AN: I got this off of a episode I watched of Gokusen 3.

Something… clearly wrong with me. For the past 2 months, I've been puking every morning and I've been having cramps and….. I think I have gotten bigger, I need to do something about it. So, today is Saturday, no school, so I'm going to the hospital near our school where Natsume-san works "giggle" "giggle" I can't wait to see him. It's 4:00 in the morning mostly everyone is asleep. I get up walk to my dresser pick out a white jumpsuit with black lines on the sides. I walk to the bathroom shut the door and puke. Then turn on the shower head, spin the handle to cold water, hop in then get in, let the cold water splash on me, and wake me up. After that I turn it on hot water and get in and wash up.

I step out of the shower and wrap a towel around me and went to the sink took the hair drier off it and dried my hair and put it in a two long pigtails like usual. I brushed my teeth. I walked out of the bathroom and took my purse and walked out the door. It was a little dark out it was only 5:00 since it took me a hour to get ready. I walked for a while I had long passed Tetsu's takoyaki stand. After a few more minutes of walking I reached the area where the school and hospital was and went the other way where the hospital was and went through the door. I came up to the desk and asked.

" My name is Yamaguchi, Kumiko, can I see a doctor, I've been having cramps and throwing up ".

"Yes mam, you can just state your name, go in the waiting room, and write all your information down and sign this paper while your waiting" One of the ladies said at the desk handing me a pink paper.

"Ok Yamaguchi san you can go sit in the waiting room and they will call your name then someone will come to get you and hand them the paper when you fill it out, Thank You for your time"She said

I walked to the waiting room and notice not to many people are here. So I sat down and looked at the paper it was asking for my number and my insurance etc. I start filling it out and about 3 minutes later I was done then that when realized how cold it is and that hospital smell that I hate you could never describe it but, you hate it, other then that the hospital was okay. Then while I was in my thoughts they called my name and a person came up asking for me. I stood up and walked up to the person and handed her the paper.

"My name is Inoue Kuriyama I'm going to take you to the a room and you can await farther instructions their" She guided me to a room and opened it. It was a normal room that you go in to get your assessment. "So, I have to ask you a few questions after I measure your weight and height" Inoue-san said.

I waked over to the scale and got on it after I took off my shoes. I weighed 110 lb she wrote it down on her board and I went on to measure my height which was 5.2 ft. After she got all that down we sat down and she asked me a few questions.

" When was your last menstrual cycle or period." She asked

" Huh, oh, I had it at least three months ago" I answered

"Alright" She said writing that piece of information down as well.

" You also said you have been throwing up every morning, having cramps, and having nausea." She asked

" Yes, Inoue san" I answered

"Well, I need to go get something real quick and then I will be back " Inoue san said

"Ok" I said as she walked out the room. She comes back a few minutes later with a stick in her hand.

" I need you to pee on this"

"Ehhh! Why"

" It will provide an easier way for the doctor to get an idea of what's wrong with you, you can go behind the curtain if you need to."

"Ok, if you say so" I said grabbing the stick looking at it. I walked behind the curtain and took the stick and peed where it said to. Then went back out and ackwardly gave her the stick.

"Umm..hmmm" she said as looked at the stick.

"This is a lot of help, go back in the waiting room and they will call you shortly to see the doctor" I nodded and left the room and waited in the waiting room.

Wile I wait I look around I see a sink with stuff all on it. They even had magazines but they wouldn't nothing special. I wonder what's wrong with nothing like this actually ever happened to me maybe, I have cancer OH MY GOD! what am I going to do I can't leave my precious students wait, wait maybe nothing wrong yeah ha ha ha. After a few more minutes of thinking and getting worried the door opened and they called my name and I walked with the nurse to my room. She told me the doctor will be there shortly. So I observed the room. I saw a monitor with a screen at the side of the room. After a few more minutes of looking the door opened to reveal Natsume-san.

He walked in and said " Well, to make sure what was going on is accurate I have to rub this cream on your stomach and see what pops up on the moniter. He came and rubbed the cream on my stomach. Then he told me to look at the screen.

I saw to shapes on the screen. It looked distorted and strange.

"What is that don't tell me it's cancer?" I said scared shitless of my fate.

" No it's two fetuses inside you".

"I have two fetuses inside me is that another name for a certain type of cancer, Is that the bad or ok kind."

"Well it can be good or bad what ever way you take it and it means you're pregnant" He said

It ranged it my head 'You're pregnant'O-H M-Y G-O-D! I couldn't think of anything to say so I did this.


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