I love you

Author: AbbyGibbs

Pairing: Gibbs/Abby
Rating: T or FR13
Spoilers: None
Abby's crying, Gibbs wants to know why.
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Abby's sitting on the floor in the comforting darkness of her lab; things will never change no matter how much she wanted it. Gibbs will always be Gibbs, he would always be the one putting himself in danger to save others. She knew that and that's what made her fall in love with in him in the first place, but was beginning to take its toll in her and worst of all; he didn't even know she had feelings for him.

She heard the familiar *beep* announcing that someone had entered her lab.


Silence met NCIS's best team leader.

"Abbs?" he tried again.

Still no response, so he walked closer, stopping as he finally spotted her sitting on the floor leaning against one of the desks.

Gibbs squatted beside her, hooked his index finger under her chin and slowly lifted it up, forcing her gently to make eye contact with him.

His heart stopped as he saw her face ravaged with tears.

"Tell me."

Abby shook her head, "no."

"Spill" he demanded.

"I LOVE YOU!" she yelled as more tears streamed down her cheeks.

Gibbs didn't answer; instead, he leaned down and captured her lips for a passionate, demanding kiss.