished coursework, hearing yet another song that would surely reverberate in his ears later that night-regardless of how he would throw his pillow over his head to drown the absurd tune out.

He'd had enough. Regardless of what he had left to do, he'd had enough.

Wearily, Danny seized his nearby backpack awaiting expectantly by his nearby chair, halfheartedly tugged his books from the desktop into his red rucksack, and, after one last, brief inspection of his personal belongings, made his way to the nearby doors with a slight sigh and roll of his eyes.

He really needed to get back home.


His breath puffed ever so slightly in the ripe chill of the brisk winter air. Geez, it was cold.

As Danny made his way down the town streets, wincing as he passed a florist's shop's window lurid displays of sweetheart bouquets, and-even worse-a nearby card shop's decor elaborated in extravagant pink hearts, and teddy bears, he stared soberly at his own feet for a moment or so before coming to the nearby crosswalk.

The village was a small one-and, to the extreme, Valentine's Day was not only a duly noted holiday, but now, baskets of flowers hung from the nearby, snowcapped, frosty lampposts...

Danny quickly glanced about his shoulder.

No one was around. No one but silly couples and people busily texting their loved ones with silly messages or pictures.

Forehead creasing, the young boy made a desperate dash for a nearby alley.

And, in an illuminious glow of light, allowed the translucent rings to pass from his now midnight black attire. Emerald orbs rapidly melted over sappharine eyes.

Without another word, the despondent hybrid picked up his discarded backpack, and, thus doing so, allowed his body to phase into intangability before taking to the air.


As midnight blue began to take the last, dying rays of the late winter afternoon, stars beginning to speckle the late evening skyline, Danny checked his watch hopefully, before groaning in sheer exasperation.

It was getting late. Undoubtedly, seeing as the boy would have to pull yet another all-nighter to complete his homework, he would be seeing a great deal of it, too, till the darkest hour swept in once again, and he'd fall asleep at his desk. Again.

Danny's eyes flickered softly as he continued to ascend, taking in the sights of the little town his college took precedence in.

The lamps were being lit from below. Hopefully, once the godawful holiday had made its sweet exit once again-the flowers would be removed, and he could again enjoy watching the villagers lit the small, ebony lamps from the snowy background, sending twinkling candlelight scattering across glittering acres of snow.

His heart sank.

......if he ever finished his stupid work, that was. Before making the crossturn to head back for the dorms, Danny started slightly as an arctic breeze began to ripple the area, accompanied by....

He held out a palm, readily transfixing it to tangibility once more, watching the microscopically structured, crystalled dome sink into a gloved hand.


He glanced up, expression becoming wistful once more at the twilit orbs.

Snow-alabaster, pristine, orbs of frost- was softly making its descension towards the Earth once again. Was it snowing this much in Wisconsin?

Pausing, and shaking his head ever so slightly at the thought, Danny shot off into the distance once again, unaware of the red eyes boring holes into his back, transfixed from a nearby lamppost.

With a slight smirk, the figure twisted one hundred and eighty degrees before disappearing in a shower of sparks.

In a minature explosion of light, the man arrived to his destination with a slight, crooked smile as he looked around.

Daniel was not yet…home. If one could call this hovel home.

He sighed slightly at the thought, before a smirk began to reemblish his visage once more.

At this point, Daniel was flying back from the library.

Excellent. Most excellent.

As a pair of ebony boots slowly disembarked upon Daniel's small mattress, springs groaning ever so slightly as it began to sag underneath his weight, the man's face crinkled into distaste as he

took in the humble features of the little room.

He'd had enough.

He'd had enough of having enough, for dire hope of rewording. Daniel's unelaborated sense of speech was going to ultimately affect his own, one of these days….

Shaking his head slightly, the man settled upon the bed, admiring at the handiwork he had managed to accomplish around the room just hours ago.

It was safe to say the room was…anything what it had been prior to Daniel's weary stumbling from the room as he made his way to the library. Unbeknownst to the boy, an intangible Vlad had

watched him, feeling sympathy bubbling into a ripe boil in his heart.

How he had longed to take Danny into his arms, kiss him senseless, and spirit him away for a weekend at his castle then and there?

It had been….immensely appealing to the man, as he'd watched the dear boy dazedly attempt to resume his business under a fresh veil of exhaustion.

Kidnapping Danny had been becoming impressively more difficult for the man to resist. The young hybrid needed a break, here and now-were the man unable to wait too much longer to take the

boy he had so sorely missed.

It had been….difficult, these past few weeks. Immensely so. Daniel's absence was a palpable notion, as it was potently…empty.

He missed him. He throbbed for his company-and his body ached to be united with Daniel's once again, linked by flesh and soul.

He wanted to reexamine the body he loved so well and knew by memory, the sensation of his tongue, the honey-softness of the boy's lips against his. He needed to know Danny's every reaction,

every quirk, every flaw. He was craving to discover how much his young lover would squirm if Vlad squeezed his arousal with a tight grasp; how much he would moan if the billionaire licked

tantalizing patterns across his chest cavity.

How much he would writhe when he felt Vladimir's passion in his body.

But to properly complete his…'valentine', as it were, to the boy he loved-he would enjoy a bit of foreplay or so when Daniel actually arrived. He could hardly wait.

And, licking at the chocolate that still coated his fingers from the first part of his….gift to the boy, Vlad smirked.

Most likely, he would enjoy every second of it.


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