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Renesmee POV:

Noelle was now rambling on about stupid Asian stereotypes while we were walking down the hallway. You could tell she was pissed off about the things people said because whenever she said a stereotype she'd give me her 'WTF' face. It was pretty hilarious.

"Asians eat dogs..." here comes her 'WTF' face, "I mean like seriously, dogs? Who even came up with that? Well, I'll admit I'm not a big fan of dogs, but that's because one of my neighbors has a demon dog chihuahua that bit me when I was little! And you know what they say, your childhood comes back to haunt you!"

"They say that?" I replied, out of curiosity.

"OH definitely, for example when I was 7, my dad told me not to eat any more Jolly Ranchers because they would rot my teeth! But, I mean COME ON there JOLLY RANCHERS who can say no to those things! Oh wait back to the point, so I ate Jolly Ranchers and now I have braces! Stupid metal thingys are now in my mouth!", she opened her mouth and pointed to her teeth just to make the point.

She wasn't even paying attention to where she was going because the next thing you know she steps in a puddle near the water fountain and slips! Books and papers fly everywhere and PLOP! She lands in a boys arms behind her, which were securely wrapped around her waist.

"WHOA! Oh...um thanks...boy." Noelle says, going scarlett when she sees the boys face. And that's when I take a good look at the boy, black hair, glasses, and also Asian just like Noelle. OH MY GOSH I can see it now, Noelle and Still don't know his name boy sitting in a tree! K - I - S - S - I -

"Your welcome. My name's Seth by the way." Aww...look at him he's smiling at Noelle like the love sick boy he is. Anybody would be dumb to not realize Seth was starting to crush on Noelle. It almost makes up for him interrupting my mental conversation!

"Ahh, how cute. Little Noelle has a new crush!"

I turned my head to see who said that. I wasn't surprised. It was Massie and her little clique.

"Ahh, how cute. Little Massie thinks she can scare me." Noelle fired back crossing her arms.

"You think your intimidating?" Massie looked Noelle square in the eye and smirked. "Just remember everybody has a special place in this world and your special place is in hell." Then Massie turned on her 3 inch stiletto heel and left.

"So like Massie to leave something right in the middle.." Noelle started mumbling some other stuff that I don't really wanna repeat. But, I'll tell you one thing, that girls curses like a sailor!

"Are you okay?" Seth asked, concern in his eyes.

Noelle turned towards him. "Just peachy!" Noelle plastered a big fake smile on her face and put up two thumbs up.

"Okay..let's go to lunch." I said to Noelle before this moment could get any awkwarder.

On our way there, when I thought Noelle cooled down a bit I asked her, " What's up with you and Massie?"

Noelle twitched at the mention of her name. " I'll explain it to you when were seated in the cafeteria, okay?" I simply nodded and continued walking.

Ahhhh, and the plot line thickens! Now aren't you owndering what Noelle is going tell Nessie now? What if it's big? What if it's small? What if...? Okay yeah I ran out of what is...Sorry about Massie being all mean and what not btw but every good story has a bad guy right? And, I sorta decided to make Massie it! Oh well? OH and review! Cause if you don't review now it'll haunt you in the future! Yeah, remember that? Heh heh...yeahh..