The Legend of Zelda

Spirit Tracks

A Novelization by Kerian Halcyon

Prologue: The Spirits

Disclaimer: I do not own the Legend of Zelda. The Legend of Zelda and its franchise belong to Nintendo and Shigeru Miyamoto. This story is meant primarly for entertainment purposes, and is in no way meant for profit. I do not own any of the characters save for those who are obviously not in the Zelda canon and are original characters of my creation. This story will remain within the general boundaries of the canon of Spirit Tracks, though it will have some original elements and will only follow the canon as much as a realistic story can allow (it's not going to be a print-off of the video game's script complete with treatment). This disclaimer goes into effect for this story and all of its chapters. that we have that out of the way, please read on!


This is a tale from long ago…long, long ago. It is a tale of the first settlers of this beautiful, green, prosperous land…

In the beginning, the people of this land followed the Spirits of Good, servants of the Golden Goddesses. The Spirits were powerful, wise beings, sent to watch over mankind. The Spirits were good to the people of this land, and they were praised. All was content…all was calm…all was peaceful…

But for every beginning, there has to be an end…such as it was for this time of peace…

The evil Demon King soon rose into power, and brought waste to the land. He destroyed everything in his path. Such was his destruction that whole farms could never be resown; whole towns would be turned into ash; entire castles would be forevermore nothing but ruins. The land was strown into chaos in his wake, and he lusted for all forms of dark and blighted things…

The destruction of this land left the Spirits of Good with only one choice; to face the Demon King in battle. The war waged between the Spirits and the Demon King seemed to last for all eternity. Lands were destroyed, oceans were violated, entire clouds seemed to be forever choked in ash. The blood of over tens of thousands of souls was shed…

With every beginning, there is an end. At long last, the Spirits faced the Demon King in a final battle that shook the earth, and almost led to the total anihillation of our world. By the grace of the Goddesses, they won…but even though they defeated and subdued him, they could not destroy him. So great was his power that his body seemed tied to the very life force of the world. And so, if he is tied to the world, then the Spirits decided it was only fitting that he should be bound to it.

Though their powers were greatly depleted, they decided that they should give one last sacrifice to save this world. With their remaining powers, they buried the spirit of the Demon King into the ground, letting his body be returned to the earth from whence it came. There, as his body became the soil and mountains from which the evil King would be trapped, the life force of the Spirits would become his shackles. The great shackles covered the entire domain from which the evil monster's spirit lay, to be dormant for untold ages into the future. A great tower was built to become the lock from the center of the shackles, and it would be forever protected by the Sages of this world.

The Spirits, with their power defeated and their life force drained, could no longer remain in this mortal world. They returned to the Heavens, leaving behind their servants to ensure that the Demon King would never return. Though the earth was once the Demon's body, it soon became a thing of beauty and joy under the light of the sun and the order of Nayru. The people rejoiced, for now, at long last, we could rebuild again. And so, with no more demons or spirits running rampant upon the landscape, this land was entrusted to us…to mankind, to watch over, to tend to, and to live on.

The Shackles of the Demon King remain to this day…

"Well? Well? What do you think of that? Pretty nifty, ah?"

An old man was standing behind a group of magnificently put-together cut outs that he had created. Inside of his home, he gazed lovingly at the final picture; a couple praising the departing spirits, leaving behind a magnificent tower on the ground below. The old man chuckled to himself as he looked at the cut-out pictures.

"Well? Do I know how to tell a story or what?" he chuckled, "This is such a fine work…indeed, it is. I haven't done something this good since the day I told of my adventures before the war. I think I'll call this…mmm…'Spirits and Demons…at War!' This is going to probably be the highlight of my career…oh, the people at Castle Town are going to love it! I only do this show once a year, you know. This thing is a blasted masterpiece! A…a…a blasterpiece!"

He turned his head in the direction of the only individual in his audience…and was shocked.

"Wah? You fell asleep during my magnum opus?!" the old man growled.

On the floor, curled up on a rug, was a young boy of about 13 years of age. He wore the black and red uniform and the dark grey hat of an engineer in training. He had blonde hair that was rather messy no matter how much you combed it, a pair of big, blue eyes, and the loving face of a child at sleep. Of course, he was lucky that he was a light snorer, or else his sleep would have been broken a lot sooner by the old man, who was scurrying over to the young boy's side and grunting to himself.

"Oh, blast it all!" the old man growled, "Doesn't anybody respect a genius around here? Link! For Nayru's sake, wake up!"

The boy, Link, didn't budge. If anything, he snored louder.

The old man sighed. He was really getting to old for this. Taking a deep breath and clearing his throat, he brought his mouth down to the boy's ear, and gave a loud shout.


When the old man opened his eyes, Link wasn't there anymore. He instinctively took a step back, and with an almighty thud Link crashed to the floor from his ten foot leap, his face a picture of absolute fright. The boy shook his head to clear it and then looked angrily at the old man, who was simply laughing his head off in delight.

"Wha—wah? Niko! What'd you do that for?!"

Niko was just laughing to his heart's content at his little joke. He looked like a chu-chu the way he was bobbing up and down in laughter. Wiping a tear from his eye, he got ahold of himself, and sighed.

"You know, Link, I'll confess that I am a little disappointed," Niko said, "A lot of good people would pay half their salaries at Castle Town to be in your shoes. As my roommate, you get to see my work, my beautiful works of art, my ultimate masterpieces and lovable depictions of New Hyrule's history…for free!" he shook his head in discontent. "Doesn't that mean something to you? I'm not gettin' any younger, here. This story, along with all the others I've done over the years, may be one of the only things to prove that I existed. I mean, save for my history with the Royal Family, I have virtually nothing at all to help people remember me once I go. Can't you pay attention for one minu—LINK!"

Link had appeared to have fallen asleep while sitting down. As Niko began to approach him again, Link opened one eye and winked at the old man. "I'm only joking around, Niko," he said with a smile.

"The last time you fell asleep on me was no joke," Niko muttered, "And the time before that, and the time before that. By the mandibles of Gohma, can't you pay attention for one measly minute and listen to an old man's finest creation? Are you even listening now?"

"Well…sort of," Link said. He shook his head dizzily. How long had he been out this time?

Niko sighed in defeat and nodded his head. "Okay, okay…I can take a hint. Sorry for boring you. You know, come to think of it, most people close to me found my stories boring…even the other pirates." He sighed, "Ah…to be a pirate again, just like in the old days. Sailing around, enjoying the wind in my face…scrubbing the deck while the others joked around…"

Link thanked the Goddesses that the door knocked before Niko could start ranting on how much that it tired him being the swabby aboard his old pirate ship. Niko looked up as the door opened directly behind Link's view.

"Ah…look who it is! About time your mentor got here. Hello there, Alfonzo!"

Heavy foosteps entered the house. Link turned around and gave his teacher a sleepy gaze. Alfonzo was easily the biggest man in Aboda Village. Roughly over six feet and seven inches tall, with a four foot shoulder span and a six pack that would have probably made the Goddesses gaze hungrily, it was hard to believe that Alfonzo was a senior engineer. The young man, about 24-25 years old, had once been a part of the royal honor guard for the Royal Family as a part of a family tradition. At age 17, he felled a Moblin General and his Bokoblin mercenaries single-handedly with nothing but a broken shield and his trusty saber. Nobody really knows why he quit his job and became an engineer. Maybe it was because of all the bloodshed, or maybe because he was always considered a rogue. Nevertheless, he was a respected citizen both in Aboda Village and in Hyrule Castle Town, and he was also Link's mentor.

He gazed down at Link with his beady, black eyes, his hair and half of his forehead covered by a red family bandanna with a cucco stiched on the front. "Why are you still here, Link?" he asked, "You were supposed to report to me about five minutes ago. Come on, now…wipe the sleep from your eyes! Niko's stories aren't that boring."

"I heard that!" Niko cried out indignantly, "Just because you are the grandson of one of my best friends, it doesn't mean you can't treat me with respect! I'm an old man now, remember?!"

Alfonzo wasn't listening. He had reached down and picked up Link by the scruff of his neck with both hands. Careful not to hurt him…too much…Alfonzo began to shake him around, causing the young boy to get dizzy.

"Come on, wake up. Wake up, wake up, wake up!"

"Woaaaah! Woah, woah, woah! Alright! I'm up, I'm up!"

"Good," Alfonzo growled playfully, "because today's a very important day, remember? It's your audience with the princess, remember?"

Link felt something like a lightning bolt strike his brain. "WHAT?!" By the Spirits…how could he forget?! Today was the day that he graduated into a fully fledged engineer!

Alfonzo suddenly let Link go. Link gave a slight yelp as he fell five feet to the floor, landing with yet another thud. He rubbed his butt and groaned. Today just wasn't a good day for him.

Alfonzo sighed and rubbed his temples with a gloved hand. "Don't tell me you forgot…You won't amount to much as my apprentice if you don't pay attention. Man…the boys at Guido's are going to laugh me down to Tektite egglets for this."

The big man turned and gave Link one of his infamous, you get the job done, or you are going to get it, stares. "Don't you want to get your engineer certificate?" he asked, "Well, the graduation ceremony is at the castle! Princess Zelda herself is going to do the honors. You don't want to get us late, do you?!"

Link bolted upright; standing up as tall and as straight as he could. He quickly gave the big man an expert salute. "Aye, aye, sir!" he shouted.

Alfonzo just looked at Link before letting out another sigh. "Niko…you should really lay off on the pirate stories before bed. I don't care how much you need him to get to sleep."

"What?! Do you think I'm going to waste my precious talents on getting this guy to sleep?!?" Niko said hysterically, "Man…at the sound of my voice, all he ever does is doze off. All I have to do is read a stop sign and he goes off—THERE HE GOES AGAIN! You'd think an old man would get some respect around here!"

Link's face snoring earned him a cuff on the head from Alfonzo, which sent him back flying to the ground.

"Will you knock it off?" Alfonzo growled, "Come on…we're going to be late. Look, I'll be over by the train. I'll meet you at the station. Get your stuff. You had better have been packed for a couple of days' sleep, because I'm not going to want to go off and buy you new clothes at the shop again, okay?"

Link shook his head clear of the stars forming around his eyes, and nodded to his teacher.

Alfonzo gave Link a satsifactory smile. "Alright then," he said, "See you in five minutes…do not be late. I'll see you later, Niko. I'll be sure to say hi to my mother for you." And without another word, Alfonzo walked out the door and closed it shut behind him.

"You do that, Alfonzo. Goodbye!" Niko called out to the young man.

Link stood up and looked out at the door, rubbing the back of his head. Niko just looked at Link and sighed. Link didn't know if Niko could read his mind, but that sigh was like a mirror to his thoughts.

Today is just one of those days, Link said to himself.

To be continued…

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