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«´¨'•.¸¸.¤-'CHAPTER TWO.¸¸.•´¨'»
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He looked out of the window, it was still full dark and there was a van parked outside the house. The vampires' van.

He got dressed and ran down the stairs and out to the van, the keys were in it and when he opened the back, there was a mattress. Perfect.

Back in the bedroom, he threw buffy's clothes onto the bed, with her body and wrapped her and them in the bed covers. He carried her down to the van and put her in the back, locking the door.

He drove to the hospital first. It was deserted, as he'd expected and he hurriedly gathered supplies. Then he had one more stop, before Willy's.

He'd heard about the portal. Some of the demons had got together to open it, as an escape route. That sounded charitable but it wasn't really, the more demons that used a portal like that, the stronger it got, the more reliable. Word was, it would take you wherever you wanted to go. He knew where he wanted to go.

The portal was still open and he drove the van straight through it, concentrating hard on where he wanted to be….and slammed the brakes on when he realized that he was about to drive into a cave wall!

They'd arrived.

He got into the back and started to put Buffy's clothes back on her, doing his best to pretend she wasn't cold and lifeless. He kissed her gently on the forehead, before tenderly fitting the ball gag, tears running silently down his face. Once he had the chains on her wrists and ankles, he relaxed a little. He was ready now.

He'd picked the bondage gear up at a demon sex shop that specialized in extra strong supplies. He hadn't forgotten what had happened when his mother had 'woken' after he had sired her. He couldn't stand to see, or hear, that kind of thing from Buffy.

She should be waking up soon, it was almost dawn in Sunnydale and, if the trip was instantaneous, it would be sunset here in a few hours.

He opened the nearest cool box, took out one of the blood packs he had taken from the hospital and drained it. He was exhausted. Buffy's blood should have kept him strong for days but siring her had weakened him and he needed to be at his best. He would sit here for a few minutes while the blood kicked in, then he'd be ready to sort out this mess. He closed his eyes…

"It's alright, I have more scotch…"

Giles blundered blindly around, looking for a bottle and Buffy snuggled on Spike's lap.

"So," Buffy asked, with a smile, "just how did you end up with Harmony? You said it was a funny story…"

"Yeah, I won her in a poker game. The bloke had nothing left to bet and he seemed real upset to lose her. Looking back, I think he was bluffing."

"You mean he lost on purpose, just to get rid of her?"

Spike nodded as Buffy started to laugh. He looked into her eyes, unable to believe that she was his, so beautiful and engaged to him. They kissed and he tongued the inside of her mouth, feeling his erection grow just from the taste of her. Her eyes widened as she felt it against her leg. She broke the kiss and, putting her finger to his lips, climbed off him and took him by the hand, puling him, silently, upstairs.

Once in the bedroom, they tore at each others clothes, kissing franticly. Naked, they fell onto the bed, hands everywhere, mouths devouring, Buffy beneath him, writhing and squirming as he plunged into her.

"God, Spike, I love you so much," she gasped and he sank his fangs viciously into her throat, drawing her blood out in huge gulps, draining her; her tiny fists feebly pounding on his back as he drank his fill and spilled his seed inside her limp body.

"Spike, why?" Her voice was barely a whisper, her eyes loosing focus as they slowly emptied into death…


He jerked awake, not sure where he was; then he remembered. Van, cave, he had sired Buffy; sunset soon.

He had sired Buffy. He sired Buffy! Buffy the vampire. The words ran around in his head. Buffy the evil, soulless, thing. He giggled and then, shocked at the sound - so much like school basement Spike, clapped his hand over his mouth. Fighting for composure, he drained another blood pack. Time to go.

With Buffy limp in his arms, he kicked the van door open and climbed out into the cave. Setting her down carefully, out of harms way, her back against the cave wall; he waited for the demon.

"YOU." The demon's booming voice.

"Me." Spike agreed.


"Yeah, I seek you."




"Good thing I don't want that, then."


"I want her soul restored," Spike replied, gesturing at Buffy.


"Yeah, well, what I thought was, I could make a start with the fighting, while we wait."


"She can't decide without her soul."


"After more than a century of murder, yeah. I want to spare her that."


Spike leaned against the cave wall and tried to light a cigarette, his hands were shaking and it took several seconds to do. He couldn't remember when he had last felt this nervous. Was he doing the right thing? Was Buffy's soul back in heaven? Would she hate him for this? He figured she had turned herself for a reason, trusting him to do the right thing. If only he knew what that was.

He felt the hair on the back of his neck prickle and he knew she was waking.

He went to her.

She started struggling immediately, her eyes locking onto his. He flinched at the pure hatred in their yellow depths but knew that it was probably because of the hunger. His demon rushed to the fore and he snarled at her. Her face shifted back to human and she looked, passively up at him; he was her sire and held a certain amount of sway.


"Yeah, I'm ready." Spike looked around the cave for his first opponent. He and the demon were alone.

"HERE." The demon handed him a wooden stake.

"What's this?" Spike looked at the stake, a puzzled expression on his face.


"Alright, I'll bite, what do I do?"


"You said it couldn't be taken from me."


"But that will leave Buffy on her own."


Spike went over to where Buffy sat, still struggling to escape her chains. He took his leather coat off and laid it over her.

"The keys are in the pocket, love." He kissed her bumpy forehead. "Never forget that I love you." He kissed her again. "There's blood packs in the van. Good luck."

He stood up and braced himself against the cave wall, the stake point pressed into the flesh over his heart.

"I love you, Buffy." He whispered and plunged the stake in, with all his strength.

The pain was unbelievable. He could feel every particle in his body, burning; feel them separating, swirling in the air but still the pain, no blessed oblivion. He couldn't see, couldn't hear, just what felt like endless agony. He'd staked enough of his own kind to know it only took seconds, was this how it was for them? Vampire hell? Burning agony for all eternity? He felt the stake drop from his body and he felt himself falling.

"Bloody hell." He groaned. He was laying on his back on the cave floor, the stake still in his hand.


"I'm still here." Spike gasped, "and I can still feel my soul."


"Thanks a lot, mate." Spike muttered, sarcastically, as he got up on to his hands and knees.

The demon went to Buffy and put his hand on her chest, as she shrank back against the cave wall.


Spike crawled, still in pain, to where Buffy writhed under the demon's touch, her eyes glowing as she desperately tried to scream around the gag. He well remembered the agony of restoration and he wanted to hold her and kiss it all better.

Finally, she lay limp and spent on the sandy floor and the demon stepped away, allowing Spike to undo the gag.


Instead of replying, she vamped and sank her fangs into his wrist, so violently that she hit bone. He wrapped his other arm around her and lovingly kissed her head as she fed. When she was done, she burst into tears.

"Buffy love, I'm sorry." He said, soothingly, stroking her hair.

"What for?" She asked, her voice muffled against his chest.

"Siring you, chaining you, gagging you, bringing you here, not protecting you back in Sunnyhell from a couple of bloody fledglings with a taser each…"

"That gag was horrible but I know why you did it. The thing with your mom, you didn't want me to…"

"No," He replied, looking down at her teary face. "Don't cry, pet; I tried to fix everything but if you don't want to be here, like this, we'll watch the sun come up. Together."

"I'm not crying because I'm a vampire."

"Then why?"

"Because you staked yourself. For me. You were going to die and leave me. And then I hurt you. I bit you, really hard, and…Why are you laughing?"

He took her hand and guided it to the bulge in his jeans.

"Vampires get off on it, pet, remember?"

Buffy blushed and Spike kissed her.

"Now," he said, after they broke the kiss, "Tell me why you made me sire you."

"It seemed like a good idea, at the time. When we were making love, it felt so right, so perfect, like I belonged to you, with you, I wasn't ready to leave you." She looked over his shoulder, "Did we steal a van?"

"We inherited it, from the two filthy piles of dust who dared to…"

"Kill me?"


Spike stood up and picked Buffy up, carrying her to the van. He lay her on the mattress and finally unlocked the chains on her wrists and ankles.

"What's in the coolers?" She asked, looking around the van's interior.

"Blood packs, I raided the hospital, we're both gonna need lots, to begin with."

"OK, I don't really want to think too much about that right now. What's in the bag?" She gestured at a brown leather bag in the far corner of the van.

"Dunno, it was already in here." He went over, and opened it. His face looked shocked, as he gazed into the open bag.

"What's in there?" Buffy asked again, thinking something bad, judging by the look on his face. A severed head maybe, the bag was about that size.

"Diamonds, mostly." Spike replied, his voice catching as he looked in wonder at the bag. "I guess they ate a jeweler. Even selling them illegally, there's more than enough here to get us back to California and probably buy a few mansions along the way."

"Right now, I'd settle for a hotel room with a shower, I smell like a polecat. Where are we, anyway?"

"Africa. And you smell lovely, you're just not used to your enhanced vampire senses."

"Africa? How did we get there, I haven't even got my passport? How long have I been dead and who says I want to go back to California?"

"Slow down, love. We got here through a portal that some demons opened out the back of Willy's. One way trip; most of Sunnyhell's inhabitants have left, one way or another. Because of the time difference between here and California, you've only been dead a few hours and I thought you'd want to go back home, pet."

"They threw me out. My own sister told me to leave; anyway, home is wherever you are. Fresh start, it's not like I'm a slayer anymore, is it? The old Buffy would want to try to return those diamonds, this Buffy thinks we should keep them, have a honeymoon, do some sightseeing. Besides, if we showed up back there, Giles'd probably want to stake us both."

"He'd blame me, he'd probably forgive you."

"Don't you believe it, those watchers are ruthless. Do you know, if it wasn't for me still being alive, they'd have killed Faith years ago."


"Yeah, if the slayer's not up to their standards, they kill her and wait for the next one to get chosen."

"Good thing they got blown up. You're better off out of it."

"Thanks to you." Abruptly she started to shiver. "Spike?"

"You hurting, pet?" He opened a cool box and grabbed a blood pack.

"Is that what it is? Feels horrible."

"It gets easier."

He put the pack to her mouth and she sank her fangs into it, draining it greedily.

"Tastes good," she gasped, when the bag was empty. "but not as good as you."

"There's nothing like sire blood, kitten."

He kissed her, slipping his tongue into her mouth, tasting the blood on her lips.

"Here's to our honeymoon." He murmured, kissing her again.

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(¸.•'´(¸.•'´ ''•.¸)''•.¸)


…Once again, the world has been saved. Not by Buffy Summers but by Angel (formally Angelus - the vampire cursed with a soul) who, after advising me to take the new slayer and the remaining potentials and leave Sunnydale, went down into the school basement with Andrew Wells, opened the seal and closed the hell mouth forever.

We all stood outside the city limits, where Robin Wood had driven us in the school bus and watched, as the whole of Sunnydale fell into a huge crater. I can only assume that both Angel and Andrew are dead. I don't know if it was a final act of bravery on Andrew's part but it solves the problem of what to do with regard to his murderous past.

At this time I don't know what became of Buffy but I'm sure that we did the right thing in making her leave. She had grown unstable and was making many grave errors of judgement. Her behaviour with certain vampires proves that. Slayers exist to kill vampires, not to have relationships with them.

The new slayer is working well. I can't say exactly what happened to Faith - she and her handpicked team of potentials never returned from their mission. That Faith died, is obvious - a new slayer was called - but as for the rest of the team, if they weren't already dead, they are now; lost in the rubble, which, thankfully, the world is calling an earthquake.

The few remaining watchers around the world, are coming together and Buffy's sister Dawn Summers, along with Xander Harris, Willow Rosenberg, Anya Jenkins and Robin Wood are all training to join our ranks. We are rebuilding the council.

Dawn is sure that Buffy will get in touch with her - by e-mail - since she has no way to know where Dawn is living, now. The more time that passes with no message, the more convinced she becomes that Buffy must be dead. It pains me to say but the world might be better off if she is. Her resurrection gave the First Evil the chance to squash the Watchers Council and attack the slayer line. There is only meant to be one slayer…