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Chapter 1: Namine the Misunderstood Artist

Ah, how thoughtful of you guys to read my opinions on my fellow members! That was nice; seriously, if I had a heart, I would say how happy I was. This time around, I will tell you what I thought of other people I met while on a gummi ship trip...as opposed to a road trip. I went world hopping like you wouldn't believe and met some, um, interesting people. A couple of crazy characters, though I otherwise enjoyed the trip. Before I left, though (after packing exactly one suitcase), I paid a visit to my unfortunately imprisoned pal Namine. Oh, and for those of you who just squeal about me and Zexion together, I gave him a goodbye kiss after a random conversation. Let me brief you on it real quick before I move on to Namine, shall I? Anyway, I packed my things rather enthusiastically when my divine Mr. Science walked into the room. To say the least, he looked confused.

Tapping his chin in puzzlement, Zexion asked in his favorite inquisitive tone, "Where are you going, Xion? Wouldn't Xemnas stop you from going on a trip to begin with?"

I sighed melodramatically but smiled nonetheless upon seem him. That guy just makes me grin now. Practically dancing over to him, I performed a ballerina twirl for showing off purposes only.

As I captured him in a tango he was unsure about participating in, I told him, "Now, my dear Dr. Logic, you need not worry about me. I'm just going on a gummi ship trip for a couple of weeks."

Still obviously confused once I dipped him, he blankly repeated, "Gummi ship trip?"

I grabbed a rose that rested fondly in a vase (since he actually gave me one...though was secretive about it) and put it in my mouth.

Leading him in my dance for the truly mad as a hatter type of people, I resolved to bestow him with a gift of reassurance by saying, "It's Superior approved, lovie. It was a bit of a hostage situation, since I threatened to eat his bacon that I had in possession if he didn't let me go on my soul-searching expedition. He replied in the affirmative, that dear old man."

"Was it really that simple?"

"Ah, you ask more questions than Sherlock Holmes! Yes, it was, 'nuff said."

Zexion smiled that slight smile of his. "Well, good luck."

Kissing him on the lips quickly, I answered with, "You hold down the homestead while I'm gone, OK?"

Toting my suitcase without much effort, I broke into a run toward Saix's door, which I opened to yell, "MAAACBEEETH!" to wish him ill luck. It had been a favorite habit of mine lately, so I can't really explain it.

Now, with that bit of a time waster out of the way, I will tell about Namine. So, I took the stairs two at a time to avoid Saix murdering me in cold blood. I heard him running after me like a savage beast, after all. Bursting into her room abruptly, I grinned apologetically to my only female friend in the castle as I slammed the door.

"Hi, Namine," I greeted, waving a gloved hand anxiously. If Number Seven came to kill me, I wouldn't have known what to do. As if reading my thoughts, she smiled knowingly.

"Trouble with Saix again?"

Looking up, down, and all around, I then resignedly dropped my arms to my sides. "Yeah."

She gestured me to come here, which I did, and then she whispered, "I got a hunk of meat in the fridge."

I was surprised that the Organization had been charitable enough to donate a mini fridge to Namine. Probably Axel sneaked it in for her, proving how much of an anti-hero Robin Hood he is. Removing meat from the fridge, she teleported to where Saix was, which I found out later was the stairs leading to her prison—I mean, room. Oh, scary! I'm telling you, I could have died that day. Then, thinking about Saix chasing after the meat like a rabid dog made me laugh uncontrollably. I still laughed extremely hard by the time Namine returned. She giggled herself as she wore an incriminating smirk that said how rabid Saix had acted about the meat.

"Whatever you thought happened, it did," she reassured me of my mental image.

OK, now here's the background story of how I first got acquainted with the girl my age. It started with when I heard Marluxia and Larxene laughing away in the cafeteria. They usually laughed when they knew sadistic things, so I wasn't surprised of what I found out once I interrogated them. In mid bite of a sun sandwich, Larxene abruptly put it on her plate while I fired away.

"Right, Psycho Nymph, what did you do this time?" I asked, slightly irritated at her. I guess that made sense, considering this happened two weeks after I destroyed our "friendship" explosively.

Looking smug and self-satisfied enough to make me want to puke, she replied, "Marluxia and I captured a pathetic little girl your age, and she can help the cause."

"Just when I thought the gravy train that is your brain couldn't spill any more times."

It was my way of saying how sick I thought she was for doing this. We then competed in a death glare match.

Unfortunately, Marluxia ruined the match for both me and his peachy rose of a girlfriend. Note the overwhelming sarcasm. He conjured up a rose for the guardian angel of our charming fairy tale palace, which seemed to considerably calm her.

After what I thought was a huge waste of time, he added, "She has the ability to draw actual memories. They will finally be palpable at last to proceed with...Why am I bothering to tell you this, Fourteen? You're just some mere shrimp of a girl who could barely grasp the complexities of Organization duties."

"Thank you, Flower Boy," I said sarcastically, standing up from my seat. "You can get back to whatever it is you're doing with Ms. Sugar Fairy Princess."

"You're one to talk, you flirt! Why else do you hang out with Roxas and Axel?!?"

Shaking my head out of disgust for that deplorable personage, I left the cafeteria without another word. So, I spent the rest of the day searching for the mysterious girl on my own. Not even Axel and Roxas were involved. I found a set of stairs that I randomly mounted to discover a white door. Upon opening it, I glimpsed a blond girl scribbling away on a piece of paper using crayons. Nothing but white all around, I obviously noticed. Heck, even the girl's dress was white. She was either obsessed with the color or Marluxia and Larxene have puny imaginations for color scheme. Though those two definitely weren't lying about her captivity; this whole room resembled a prison. As though to torture her, those two hung up a fake cage with a doll inside.

Ugh, I need to beat them up some time! Well, in the mean time, I would introduce myself. She didn't look like a threat after all. No Larxene-like violence detected. Safety positively, absolutely ensured. If not, and she was just a child robot ready to kill me—well, it's a good thing I wrote a will a while back. To Axel, I bequeathed my TV...

"Oh," the girl practically gasped, clearly thinking I was the emotionless child robot out for a bloodlust. "You're...one of them, aren't you?"

I invited myself to the table at which she sat. "Well, it depends what you mean. Do I work with them? Yeah, but it was against my will. Am I evil? Heck no! Those two people you met are horrible people. They remind me of lover partners in crime. And they make me gag."

A weak smile formed on the girl's lips. "You don't seem all that bad. I'm Namine."

Warmly stretching a hand in greeting, I told her my name. "It's Xion, Number Fourteen. Occupations would be member against my will and prankster. My likes: food, friends, TV, reading, food, sparring, food, going to Twilight Town, and food. My dislikes are sadistic people, Zexion, and huge egos. That about covers it. Ah, what are you drawing?"

Of course, my dislikes no longer include my much "loved" boyfriend, but that's beside the point. I had been curious for quite some time regarding what she currently scribbled out on paper, so I took a peek. She drew a guy who wore a strange outfit that made him almost resemble a cartoon character. The sketch itself didn't look shockingly amazing, but not bad. If I had to rate it on a scale of one to ten, I would give it a seven.

Namine noticed my not-so-subtle peering over at her picture as she smiled a little unsurely, probably thinking that her work of art wasn't that great. But, whatever, she drew way better than me.

"I'm drawing Sora—he's the Keyblade Master, you know. Still...this isn't my best work. I can sketch landscapes and buildings better than people."

I grinned, replying, "Well, hey, I can't even draw stick people right. So, compared to my lack of skills, you're a creative genius."

She burst out giggling, almost forgetting for one moment that she was kept like a caged bird here. Maybe all she needed was just one friend, one person to make her laugh.

We got to talking shortly after my random comment, so that we became fast friends in a matter of minutes. Actually, we had some things in common like the favorite color of sky blue, and we both thought the ocean shores were beautiful places. I managed to have someone whom I could share a female bond with. Considering Larxene would have gutted me like a fish, I found a great confidante. Our conversation, which seemed to last for hours, covered a variety of topics. Even boys came up in the subject.

"Seriously, my friend Axel could use a calm girl like you. You two would be awesome together, not to mention cute," I declared, truly believing that this was possible.

And, to prove my point, she blushed. "I've only seen him once...but I'd like to get to know him."

Those two crazy kids might very well have by now. If not, I seriously have to set them up!

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