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Chapter 8

Kaitlyn POV

Really, really, really quick confession.

I'm scared out of my wits right now.

I have never been scared ever in my life since that incident in California. I'd rather not go in to that topic.

What I'm saying is, the most horrifying and shocking thing happened.

No, I'm not pregnant! Gosh.

I met Gabriel's parents. Not formally, but accidentally.

Like, almost it wasn't supposed to happen. Maybe it was.

Seriously! I think I've sweated three shirts now! I'm freaking out, scared, nervous and sweating. What appalling thing is going to happen next? Join them for dinner? Ha!

Yes. We are going to dinner.

Gabriel wasn't really thrilled in "seeing" them again. His mind turned into the fiery place of Hell. He's hot, angry and not liking it.

You'd think he was really ecstatic about it. But, sadly, no.

He even ignored his mom. All those memories I've seen from Gabriel, well, in those, he make his mother sound like Mother Theresa. He loved her.

I don't know what's gotten in to him.

OK, Gabriel and I were just walking in Central Park, since the U was so boring. It was almost five in the afternoon and the sun was setting.

We were holding hands and looking at each others' eyes, unaware that couple of adults were walking in the opposite direction as ours.

We collided with them. No one fell, just a sudden exchange of apologies and nods.

I don't know what happened next, but the apologies stopped. Like someone saw someone.

Mom? I heard in Gabriel's mind. He said it in shock, disbelief, anger and horror.

"Gabriel?" The stunning woman in the gray skirt and white shirt asked. Her mouth gaping, and tears were forming in her eyes. She covered her mouth with her hand, her shoulders started shaking.

Gabriel dropped my hand. He just stared. I tried to read his face for some kind of emotion, but it's like looking at a white blank piece of paper. Nothing.

The woman- Gabriel's mom- started crying.

I mean, this was the part where they hug and cry in each other's arms. No, that didn't happen.

Still, Gabriel's face was still blank as ever. He blinked. He frowned and took hold of my hand and pulled me away. He stopped when his mother screamed his name. He looked back, waiting for something.

"Please? I want to talk to you."

He shook his head. Gabriel's mom cried still. "He's not coming." I don't know who's he is, but probably some person Gabriel and his mom hated because his mother nodded and wiped her eyes.

Now, I'm sitting here, waiting for Gabriel to pick me up because we are going to some kind of a restaurant to talk to his mom. I kept picking on the hem of my dress in nervousness.

I stood up, not bothering to look at my face, even though Lizzie was making me wear make-up and such, and left the dorm.

Gabriel was already standing there, so I asked, "How long have you been here?"

He shrugged. "Probably fifteen minutes." His head was turned away, so I can't see his face.

It's going to fine. I said mentally to him.

I hope you're right. Good thing he's not coming. I don't ever want to see him again. His mental voice was so cold it could make butter freeze for eternity.

Dinner was awkward.

Because, when we reached the restaurant, his mother was already there. All dressed up and looks a lot younger. She's so gorgeous. You'd never think she was forty or something.

We sat down, across from her, and I stared at the flower piece in the center of the table.

Ten minutes later, no one haven't uttered a word.

The waiter came, and that was the only time all of us spoke.

Gabriel cleared his throat, knowing he was getting impatient.

Gabriel's mom looked down at her hands when she spoke. "I never thought this was going to happen."

"Neither have I," Gabriel said, stiffly.

I knew I was not a part of this conversation, so I just clamped my mouth shut.

His mom took a deep breath and let it out silently. "Gabriel, I know this must be hard for you. It's hard for me too. I never expected this, seeing my only son again in all these years," Her eyes were swimming again. "I love you, I still do. So don't think I didn't." A tear dropped on her lap.

I hate this. I heard in his mind. I covered his hand with mine. He looked down at my hand, and looked up to my face. I smiled.

It's OK.

We didn't notice Gabriel's mom looking at us, until she cleared her throat. I blushed, so I dropped my head.

I felt Gabriel smile, for the first time tonight. "So," Gabriel's mom stared at me. "I'm guessing you are my son's girlfriend." Her gray eyes were smiling, even though they were still swimming with tears.

Gabriel turned his hand, so it was twining with mine. I nodded. "Will you tell me your name?" She asked.

I held up my head, and tried to look back at her eyes, but I was having a difficulty. I looked at her nose instead. "Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn Fairchild."

She smiled. She looked at Gabriel. "You found her. I knew you will, someday. But," She looked back at me. "Your eyes. They're fascinating, and very, very beautiful." I blushed again.

Normally, people would have called my eyes witch eyes. But, not her. She turned to Gabriel again. "Beautiful, fascinating, fair skin, red hair; I never knew she was your type."

Gabriel huffed, embarrassed. "Mom," he moaned.

"What?" She asked innocently. Her eyes were no longer swimming. "She is pretty. You can't just ignore that. It's like trying to ignore a pregnant woman. It's hard." She grinned.

I could tell where you got your sense of humor, I said mentally to Gabriel.

He looked at me and grinned. Gabriel's mom tilted her head. "You're happy. I've never seen you smile since you were a kid. You're happy, aren't you?"

Gabriel nodded, still looking at me. Screw it. I'm loving this moment. Then I saw the reason why he was liking this. I blushed harder and turned my head away.

The food came, and the sense of awkwardness was gone. Cue the happiness.

We started talking, starting to the time Gabriel and I met. Gabriel's mom was so pretty when she smiles and from time to time, she would grin and laugh.

But when Gabriel talked about college, her face fell. "What college are you going?"

"NYU. Both of us are going there."

She was hesitating. "Are you sure?"

Gabriel didn't answer her question. "Mom, we're both eighteen. We're going to be fine."

She nodded stiffly. "Are you sure?" She repeated.

Gabriel nodded. "We're sure."

We all stood up, knowing this night was over. Gabriel's mom started tearing up again. She hugged Gabriel tightly and whispered something in his ear that made him grin and laugh. She hugged me too, and whispered, "Take care of my son. Don't break his heart. I hope you two will be happy in the future and decide to get married." My face warmed up. She hugged me the last time, and waved goodbye, as she left the restaurant.

Outside, Gabriel took hold of my hand again.

What did she say to you? He asked.

Just thinking of her words and Gabriel's intent staring made me blush altogether.

I shook my head. You know I'm going to get it out of you.

"I don't care." I hissed. Before I could get in the car, he grabbed my waist and kissed me in the sidewalk.

I kissed him back.

Screw everything.

I'm loving everything in this world.

No matter how bad it made me feel.

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