Danny let out a startled cry as the intruder loomed over his body, a self satisfying smirk upon his visage as gloved hands seized the startled boy's shoulders, preventing him from falling onto the heap of chocolates still carpeting one side of the bed.


He had little but a fraction of a second to attempt to speak; but he got no further. Plasmius' lips were upon his, and molding his possessively as he invaded the boy's mouth, flicking slightly in the warm, wet caverns. A ready blush rose to Danny's face, and, as his trembling fingertips reached the man's silver strands, inadvertently tugging it free from his usual ponytail, his eyes widened, and a slight mew escaped him as the hand currently not pressing the astonished boy to him fondled the front of his pants.

Breathing becoming ragged and disjointed, the boy's fingers slipped to the man's face, whimpering slightly as the man continued to fondle him, speed and tempo only moving more rapidly.

Finally, as Vlad pulled away to breathe, Danny incredulously rubbed at his eyes, faintly wondering whether or not he was dreaming as he took in the smirking half ghost sitting on the non-chocolate side of the bed.

Breathless, he shook his head slightly, a bewildered grin making its way to his features as he confirmed that his boyfriend was smiling at him expectantly from the other side of the bed-like a cat that's finally eaten the canary.

"V-Vlad....? W-What....."

He shook his head again, apphrension slowly fading off of his features as sheer delight overtook them, and, with a euphoric laugh, readily thrust himself in the chuckling man's arms as he continued to giggle.


A fingertip found Danny's lips, and the boy looked up in surprise, still grinning.

The billionaire did likewise, though his smile was still that of a smirk in nature. But the loving sparkle was still plastered in cobalt blue eyes as his face lowered to Danny's once again, lips tracing fondly over the boy's silken forehead.

".....though it's lovely to hear your beautiful voice again, little badger, did I, or did I not tell you that there are plenty of other uses you could put your voice to?"

The boy blushed a rosier shade-but he rolled his eyes, still snickering.

"Vlad....you....didn't tell me you were coming," he gasped, moaning slightly as the man sank him into another passionate kiss, arms twindling the boy safely into a cradle.....

But still, even with his mouth currently occupied, Danny managed to speak.

"....how'd.....how'd you m-manage to take time off from work?"

At this, Vlad frowned slightly. How most unromantic. Here, he had ready to sweep his Cinderella (Seeing as he rather thought the boy would rather make a fitting princess, were he not already, perfectly, and immaculately gorgeous) off and away from this hovel to the castle stones, and the boy was now asking him about something so trivial as a day or two off?

At the thought, Vlad simply continued to press into the boy, hissing as Daniel moaned in response and inadvertently brought two of their body parts to rub together.

"....you forget, I'm the owner of these companies, Daniel," he murmured, returning to hungrily devour and orally molest the boy's mouth once again-which, to his delight, Daniel gave him full access.

"I-It won't k-kill me to take perhaps a-a-aaah-" (Here, Vlad felt the silk of Danny's flesh upon his cheek-a feeling he had been deprieved of for an ungodly period of time-!)

He had missed the child so much. Even if the boy were of nineteen years of age-and, by now, a legal adult....well, it seemed perhaps a little too habitual to acknowledge Daniel as the younger lover, which he simply was.

Back when he had first began to notice feelings for the boy-back when he'd been alarmed and disgusted by the overwhelming sensations of protection that had dwelt inside the billionaire-

The longing to HOLD the boy-

The longing for things from the boy and...certain things his body desired wholeheartedly to give to the boy......



Danny pulled back from the kiss, face still flushed, eyes sparkling with delight as Vlad fussily tugged the small boy into a wanton embrace, feeling his heart race against the one still singing in his chest, wantonly happy to be reunited with his young boyfriend at last.

As he spooned the boy against his chest, and noticed Danny peering sleepily up at him in a way that man him want to groan-no ONE, particularly a young boy, should be legally permitted to look that adorable-he exhaled slightly, listening to Danny speak once again.

".....I'll keep that in mind, thanks."

His now slightly crass tone awakened a stirring in Vlad's groin, but he was able to momentarily shake it off.

Hence the word, 'momentarily'.

Danny snuggled up to the man, emanating a slight sigh of his own as his eyes flickered shut, now completely entranced in delight wonder.

"....you took....the night off for me?"

Vlad simply felt like snorting.

"It's certainly not a big deal, Daniel. I'm a big boy, now," he teased, moving his lips to suckle on the younger hybrid's neck, feeling goosebumps errupt from his angelic flesh.

"As for you, I'd say-"

At this, Danny managed the slightest start.

"O-Oh. That's right, I do have homework," he remembered, reluctantly pulling himself up, and attempted to wriggle away from the man's embrace.

Butter biscuits. Vlad simply scowled, and lightly tugged the child back to himself, merely tightening his grip when the boy began to struggle.

"I.....meant to say that you are certainly capable of having a night off as well, Daniel," he murmured, taking a nearby Hershey's Kiss, and pressing it softly to the young boy's cheek, watching him manage a slight, shy smile.

"W-Well....I-I dunno...."

Danny squeaked again as Vlad's fingers tenderly continued their ministrations on the boy's growing bulge, arching slightly into the touch as the light flush continued to bloom into his features.

"You were saying?" murmured Vlad, fingers slipping underneath the thin material of Danny's shirts, and readily began to tweak a nipple. The boy shuddered, and then groaned.

"......heh.....I-I....was saying....I...missed you. So much."

Vlad paused for a moment, and then planted a chaste kiss on Danny's cheek, a gentle smile ghosting on his own features.

"So did I, Daniel, I assure you. You are exceedingly difficult to not miss."

Smiling, he gestured at the sea of kisses still lying around the room, smirking in satisfaction as Danny began to suckle at his alabaster skin.

"Did I make that point across?"

At this, Danny just rolled his eyes before withdrawing from the duplicate love mark that looked rather like the few Vlad had already plastered around his neck.

"....um....yeah. I think so. We're going to get sick, trying to eat all of these."

Vlad's eyes glinted.

"Well.....I wouldn't say that...." he murmured, feeling Danny bury his face in his chest, bending over slightly to kiss the crown of his raven head.

"Quite frankly, Daniel, you're sweet enough to put a hummingbird into a diabetic coma."

He thought Daniel might have rolled his eyes again, but he could not be sure.