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Chapter 15: Home Bittersweet Home

I parked Geoffrey into the gummi garage back at the Castle for the Terminally Insane once I returned home. You know how they say home sweet home? Well, since we Nobodies are the polar opposite of good ole regular humans, I say home bittersweet home. I think you'll know what I mean. Once I quietly emerged from the garage, Xemnas, Saix, Xaldin, Luxord, and Vexen all crowded around me, glaring daggers into my eyes.

"Number Fourteen...," they all growled.

"You disobeyed orders...even though I did grant you my permission to go on your trip!" Xemnas scolded.

"You stole my Replica!" Vexen falsely accused (I did not and why would I?).

"You broke my leg!" Xaldin bellowed, motioning to a cast on his right leg. Oh, sorry, Xaldy—not!

Luxord just threw a custom made Organization XIII vase at me, which I luckily missed. I don't know what that was about, but the dude sure was ticked.

I laughed nervously. "Heh-heh-heh....hey, guys, what's up?"

"Oh, I will be more than happy to tell you what is up, Fourteen. You are—"

But, before Xemnas finished his intimidating sentence, Saix told me lowly, "Thanks to your curse, Fourteen, I have lost my most esteemed throw pillow. Care to know where it is?"

Throw pillow—what the heck? I ran away before I could die, and I sprinted toward the only place that was remotely a refuge: Namine's room. She saved me millions of times before. As soon as I slammed her door shut, I was in for a shock.

Axel was in the process of gently kissing her, holding her as my female best friend told me candidly she wanted to be held by a guy. Once I intruded, they stopped.

"Oh, hey, Xion," Axel chuckled anxiously, scratching his head in his preferred nervous habit. "Long time, no see. Hey, where did you go anyway?"

"Out, but now I'm back," I replied just as awkwardly.

Namine looked like she had turned every shade of red in her box of crayons while she nearly ducked out of sight under her table. Then, I squealed.

"Awwww, you guys are finally together! I thought I'd never see the day!" I rapturously declared, pretending to wipe a tear from my eye.

"Me neither," Axel muttered, almost under his breath.

Relieved that I approved of this match, however, my friends looked considerably less tense and happier than I had ever seen them. Namine's smile was especially glowing.

"We were worried you wouldn't like us together. You know...because of the whole 'friends' issue and all that."

I placed an arm around each of my friends. "I would never think that of my two buddies! You two were made for each other, as ordained by the stars."

"You and your astrology obsession," Axel sighed helplessly as he removed my arm from his shoulder. "Look, Xion, Namine and I are a couple now. So, could you just get out of here already?"

"Will do!" I winked at the both of them before getting out of there pronto.

Dancing my way down the stairs, I was so very pleased that destiny smiled upon my good pals. They would be the best couple in the world, I was confident of it. I then resolved to go find Roxas to be more specific about the details of my trip. I couldn't exactly tell my story to Axel or Namine, since they obviously just got together before I interrupted. Ah, so unromantic of me to do that! Oh well, I'd talk to Roxas, who ended up being preoccupied with playing video games with Demyx.

"Don't pass go, don't go over $200, Dem!" Rox challenged before killing Demyx's video game character. Poor Number Nine looked to be in complete agony over his loss. He even used the controller to hit his head.

"Aww, I can't even fight in virtual reality!" he moaned while Roxas just laughed and enjoyed the show. Upon seeing me, the two boys composed themselves.

"What's up, Xi-Xi?" Roxas greeted jokingly, using Xig's nickname for me.

"Nothing much, Rox-Rox," I cheekily replied. "But, I did go on an epic trip."

"Without me, Shorty, and Axel?" Demyx asked in a whiny tone, though smiled all the same. "'Course, I wouldn't want Axel around, but still..."

I crossed my arms behind my head. "I wanted it to be solitary. Wanna know the details?"

Roxas' blue eyes widened with interest then he shook his head. "Not now, Xion, Dem and I are playing video games."

"Yeah, and no girls allowed today!" Demyx chimed in. "We decided that Roxas' room should be the clubhouse."

I could tell that Demyx was joking by feigning a ten-year-old boy's identity. Still, not having my guy friends hear my story was kind of disappointing for me. I mean, I really wanted to talk to somebody. Friends from other worlds weren't as awesome as friends at home.

I sighed huffily, "Hmph, boys and their mindless video games," before leaving, despite my strong love for the geeky hobby. I was just getting a tad upset that no one wanted to listen to me, now that I was back. I was an actor who craved an audience and a spotlight. Oh well, what could I do about it? Continuing my walk down the corridor, I was interrupted by Xigbar hanging upside down on the ceiling.

"Hey, kid, did the road trip go all right?" he asked curiously.

Wryly smiling up at him, I nodded a little. Wow, I didn't even muster enough words to correct him on the "road trip" remark like I had with other people all this time. Odd. Hey, maybe Xigbar...

But, Lexaeus cut in before I remotely said anything, and he wanted a sparring partner. So, the second-in-command gracefully landed on his feet before the two guys teleported to the gym. OK, training is always important...I guess. Going off on my own again, I was desperate enough to do the inevitable. Talk to Marluxia and Larxene which always makes me shudder out of revulsion. But, I discovered them making out in a closet, so that was a huge no-no.

Ugh, just one person to talk to please! Too bad the angry mob returned as I recovered from the closet incident.

"Number Fourteen, you should have been aware of my lack of sleep that morning! You should not have psychotically toyed with my mind!" Xemnas, the leader of our Organization and, ironically enough, this mob against me shouted.

"I also could not concentrate on Kingdom Hearts because of your witch's curse," Saix murmured both darkly and dismally.

"Guys, I'll take your complaints one at a time," I assured, raising my hands up in defense. "If you can all just form in a peaceful, tranquil single file line, I'm sure—"

"RRROOOOOOOAAAARRRR!!!" They all charged at me, bellowing like this one guy with blue face paint off this movie I watched for five minutes. Knowing I could not take on five full-grown dudes at once, I squeezed my eyes shut. In the nick of time, though, I was spared from pain.

A portal rescued me, and I was taken to a certain illusionist's perpetually neat and tidy room that not even a tsunami could obliterate.

"Xion, you will never get yourself out of scrapes like these. Kingdom Hearts knows what you did this time," a familiar voice commented with a sigh.

Upon turning around and staring into Zexion's perfect blue eyes, I squealed, "Zexy!" and hugged him like a cute plushie. He instantly wrapped his arms around me, returning my embrace.

"I missed you," he whispered, kissing the top of my head. "I was beginning to worry that you'd never come back."

"I missed you, too," I whispered back, clinging to him. "I never stopped thinking about you the whole time. Weird, huh?"

As we stepped back from each other's hold, I played with a purplish strand of his hair absentmindedly as he responded, "It's better that you thought of me often than not at all."

Aww, he was so selfish when it came to me! I thought it was adorable. Everything about him seemed to profess just how adorable he was. In fact, why didn't I think of it before? Really, did I ever...? But, I hadn't said it to him yet! Why was I so stupid and asking myself so many questions?!?

My face somber for once, I told him, "You know, Zexion, that trip made me figure out a lot of things. But, I think the most important one is...is...how much I love you. I mean, I only showed it through actions, though I never put them into words. But, I really do. I love you."

At first, Zexion displayed absolutely no reaction, which kind of scared me. Sure, I knew we're Nobodies, though that scared me worse. What if his logic intervened with his feelings? I must have looked confused, for he put those thoughts to rest by passionately kissing my lips and holding me even tighter. Sighing, I rested my head against his chest once our kiss ended.

"I love you, too," he murmured affectionately, giving my soul wings.

Once the sappy stuff was out of the way, he proceeded to ask, "Now, how was your trip?"

And he appeared ready to listen too, judging by the way he sat on his bed with me close to him. He wanted details. Yes! At least one person would hear me around here.

I smiled genuinely at him. "It was great. So, I got on Xemnas' gummi ship..."

Sitting there for four hours, I told him my story like I told all of you. I knew then that I really did value those close to me, and I was wiling to appreciate and be with them in the long run.

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