If you have not read or seen The Mousetrap, do not scroll any further. Whenever you go and see it they ask you not to reveal the ending. I don't want to be the one to do it. You have been warned. I also ask you to do the same and not reveal the ending.


I do not own The Mousetrap, no matter how much I want to. All characters belong to their rightful owner.

This is the story about what happened to the killer after the play ends. I am not particularly familiar with British law during the nineteen fifties, so don't be mad if that isn't very accurate.

Prologue: What made Georgie the way he is.

She was walking down the streets of London. She was a woman of roughly thirty years. She had dark, curly hair that she wore at shoulder length. She had on a grey dress and a dark overcoat. She wore glasses. Her name was Katherine. She was going to visit her brother, Georgie.

When they were children, Katherine, George, and their little brother Jimmy were sent to live on a farm with the married couple who lived there. The couple beat, starved, and neglected the children. Jimmy wrote to his teacher, begging for help, but his letter was never answered. Eventually, Jimmy died from the abuse. Georgie vowed he would kill everyone responsible. Katherine hadn't realized how serious this threat actually was.

Katherine and George were adopted by separate families. The courts sent the farm couple to prison. The man died there, but the woman served her sentence and was released. Georgie found her. Georgie killed her. Georgie found the woman responsible for sending them to the farm. Georgie killed her too. Georgie found the teacher who never answered Jimmy's letter. Georgie tried to kill her. Katherine found him. Katherine stopped him. The courts sent Georgie to the Dickens Memorial Mental Institution. Which is where Katherine was bound that afternoon.