Author Notes: Hey guys! This idea kind of came to me on a whim and I fell in love with it so decided to put it into action. This story is rated M for language and some tame lemons. Really this story is T, but I gave it an M rating just to be safe! As always, the characters in this fic are © to Stephenie Meyer and I do not own them. All OC are of my own creation and no copywrite infringement is intended.

Jacob's POV – Seven years old

I sat on the closed toilet seat and watched Dad shave the dark scruff from his neck. Mom was in the kitchen with my twin sisters Rebecca and Rachel making breakfast. I was really glad for that because Mom is the only person in the world who knows how to make my eggs just the way I like them.

"Dad?" I managed, spinning the roll of toilet paper off the roll until it was almost done, then reversed it back.

"What son?" He asked without taking his eyes off the mirror.

My legs kicked on the toilet seat, wondering when breakfast was going to be ready. "Why do you put toilet paper on your face when you cut yourself?" Hey, I was getting ready to be a man and a man needed to know these things. Dad chuckled and rinsed his razor then looked at me.

"It's so if I bleed, the blood will clot onto the paper."

"Oh." I nodded my head as Mom called my Dad and I down to the table. "YES! Chow time!" I exclaimed and hurried out the door and into the kitchen in a second flat. There were advantages to having a small house. I plopped down just as Mom put a plate of eggs-just-the-way-I-like-them and bacon in front of me.

"Thanks Ma." I beamed up at her as Dad entered the room and took a seat at the head of the table. Mom came over and put a plate in front of him. They whispered something I couldn't hear in Quileute that I couldn't understand and kissed each other's cheeks, like they did every morning. I shoved a forkful of eggs into my mouth.

"What are you doing today Billy?" She asked, sitting down herself.

He took a swallow of his coffee and winced from the heat. I chuckled – his expression always makes me laugh when he did that. "I'm going down to Charlie's place to help him move some stuff around for his daughter coming to visit." Dad looked at me then. "Isabella is about your age, Jake. Maybe I can bring her to the reservation and you two can play."

"Ohhb we've always wanted a little sister!" Rebecca sighed and Rachel nodded her agreement.

Mom smiled. "That would be a wonderful idea."

Was I the only one who thought this idea was totally lame? "But she's a girl!" I frowned. "Girls are gross and have cooties. Embry thinks so too." I insisted. Dad looked at me with one of those Dad looks that meant I was going to do what I was told or I'd be in trouble.

I shoved another bite of eggs into my mouth before I got into more trouble.

- - - -

I scuffed the ground with my shoe and waited for Charlie to come with Isabella even though I didn't want to see her. Didn't they realize that girls were gross? All they do is cry and whine! No way am I going to play with any dolls or play house. If she wants to do that stuff then she can go to my sisters.

"Hey Jake!" My best friend Embry appeared from an opening in the woods near my house.

I smiled and came over to him. Maybe he could rescue me. "Hi Em…wanna go down the tide rocks?"

"Nah I can't. My grandma's coming over to visit and I got to stay around the house while Mom works. I came over 'cause my mom needs some sugar for a cake."

Darnit. "Uh…okay, we can go ask my mom." I nodded and he followed me back to the house. I thrust open the door. "Mooom! Embry's mom needs sugar!"

She came to the front with another one of those looks. I wondered why it was always me getting them and not my sisters. "Of course Embry." She left and came back with the plastic tub we kept sugar in. "Tell her to help herself."

Embry grinned at her like always. "Thank you m'am!" I followed him out and saw Charlie Swan's car pull up on the dirt driveway. I examined the back seat and saw Bella's head peeking out the window. I sighed to myself and thought about running into the woods where no one could find me. I'd live off of berries and only come back to take a bath and listen to Dad's bedtime stories.

Before I could escape, my Dad came over with Charlie. "Jacob, this is Bella – Charlie's daughter."

- - - -

Bella's POV – Seven years old

Daddy was in the front yard putting things in the back of his police car so we could go down to the reservation. He told me that his friend had a boy my age and we could play. I told him that girls didn't play with boys because they're gross. I was being serious and didn't know why he was laughing.

Mommy couldn't take care of me any more. I know that's why I am coming to live in Forks. Mom doesn't like living with Dad anymore and they fight all the time. I lived with her for a while and we didn't have much to eat or any toys. One time I was bored and asked her to play with me but she was too sleepy. I stopped asking after that.

"Come on Bells. We're going to be late!" He smiled at me and put his hand on my shoulder to walk me to the car. I climbed in the backseat and he helped me put on the seatbelt. It pressed me in against the seat and made me feel tight and safe. "Jacob is a nice boy. You'll like playing with him."

He sat in the driver's seat. Daddy's car had the gate on the seats so the bad guys couldn't hurt him. "Daddy? Is this what it feels like to be a convent?" I asked curiously.

"A what?" He frowned.

"You know, a bad person!"

His laugh was really big and filled the whole car. "A convict, Bells."

"Yeah." I nodded and pushed the hair out of my eyes. "That." We drove for hours and hours (Daddy said it wasn't that long but I don't believe him), and finally we stopped in front of a really small house that reminded me of Hansel and Gretel. Daddy's friend Billy came over and shook Daddy's hand and opened the door for me, smiling big.

"Bella! My goodness, you're getting so big!" He was big and tall and his face was worn like cherry fruit leather. I smiled shyly and he brought a boy who looked a lot like him over. "Jacob, this is Bella – Charlie's daughter."

He looked just as not happy to see me as I felt to see him. Billy seemed like he notice when I looked up at him nervously. "Uh, let's go on in and you can meet the rest of the family." He took my hand and walked me up the stairs. I turned around to make sure Daddy was coming and he was. "Sarah! The Swans are here!"

A pretty lady with dark hair and eyes came through the door and wiped her hands on her brown apron. Her smile was wide like Billy's and I thought that Jacob's would look like that when he smiled. She came over and pulled me into a hug. "Hello Bella! I'm so happy you came over to see us. Jacob is going to be so happy to have a new friend to play with!"

I was stiff at first because Daddy doesn't like to hug that much. She smelled like wood and flowers and something I couldn't think of but I knew I liked it. I closed my eyes and breathed her in, thinking of Mama and wondering if she would like Sarah. I think she would.

"Thank you." I said in a soft voice when she let me go.

There was a thumping from behind her and two girls came in. My eyes widened in shock since they looked just like the other. I thought it would be funny if they got mixed up sometimes. "Hi Bella! I'm Rachel and this is Rebecca!"

"Hi." I smiled again.

Daddy ruffled my hair. "Bella has been dying to get out in the water. We brought her a spare change of clothes and some sand toys."

Way to go Daddy! I inwardly smiled and wiggled in excitement. I'd never seen the water before and I wanted to make the biggest sand castle in the world. I looked at Billy and Sarah hopefully but I knew they would say yes by the looks on their faces.

"Sounds like fun! We should all go – it's a beautiful day. Warmer than it has been in days. Did you bring the sunshine with you, Bella?" Billy pinched my cheek but not hard like grandmothers and aunts do, it was a nice and soft way and I didn't mind that he did it.

I just smiled, liking the idea that the sun would follow me wherever I went.