The sun was beginning to rise. The first few rays glimmered over the green hills, making them glow radiantly. Finally, sunlight shone over the colorful meadow, causing flowers to bloom instantly. Wonderful splashes of white, and red, and purple, and yellow, and pink, and blue, and orange all opened up on the field; a magnificent sight to anyone who was watching. However, in such a large meadow, only thirteen flowers grew: the chrysanthemum, the tulip, the marigold, the bellflower, the lily of the valley, the camellia, the iris, the bird of paradise, the buttercup, the daffodil, the yarrow, the thistle, and the summer snowflake. Each represented a different aspect respectively, and each symbolized a different meaning entirely. It was only fitting for this place, after all.

Right in the center of the field, a girl slept. Two books lay on each side of her, both tied to a long blackstrap that looped around her entire waist, containing a series of scrolls. Her long black hair stretched to where the sash was first tied, and her only accessory in it was a small hairpin, almost in the shape of a flower. Her long robes served as an excellent way to keep warm, and seemed fitting for one such as her. She napped peacefully, her breathing coming in slow, steady breaths. She moaned softly, and nestled into a more comfortable position in her grassy bed. But then, she began to twitch, and her breathing became quick and shallow. She murmured quietly, and the air around her seemed to spark. And then, without warning, her eyes snapped open to reveal large lavender orbs, and she sat up with a cry.

She'd fallen asleep studying again. Ino and Sakura must've left her here when they realized she was asleep. Sighing, the girl reached up to her forehead, and put the glasses back on. Immediately, everything comes into focus. She was only a Chunin. She couldn't be falling asleep in places like this. What would her father think of her?

"Having a nightmare?"

"Eep!" She gave a small squeak of surprise at the voice, then hastily skittered back at sound of a branch snapping, followed by another, and still another. Her concern was well warranted. Moments later, a man dropped out of the tree in whose shadow she had been resting. Perhaps drop wasn't the best of terms. Rather, the man unceremoniously fell face first into the field of flowers.

Then he looked up.


"Oh my," With a sweep of his leg, he straightened himself up again, as if he had never fallen. "Are you alright? I didn't mean to startle you, miss."

She curled one hand into a fist.

Oh, I'm gonna startle you real good, buddy! C'mere!

Then he stepped into view.

His countenance, tall and dignified, remained so until he stepped into the light, throwing his features into relief. Her eyes were immediately drawn to the whisker marks across his face and the striking blue eyes that told her he knew all about her, even though she knew him not. He wore black slacks, a black shirt, and a white robe, emblazoned with an orange swirl at the back.

But she wasn't focused on that.

My flowers!

Irritation flashed through her eyes.

"W-Who the hell are you?!"


"Hmm?" The man lazily tilted his head to the side, just as a group of men appeared. Judging by their masks and gear, they were recognize able right away. Anbu. And from the look of their numbers, they appeared to be escorting this man. "Why the long face? Is something wrong, Yamato?"

"Naruto," The man was obviously flustered by the blonde's attitude, but to his credit, his voice did little to show it. "We don't have anymore time for sight seeing. We need to set out now if we're to Konoha by tomorrow morning."

Yeah! You heard him. Get out of here, jerkface.

"Oh." The blond smiled, but his eyes had yet to leave the pale eyed beauty to whom he'd been speaking to. "But perhaps a moment more? I wanted to finish speaking with this lovely lady first."

Oh no. No no no! Get outta here, ya perv! I'm underage!

"Naruto," The man's tone made it clear that he would not tolerate another delay. She breathed a sigh of relief when the anbu nodded towards her, a clear sign that he'd deliberately looked out for her well being just now.

"You're no fun." The blond known as Naruto sulked for a moment longer, crossing his arms defiantly, much to everyone's dismay, as this was not how an adult normally behaved. "I just wanted to have a human conversation for once. Is that so much to ask?"

"Considering the circumstances, yes." The anbu known as Yamato answered.

There. She smirked. Now get your bum ass outta here-

As if reading her thoughts, he patted her on the shoulder and walked past with a small smile. He didn't pay any attention to the way that the steam flew out of her ears, or how her eyes narrowed.

"Have a good morning." He called to everyone else, waving as his languid pace carried him down the road and out of sight.

"He's kinda hot," Someone stated bluntly from beside her, and she seethed at the thought. Someone like him? Handsome? Bullshit!

"Well, of course!" Another voice insisted. "He's Tsunade-sama's successor! He has to be at least a little handsome!"


"Still, isn't he a little young to be our village leader?"

"Nonsense!" The woman argued. "He'll make a fine Hokage, just you wait and see!"

The girl blinks.




"Good morning."

His words echo in her mind now, as she glances around, spotting him in a far corner, neither joining in the conversations, nor offering his own friendship. Just an observer, she thinks to herself. Watching the world around him go by, like a traveller who's already seen what is laid out before him, and merely tries to amuse himself.

Strange, considering that he was the guest of honor at this celebration.

He takes that moment to catch her eyes, and she does not look away, but rather boldly approaches. If he's the village leader, then she needs to show him the appropriate respect to which he is due. Even if she really, really didn't want to.

"Hello Hokage-sama," she introduces, bowing low so she won't have to look him in the eye, so he won't recognize her, so she won't make a damned fool of herself. "My name is Hanabi Hyuuga, of the Hyuuga clan. It's....

Just choke it down...Just choke it down...

She put on the best fake smile she could, the one she always used when she was lying to father. If he even considered marrying her to him...

...a pleasure to meet you."

He gazes at her for a long moment, as something flickers in his eyes. Amusement? She thinks. She does not understand what he could possibly find entertaining about her greeting. He was the Rokudaime Hokage, instated only three days ago, in place of Tsunade-sama. Rumor had it that he was an anbu once, but that was all anyone knew of him. That, and he'd been on a ten year mission until just yesterday.

That, and Hanabi absolutely hated his guts.

There. You said 'hi' now just walk away....quickly. Before he-

Naruto blinked a few times.

"Say...have we....met?"

Hanabi stiffened.


"Because, I could've sworn that I've spoken to you before."

"I-In the field." She stammered, her composure breaking under his gaze. "What's it to you?"

The mask of bewilderment melted away, replaced by a pleasant smile.

"Ah. My apologies. I did not recognize you without the glasses." Taking her hand in his own, he delicately kissed it."It's a pleasure to meet you then, Hanabi Hyuuga. I trust we'll be seeing a great deal of each other?"

Hanabi struggled to control the blush that rose to her cheeks. Oh, this guy was good. Really good. But she was better. If he wanted to play word games, then she'd gladly teach him a lesson.

"Don't get ahead of yourself, buddy." She growled quietly, so only he could hear. "You may be Hokage, you may be my superior, but I swear, if you ever, EVER mess with me like you did yesterday, I'm gonna-

"Is that so?" The smirk came and fled so quickly, a lesser being might have missed it, but Hanabi Hyuuga was NO lesser being, and her eyes narrowed to furious lavender slits at what he said next. "You seem rather used to taking orders, Ms. Hyuuga. I might even go so far as to say it suits you to a T."

That was the worstpossible thing you could say to Hanabi Hyuuga. She took orders from no one! Not father, and certainly not this guy!

"Bite me!" She spit in his face, this time, making no effort to conceal her words. "You piece of shit!"

"I would."Naruto retorted viciously, his breath hot in her face. "But you'd like that now, wouldn't you?"

Hanabi, for all her gusto, for all her bravado in the shinobi world, and all her expertise in the field of trash talk, turned beet red at this statement. , Whoa, WOW. She hadn't been expecting a response like that. Not even from the Hokage. As such, she was currently struck speechless.

"W-Why you....teme!"

"Hokage-sama? Is something wrong?"

Naruto, to his credit, passed it off as nothing, swiftly clamping a hand over her mouth before turning back to the bewildered onlookers. "Ah, its nothing! Just a heated debate about politics! I suppose my words were a little too strong just now, neh?"

The partygoers nodded in understanding. Of course. Youth these days, always spouting off at the mouth. It was certainly a good thing that their wonderful Hokage-sama knew how to keep them in line.

As the last passerby turned their gaze away, Naruto, noting she was out of breath, released Hanabi. Immediately, she swung at him, only for the blond to catch her fist in a palm. Without a word, he'd already twisted an arm behind her back and led her inside the mansion.

"You certainly have quite the temper." He noted, as he forced her up the stairs and into his office.

"Piss off." Even though they were in his office, Hanabi's retorts had already reclaimed their usual venom. "What's your deal anyways? You get off on tormenting me or something?"

"Not quite. I wanted to discuss a private matter with you."

"Oh yeah," Hanabi rolled her eyes. "A private matter. You're a real sick bastard, you know that?"

"How crude. I wasn't referring to that."

"Soulless creep!"

Naruto's face immediately crumpled in surprise, and he released her. Hanabi hadn't been expecting that reaction either. She'd braced herself, prepared herself for another foul retort, but when none came, and she was instead faced with this odd expression, she could only stand there.

Fuming, she stood in place, unsure of what to do.

"You's been quite some time since I've found someone who had as sharp a tongue as you." Naruto mumbled this to himself, sitting down at the desk so he could look the fiery Hyuuga in the eye. "Quite some time indeed. I haven't seen a Hyuuga like you since I met your great-grandmother. You look just like her, actually."

"Eh?" He certainly was good at distracting her. So now he was resorting to outright lies in order to divert her anger? "Wait. You met mygreat grandmother? What in kami's name is that supposed to mean?" She peered at him closer, suddenly wary of this new hokage.

Not that she hadn't been to begin with.

"What do you think?" Naruto smiled and foled his hands together. He was waiting for her to arrive at her own conclusions. It was as if he could see the furious thoughts racing around in her skull, even now. Fine. If he wanted to play games...then she'd play along.

"You're using a henge."

"You flatter me, but that's not it."



"A clone?"

His smile widened.

"That's genjutsu again, Hanabi-san. The answer's quite simple, really. Keep guessing."

"Just tell me, ya jerkoff!"

Naruto grinned.

"In ten words or less?"


Naruto smiled innocently.

"I'm immortal."

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