Just a little silly one-shot.

They died. They all died, their lives shattered into millions of pieces.

But he was there. He held my hand, letting me cry onto his shoulder, making feel loved.

And I fell for him. He was my support, my whole life. The only thing I had left.

I trusted him.

But he was a Slytherin, and I should've know better.

He left, leaving me hurt and broken hearted.

But this time, there was no-one to help me pick up the pieces.

I was so innocent, so naive. I should've thought about it properly.

But, its too late now.

I don't regret it, well not all of it anyway.

He showed me love, even though he ripped it from me when he left.

Just for a while, I felt whole.

I could imagine our little silver-haired children running around the Manor in years to come.

I could imagine us grow old together, our grey hair and toothless smiles.

I guess you just didn't have the imagination, or the persistence.

I loved you, and you broke me.

Stupid me. Silly, innocent me.

Damn Slytherin.

You weren't that good in bed anyway.

I told you it was silly. I'm Bored.

Go on, flame me. I dare you.