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Iggy: Of course you are. Now, shut up. This is the part where Owen kisses Annabel in his house.

Me: You are so into the book! It's so... So... Scary and creepy and just... Wrong!

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Iggy: (looks up to glare at Max) Nuh uh! I remember every bomb me and Gazzy have made!

Me: (cocks an eyebrow) Yeah? Name one.

Iggy: There's... Oh, wait. I don't remember. But there's... I don't think I made that. Well, well, there's... No, I think I threw that away.

Max: I rest my case. Besides, I'm hungry. Ooh! Chocolate!

Chapter 1

Gabriel POV

I was asleep. No, scratch that. I merely closed my eyes.

Stupid bed. It's so short that my feet can even touch the floor! Besides, I wouldn't want to sleep in the floor. It's freaking cold!

Does this stupid attic even get heated? It's freaking cold! (I know, I already said that.)

I shouldn't have slept shirtless. I should've listen to Kaitlyn. Now, I'm beginning to regret doing it.

Besides, I only want to show off my body to Kait. She likes my body, eventhough she doesn't want to admit it. I can always read her mind whenever I'm shirtless. Like when we went to a beach. She just won't stop thinking about my abs. I have a killer body. Even Zac Efron would trade his soul for a body like mine.

Anyways, I can't sleep. Who can sleep in a frostbite-cold room like mine? I would rather sleep in a bathroom than to sleep here. I'm such an idiot!

And I'm thirsty.

Not the I-need-water-or-I'll-dehydrate thirst. No, it's more like I-need-freaking-life-force-because-I-have-a-very-high-metabolism-so-my-life-force-burns-as-fast-as-a-cheetah-can-run-that's-why-I-need-life-force-to-quench-my-thirst-now thirst. Yeah, That kind of thirst.

My throat started tightening. My tongue is drying up. I could now imagine sucking a good gallon of life force from an innocent girl. Mmmmmm. Yum.

Suddenly, someone knocked on my door. You know, the knock where you use your knuckles instead of your fist for courteousy.

"Gabriel, are you awake?" Oh, God, it's Kaitlyn.

No, no, no. I'm not awake. I'm sleeping. This is just a dream.

"Gabriel, open the door," insisted Kait.

"No. Go away." I shivered. God, it's so cold!

"Gabriel," Her voice is now commanding. "Open the door." She's still knocking using her knuckles.

"Leave me alone."

"Gabriel," said Kaitlyn through clenched teeth. "Open the door."


"Gabriel," She's now pounding using her fist. "Open. The. Door." She emphasized every word as if each word is a sentence. I making her mad. Uh oh.

Still, I insisted. I'm so stubborn. "I don't need you."

GABRIEL! OPEN THE GODDAMN DOOR FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!! She screamed in my mind. I knew that if she shouted it out loud, her dad would come out and grab a shotgun and shout "I have a gun, who's there?" (Believe me, it happened before.)

FINE, FINE!! I screamed back at her.

I opened the door and said, "OK, Kait. What do you want that you have to-"

She tackled me into a hug and wrapped her hands around my neck.

"Wake me up at midnight," I continued. "Kait? Are you OK?"

She hugged me tighter.

"Um, Kait? I can't breathe here!"

"Do it." Her face now buried in my neck. She breathed in and out deeply.

"Do what?"

"You're thirsty. I know you are. Don't deny it."

"Kait, I-"

"Shut up. Just do it."

I removed her arms around my neck and let it fall at her sides. I bent down so my forehead is touching hers. Right in the third-eye.

I closed my eyes and let myself relax. I could feel her relaxing and pouring out her life force at me. At first, I didn't want it. But as if in reflex, I took it.


I let myself lose my mind to her. I stopped taking her life force and kissed her.

At first, I kissed her hard. I pulled back a little and softened my kiss. I put my hands on her waist and pulled her to me. She wrapped her arms in my neck and kissed me back. I licked her bottom lip, as if asking for a permission. I let my tongue slide in.

God, I want more.

The lazy sweep of my tongue vibrated and sent shock waves down to her fingertips. How did I know? I could feel what she's feeling.

I tilted my head to deepened the kiss. I backed up, my mouth never leaving hers, to the bed. When I felt the soft quilted blanket, I laid down, pulling her on top of me. I rolled over, so she's under me.

Her hands went down and felt my chest. She pulled back a little. She's smirking. "God. You have huge pecs."

"I know. You love them." I kissed her again.

She pulled back again. "Nuh uh."

"Keep telling yourself that." I kissed her again, now more passionate. I put my hands under her tank top to feel her warm skin under my hands.

She shivered under my touch. Not now, she said in my mind.

But I want you now. You're so soft.

She mentally chuckled. I know. Unlike you, who's rough and hard and callous.

Fine. We'll get back to this.

No! I meant, I don't want to do this now. It's freaking cold!

Finally! Someone who understands! Can I sleep in your room?


Why not? I promise, I'll keep my hands to myself.

Uh huh. Like you said you won't eat all the chocolate pudding we had last Thursday?

Fine. Can I please, please, sleep in your room and I promise I'll keep my promise this time. Besides, your room is a hundred degrees hotter than mine. Which is good.

OK. But just for tonight.

What? Why?

Really, Gabriel? Really?


We're leaving tomorrow.

What??? Why??

We're leaving tomorrow to get to New York City! Honestly, Gabriel, don't you remember?

Oh, we are? Oh. Right. (I honestly don't remember. Don't tell Kaitlyn!)

She mentally shook her head. OK, let's go to my room. You're sleeping in the floor.

What? No! The floor is ice cold!

Fine. You'll sleep beside me. And no touching.

Not even one? Or even a goodnight kiss.

No, on the first one. But yes, on the second one.


We left the attic and went downstairs to Kaitlyn's room. When she opened the door, the heat slapped me in the face. I hurriedly went to her bed and pulled her comforter around me.

"Hey! Hey! No fair! I don't have anymore blanket!"


"See? I should've known. Why would you want to sleep shirtless?"

"I always sleep shirtless. Anyway, where's my kiss?"

She kissed my cheek. "What? That's it?"

"Yes, that's it. Good night."

"But, but... It's supposed to be in the lips!"

"Good night, Gabriel. Sweet dreams."


"I love you."

"One more. I can't sleep if it isn't on the lips."

"Fine." She kissed my lips. I wanted more, but she pulled away quickly.

"Good night. Now sleep."

"I love you."

She kissed me again. "I love you too."

When she fell asleep twenty minutes later, I wrapped my arms on her waist and pulled her close so her head is facing my chest. She's so warm!

"I love you, Kaitlyn. Good night." I whispered and kissed her forehead.

That's when I fell asleep.

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