Hello readers :)

For those of you who were interested in a sequel to this story (that I regrettably never delivered), I'm happy to announce that even when I swore to wipe my hands clean completely of this story, there is someone close to my heart who WON'T GIVE IT UP. After she refused to give up her death-hold on this story (after very little persuasion, actually XD), I formally handed the sequel-rights and plot and whatnot over to her.

So, check out Mandy's (LoveInAComa) sequel to this story, entitled Tiny Details, for which I am proudly beta :) Even though I mostly just wanted Lycanthropy to be put to rest, it's actually really, really good (and freaking adorable with a balance of fluff and drama that even I could never achieve). And also pretty much exactly what I imagined Rose and Scorpius to encounter after their Hogwarts Career.

Sooo I would definitely check it out (if you have trouble finding it, Mandy is on my Favorite Authors list) if you want to read a story that picks up flawlessly right where this one left off! :D

Anyway. Till next time :)

KitKat Pyrophobia