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"What are you drinking?"

The dark-skinned girl glanced over from her magazine to the boy sitting next to her on the couch, who seemed a little more than displeased. Raising an eyebrow at him with slight annoyance, she pulled out her headphones for a moment to listen. Verting her eyes until she was surveying the beverage he was motioning to, she wondered whether there was any reason to answer him, or not. The cup was filled with some of the sweetest hot chocolate she'd ever tasted, and no doubt the appearance of said drink, or the smell that floated around the room could've given any indication of what it was. But apparently he hadn't taken notice, being that he was too busy being a chatter-box.

"Hot chocolate."

"Is it hot?" He asked, plainly, as if the answer wasn't completely obvious. She turned her head back to look at him like he was crazy, but decided to humor her younger friend with a nod.


"Good." He gave her a nod, back. "Pour it into my eyes. Blind me."

She would've asked, but the Asiatic girl beside him answered for her, with a smack of his arm. "Shh, Wally! This is the best part!"

Looking up at the television screen, the girl of African American descent simply let out a soft chuckle under her breath, and shook her head, just as the other girl began to sing along. "Rainbow Monkeys, Rainbow Monkeys! Oh!-"

"Augh.." The blond groaned, sinking down even lower into the cushion-y seat. "Is it almost over?"

"Mhm." The green sweater'd girl replied, teary eyes still glued to the screen. "And after this, we can watch the sequel...Rainbow Monkeys in Rainbow Monkey Land Two!"

The idea, which obviously excited the girl, did not have quite the same effect on the boy. He only groaned louder, and covered his eyes with his hands. "Next time Numbuh One and Numuh Two go grocery shopping, remind me not to stay behind."

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