Title: Ribbon of Darkness
Chapter 1 - Let The Games Begin

Summary: A serial cop killer is on the loose and has one of New York's finest in his sights.

This is a piece of fan fiction. It is written for pleasure and not for profit. The characters of Bosco, Faith, Davis, Sully, Doc, Kim, Jimmy, Alex, Carlos and Sgt. Christopher are all property of Third Watch and NBC. All other characters are my own.

"Any last words officer?" Breathed the wicked voice into the frightened cop's ear.

"Wh-what the hell do you expect me to say?" Spat the officer who although was badly beaten and in pain still was able to show his arrogant attitude.

"Now now is that any way to talk to the last person you'll ever see alive again!" Shouted the killer as he backhanded his already bruised and bleeding face. He continued to walk around the incapacitated police officer. "I wonder how worried your partner is about you right now?" He taunted. "But you know what I'd pay real money for?" He shouted into the cop's face. The cop didn't answer, just glared back. "Answer me!" He shouted again.

"What would you pay money for?" He asked sarcastically.

"I'd pay to see the look on your partner's face when he finds you dead!" And with those fateful words the killer picked up the buck knife and walked towards the now struggling officer. "No, please don't." Begged the young man.

"Goodnight officer." The killer raised the knife; the cop screamed and darkness fell over New York.

I must get ready for work he sighed as he picked up his janitorial supplies and headed out with a white envelope in his hand.

"Station House 38 this is Officer Matthews what can I do for ya?" Asked the officer into the phone three days later.

"I have your partner. You'll get the details." Said the voice. And before the officer could react the line went dead.

"What the hell?"

"Officer Matthews?" Asked the young mail clerk.

"Yup that's me. What's up?"

"This white envelope was to be delivered to you at exactly 3:06 p.m. So, uh, here it is." Said the mail clerk rather sheepishly.

Officer Matthews of Station 38 prided himself on being a man of great strength and stout of character. However when he opened the white envelope and looked at the contents he ran to the bathroom and brought up his lunch.

"What the hell was that all about?" Asked his captain as he picked up the contents of the envelope. "Oh my god," was all he managed as he stared at the pictures of what used to be Officer Rivers and the instructions on where to find him.

"Did you hear they found Officer Rivers?" Asked Davis walking into the change room later that night.

"Yup, hear he was pretty messed up." Bosco piped up.

"Messed up?" Asked Sully in an angry tone. "What a way to show sympathy. He was murdered Bosco." He half shouted.

"More like butchered." Faith spoke up. "I saw the pictures in the Sargent's office, they made me sick."

"Then don't look." Bosco said sarcastically.

"Yeah great sympathy." Sully sighed walking out of the room to roll-call; Davis followed behind him. "I think it's sick." Davis muttered.

"You're going to be late." Faith said as she also left.

"Add it to the rest." Bosco said as he hurried to get ready. Although he made light of the situation about Officer Rivers inside he was shaken up. As he walked to the roll-call room he thought about what kind of officer Rivers was: headstrong, outspoken, loud, brash, and arrogant. "Gee sounds like me," Bosco muttered to himself. However he wasn't the only one who heard those words, fate heard it also, and fate has a nasty way of making us eat our words.

"Now here is the M.O. of what we are quite certain is now a serial cop killer. After getting station reports from various houses around the city we have learned the following:

He likes to kill young officers

They are usually white, between the ages of 25 and 35

These officers are usually very outspoken and in the spotlight a lot when it comes to their rescues.

"Gee sounds like you Bosco." Sully teased breaking into Sgt. Christopher's speech to the group. Faith however did not laugh at the remark. She was worried about her partner. Bosco had a great way of always rushing in where angels feared to tread. And that she feared would get the better of him one day. Better try to keep a low profile for awhile she thought as she listened to the rest of Sgt. Christopher's detailed description of the killings. Low profile, yeah right, try to explain that to her partner.

"Hey Bos, I think we should do the south side today." Faith offered.

"South side?" Bosco laughed, "nothin' there but a bunch of drunks and ho's. Forget it Faith, we do the north side as usual. What, are you actually scared of this idiot?" Bosco sneered.

"What and your not?" She challenged.

"Hell no. In fact, I dare him to go one on one with me and see if he could last even a second." Bosco laughed as they headed for the squad car. He accidentally bumped into Ed the janitor and kept walking past the older man as if it meant nothing. Ed turned around and was about to say something but decided to let it rest this time.

"Yeah good thing you don't fit the victim profile." Davis laughed as he and Sully walked to their cars.

"Yeah whatever Davis." Bosco called after him.

"I'm serious Bos, this is not a laughing matter. There is a serial killer out there and his targets are cops like you." She argued.

"Like me? Now that's a stretch even for you, and you know it." He said getting into the driver's seat. "You're letting your paranoia get the better of you for no reason. Just let it go." With that he started the engine and took of into New York's north side to start their patrol.

"So did Ty say anything more about the killings?" Kim asked Alex when they were inside the medic wagon and on the way to a call.

"Nope, he just says he's thankful he's not a white boy." Alex half laughed. "I guess on that note I'm thankful also." She sighed running a hand through her blond hair.

"All units, all units, attempted robbery in progress at the corner of 5th and Charles." Came the voice over the police speaker.

"Here we go." Said Faith as she picked up the CB and responded for her and her partner as their shift started into full swing.

"Hey you want a ride home?" Asked Faith as their shift ended at 11:00 p.m.

"No. I don't need a babysitter." He remarked stoutly. "I'll see you tomorrow." He called as he headed for the subway.

"Yeah, sure." She said quietly as she started up her car. She watched her young partner walk to the subway with a look of concern. It would take a lot to convince him that he was in real danger, and she hoped by the time he did realize that, that it wasn't too late.

"He just doesn't get it. I mean he goes around shootin' his mouth off and one of these days will shoot it off to the wrong person." Faith said as she lay in Fred's arms later that night.

"Bosco is a big boy. And if he shoots his mouth off then he'll hafta learn to pay for his actions." Fred simply responded.

"Yeah that's what I'm afraid of." She whispered as he turned off the light and they finally fell asleep.

"So did they say anything more about the killer?" Alex asked later that night as she too lay in her lover's arms.

"Nope. But I bet Faith is crapping bricks every time her and Bosco start their shift." Ty breathed into her ear. "Glad I'm not white." Ty teased.

"Oh really?" Alex shifted herself so that she was once again on top of his strong muscular frame. "You know what I heard about black guys?" She smiled with a wink.

"And what is that?" Ty asked.

"This…" she whispered in his ear.

"Oh really?" Was all he got out before he was silenced by her kisses.

"Hey handsome you here by yourself." Purred a sexy voice into the young officer's ear the same time that night on the other side of town.

"As a matter of fact I am ma'am." He said with a slur, a sure sign of his obvious drunken stupor, perfect she said to herself.

"I'm foxy." She smiled coyly as she slid up to him at the bar. "What do they call you?"

"Hot stuff!" Bragged the officer. She just laughed. "No actually my name is Carl. Carl Jacobs. Pleasure to meet you." He smiled.

"Oh no the pleasure is all mine." She purred.

"So what's a nice girl like you doin' here so late?" Carl asked as he finished his Scotch.

"Actually I just finished work." She said.

"Really, me to? What do you do?"

"I'm a nurse. I work for the New York Burn unit at Gramercy hospital. And you? What do you do for work?" She purred in his ear. The bar keep looked up from his paper, took a quick look at her then went back to reading.

"I'm a police officer ma'am. The best there is. I work at Station House 46."

"Oh the best huh? I'll bet." She teased. "Do you get to cuff a lot of people?" She asked practically crawling on his lap.

"Well I could always use extra practice." He said in a hurry.

"Your place or mine?" She smiled.

"Hell right here for all I care!" He touted in a cocky voice.

"Alright then, how about in the back alley. Unless of course you're not up to it." She said getting slowly off his lap.

"Yeah right. There's nothin' I can't handle. Just lead the way." He said getting up and tossing some money to the bar tender.

He followed the beautiful blond out the back door and into the waiting dark alley. As soon as the door closed he was on top of her. He pushed her against the wall and started to kiss her all over. He was about to kiss her mouth when he was struck from behind. He turned around to fight his attacker when suddenly he was met in the face with a 2x4. The officer cried out in pain and was down, his world spinning into darkness.

"Perfect my dear, just perfect." Said the killer with a mock tone. He tossed her some money and said, "now get lost. I'll call ya when I need another fix." He said wickedly.

He looked down at the officer at his feet. "I'll bet you'd wish you'd stayed at home afterall." He mocked in his ear. He picked him up and carried his unconscious body to his waiting car. He applied a pair of handcuffs, put duct tape over his mouth and tossed him in the trunk. With that he started up the engine and sped off to his lair of murder.

"Station House 46 this is Green, how can I help you?" Asked the officer into the phone three days later.

"I have your partner. You'll get the details." Said the voice. And like the other officer, before officer Green could respond the line went dead and a young mail clerk appeared before him.

"Officer Green?" Asked the mail clerk, "this is for you to be delivered at exactly 3:06 p.m." Officer Green took the white envelope and opened it. He felt sick and if he had just eaten would have thrown up. Fortunately his lunch finished long ago. "Oh no." Was all he was able to get out. A nearby officer noticed his shaking hands and gently took the contents from him. A gasp escaped his lips before he called his captain.

"Sir we have another one."

"What? You're kidding! Another one?" Half yelled Faith as she was told the news from Sully. "What does this mean?" She asked with a helpless voice.

"It means keep an eye on your partner." Sully said sternly. Davis looked up from the dressing bench but didn't offer any words. He felt inside the terror for Bosco. He knew the victim profile and knew his friend fit it down to every last detail. But expressing his concern to Yokas would only add to her already growing paranoia and worry over her partner.

"Time to do some investigating now." Faith said seriously.

"What?" Sully asked. "What kind of investigating?"

"These creeps don't get this way for no reason. It might not hurt to look into the database and see if something like this ever happened before. Who knows we might find something. Maybe it's a copycat killing and we can predict his next victim. Or perhaps his dad did something similar. Who knows." Faith reasoned. Sully tried to argue but in the end agreed it was a good idea. They both decided to come in before their shifts and see if they couldn't find anything that might help end this nightmare that was spreading across the city.

"Hey where is Bosco anyways?" Asked Davis finally.

"Probably trying to tell his latest one night stand to take a hike." Laughed Sully as he finished dressing and headed out the door.

"Tell Bos to be careful." Said Ty in a quiet voice as he followed Sully.

Faith was finishing dressing when Ed the janitor came in to clean up.

"I'll be done in just a sec." She smiled at the elderly man.

"No worries." He said quietly as Bosco walked in.

"Hey!" He said in a somewhat chipper voice.

"Why are you so late?" Faith asked angrily.

"Well mom, my date last night lasted a bit longer than I expected. Not that I'm complaining, you know." He laughed.

"So did you hear?" She questioned regarding the latest cop killing.

"About the guy from 46? Yeah pretty sick?" Bosco said sarcastically unaware of the other pair of eyes in the corner that was examining his every move, watching his every action and hanging on his every word.

"Well I think you should at least let me drive you home at night, at least until your car is fixed." She tried to reason. But as usual it was falling on deaf ears.

"What for?" Bosco laughed as he put on his Kevlar vest. "Like I said before Faith, if I ever came face to face with this psycho freak, I'd be game over for him in like two seconds. That piece of trash wouldn't last long against me." He boasted.

"Well I hope I never have to find out." She said softly.

"Yeah I'd just like him to try to take me on." Bosco muttered to himself. And although Faith failed to hear, the words were not lost entirely to the air.

Bosco finished dressing and headed to the car to start his shift. And even though he put on a brace face for the rest of day inside he was scared beyond words. With each killing it made him more paranoid each time he walked home. Each time he looked into the endless shadows behind the buildings or looked into the nameless faces of people he passed on the streets he thought about what the killer might look like. And that was the damnedest part of it all, no one knew anything. The team of forensic experts failed to get any kind of pattern, find a slight fingerprint or even a motive. They just had no idea why a serial killer was on the loose targeting the kinds of officers he was. Bosco put the thought aside as he answered a radio call and they officially started their shift.

"Are you sure I can't give you a lift?" Davis said walking to his car the following night.

"Listen I'm fine man. No need to worry. In fact I think I'll swing by my mom's for a drink." Bosco called as he headed for the subway. Once up the stairs he hurried to the station post. He looked around more than usual and sat by himself on the subway. Now I'm turning into one of them, he sighed. I mean I'd know if someone was going to attack me, I mean I just wouldn't walk into a situation blindly, he mused to himself. That's why I won't be caught. He eased back into his subway seat with a smile on his face. And although he tried to tell himself he would be fine, he was just not convinced.

He was fully aware of the panic starting to spread across the city and the other station houses, like the 55, their station house. And although Sgt. Christopher tried to reassure everyone saying that security was extra tight, he was just not convinced. There had already been four murders. Four officers taken down in their prime. Four officers who in the line of duty everyday proved to be the best at what they did. Four officers who every time they made an arrest bragged about it for days. Four officers who were, shesh, Bosco sighed, just like me.

"What is this world coming to?" Sighed Sully as he sat with his wife at the dinner table later that night.

"This whole world is just the crazy." She sighed.

"Yup Tatiana, you said it, just the crazy." He laughed, scooped her up in his arms and carried her into the bedroom.

"Hey ma." Bosco said quietly walking into her bar. He gave her a quick peck on the cheek and grabbed the cold beer she handed him.

"Maurice, you aware of this killer that is loose?" She asked in a half concerned tone.

"Yeah, so what?" Bosco sneered.

"You doin' anything to protect yourself against the creep?" She asked.

"What? Oh man now you're startin' to sound like Faith." Bosco sighed.

"Well what do you know, there are actually two people worried about you in the city of New York." She mocked.

"Yeah whatever. Like I told my worried for nothin' partner, there's nothin' to worry about. He wont' get me like he got the rest." Bosco bragged a little too loud with a swig of his beer.

"That's what they all say." Came a quiet voice in the back of the bar as he studied the brash young officer with great intent. "At least that's what they say until I am finished with them." He finished with a quiet wicked laughter.

With that he got up and made his way quietly out of the bar and into the cold New York night. He turned and took one last glance at Officer Boscorelli enjoying himself in the bar. So young, so arrogant, so, perfect!

"Not long now my young friend." He chanted over and over to himself. Those fateful words hung in the misty night air long after his form was a thin silhouette on the cold damp pavement.

**Dear readers this is my first Third Watch fanfiction attempt. Please let me know if you like it so far.**