Chapter One: Wait… What?!?

Clark Kent walked through the door to his old boyhood home and sighed as he loosened the tie that was slowly choking the life out of him. It had been a long, trying day and all Clark really wanted to do was rest and relax with a hot cup of coffee.

No sooner had the thought left his brain, did a cup of freshly brewed coffee appear under his nose, the tantalizing aroma already causing his muscles to unclench.

"You are a Godsend," Clark muttered as he took the cup and, after breathing deep of one of his favorite smells, downed half the contents in one long swallow. "Some of these days I think you literally came to Smallville to save me…"

"I thought that was your job, Clark," Lois Lane replied, slightly shifting the pink bundle in her arms as it let out a gurgle at the sound of her father's voice, before lifting a tiny arm to wave in his direction. "Rough day at the office?"

"Chased down three stories, same amount of criminals andhelped stopped a burning building." Clark sighed, finishing off his drink as he flopped tiredly onto the sofa and looked around at all the decorations that Lois managed to put up while he was gone. "You did a good job, honey…"

Lois shrugged a shoulder as she sat on the armrest of the couch, "I figured you could put up the tree when Chloe and Oliver visit later while I keep the munchkins out of you guys' hair. By the way, Chloe said to tell you Emma is starting to talk now."

Sighing at the reminder, Clark shuffled out of his coat and found a more comfortable spot on the sofa, "Here I thought ours would talk first. Did you call your father about spending Christmas with us?"

Lois made a face at him as she gently placed her daughter in his arms so she could try to rub some of the tension out of his shoulders. "Ours has the superpowers, Clark, and The General and your mother will be in Washington until New Years, so we'll have the house all to ourselves."

The baby that had been laying contently in Clark's arms let out a shrill shriek at the omission, beating her tiny fists on her father's chest with the strength of a baby elephant. Clark just smiled at the action, capturing her hands in the process.

"Yes, you'll be here too," Clark cooed, nuzzling the baby as she giggled happily at the attention. "Like we'd go anywhere without you, right, Lois?"

"Yes, honey," A slight note of steel entered Lois' voice, telling Clark that he was in trouble for something. "You even get to go to Daddy's Fortress despite my many protests…"

"I was with her the entire time," They had this argument over a thousand times now and Clark was getting sick of repeating himself. It's not like a regular doctor could know what was normal for her… "She was completely safe-"

"That doesn't explain why you had to drag me up there when I was six months pregnant!"

"You had been complaining of stomach pains, I wanted to make sure you both were okay! She is half Kryptonian, Lois, I wanted to make sure that giving birth wouldn't kill you!" Clark started to rock his angel, who had begun to fuss at all the arguing, "I couldn't just walk into Smallville Medical and ask if a human could give birth to a half alien baby without complications!"

"I said hunger pains, Smallville, not stomach pains!" Lois gave Clark's shoulder a playful swat before reaching over and stroking her daughter's hair, helping her calm down, "You just went all uber protective and dragged us up there, practically interrogating Jor-El the entire time to make sure we'd be safe. If you had your way, we'd still be up there!"

"Well, I learned a long time ago to never argue with my wife, especially when she's pregnant," Clark countered, snagging Lois' hand and placing a gentle kiss against the back of it, the light catching on the ring on her finger.

It was his mother's wedding ring, and her mother's before her, and on for almost ten generations. Despite the fact that Clark could've easily made Lois a more elaborate piece, the simple diamond that had been a part of his family's history meant so much more and it showed Lois just how much he loved her.

"You know it, buster," Lois smiled as Clark laid another kiss on her hand, this time against her palm, before returning his gaze to the baby, who was starting to squirm at the inattention.

"So, how's my little girl?" Clark asked, bouncing the little cherub in his arm, enjoying the fact that he could make her laugh and giggle so easily, "How's my little angel?"

"She decided to scare Mommy half to death by floating above her crib," Lois informed him as he loosened his tie and pulled it off of his head, his little girl grabbing at the ends. "I nearly called 911 before I saw her bobbing around the ceiling."

"Oh, really? That's new, she could only hover before," Clark chuckled as he watched Lois walk into the kitchen to check on their dinner before giving his daughter a wide grin that she gleefully returned, "You shouldn't scare Mommy like that, sweetie. Save the floating for when Daddy is home, okay?"

His daughter gave a happy gurgle and then proceeded to follow her father's advice by floating out of the crook of Clark's arms for a few seconds before returning.

Laughing aloud for the first time that day, Clark gave his little miracle a kiss on the forehead, praising her as she took flight once more. "That's my baby girl!"

"Sometimes I wish I still had that necklace you got from Jor-El when I was pregnant," Lois smiled at her floating daughter before shaking her head as the little munchkin landed and gave a wide yawn, "She sure is a handful these days."

"Well, we just live to give you a hard time," Clark grinned as he stood up and brought his little bundle of joy over to her crib to lay her down. Her little flight seemed to have tired her out and she was now sleeping in Clark's arms. "Just wait until she's a teenager…"

Walking over to where Clark stood hovering protectively over their daughter, Lois kissed him on the cheek, whispering "Merry Christmas, Smallville" as she joined in watching their daughter sleep.

A sudden slamming noise had Clark jerking upwards, making the blanket he had been twisting himself in, the thing that had really been cutting off his air, slip down his bare chest.

A dream, the whole thing had been some kind of dream… Clark threw both hands over his face and fell back onto his bed with a deep groan. Why was it the only time he and Lois were together, no lies between them, was in his dreams?

A soft sniffle alerted Clark to the fact that he was not alone in his room and it had him jerking upwards once more to find out where the sound was coming from.

The sound was coming from a small child standing at the end of Clark's bed, her sky blue eyes filled with tears that were threatening to spill over, her waist length blonde hair was pushed out of her face as she blearily rubbed her eyes. Clark was about to ask her what she was doing in his room, what she was doing in his house, when she broke the silence first.

"I had a bad dweam, Daddy, can I sweep in hewe?" Her wide, strangely familiar eyes caught the fact that half the bed was unoccupied and worriedly added, "Whewe's Mommy?"

Clark Kent, despite the fact that his mental powers could rival that of many supercomputers and he could solve problems within a second's notice, was only able to stare as he stuttered out, "Excuse me?"

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